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Tyra Banks is rumoured to have hooked up with Teresa Weatherspoon (1999) and Rick Fox.. About. Tyra Banks is a 46 year old American TV Personality. Born Tyra Lynne Banks on 4th December, 1973 in Los Angeles, California, USA, she is famous for Victoria's Secret Angel, America's Next Top Model, The Tyra Banks Show, America's Got Talent in a career that spans Modeling information and 1991 ... The loves, exes and relationships of Tyra Banks, listed by most recent. Fans will also enjoy hottest Tyra Banks photos and a list of Tyra Banks's celebrity friends. If you're wondering who Tyra Banks's husband is, stop - she never married! However, Tyra Banks has been dating Norwegian photographer Erik Asla since 2013, so it might happen. They ... Tyra Banks has been dating Norwegian photographer Erik Asla since 2013. After opening up about her struggles with infertility, Tyra and Erik welcomed their first child together, York, in January ... Tyra Banks, 45, has basically shacked up with her new boyfriend Louis Bélanger-Martin, a source close to Bélanger-Martin told Page Six. Tyra Banks on how she escaped a bad relationship and what you can do to help your loved ones. OPRAH.COM. Breaking the Dating Violence Cycle. Photo: AP/Matt Sayles. It's the story that has brought dating violence into the national spotlight. On February 8, 2009, police responded to a 911 call alleging domestic violence between singers Chris ... On 4-12-1973 Tyra Banks (nickname: BBQ, Lady T L B, Big Buddy) was born in Los Angeles, California, USA. She made her 90 million dollar fortune with Victoria's Secret Angel, The Apartment Complex, Life-Size. The tv-personality & model is dating , her starsign is Sagittarius and she is now 46 years of age. Tyra Banks is a former model, actress, producer, author and TV personality. Many people are familiar with her competitive reality show, America’s Next Top Model, as well as, her daytime talk show, Tyra. She got her start in the modeling industry at the tender age of 15, making her the first African-American woman to be featured in popular magazines such as, GQ and Sports Illustrated. It may surprise you to learn that no, Tyra Banks is not married. In fact, she’s never been married, although she did date Norwegian photographer Erik Asla from 2013 to 2017. While Tyra and Erik were dating, they decided to have a child together. 2007 - PresentTyra Banks and John Utendahl, an investment banker, have worked hard to keep their relationship unnoticed by the media. Tyra always declines to comment, and Utendahl is never ... Tyra Banks’s Boyfriend. Tyra Banks is single. She is not dating anyone currently. Tyra had at least 19 relationship in the past. Tyra Banks has not been previously engaged. She was born to professional photographer Carolyn London, who has worked as her manager. She has an older brother named Devin. From 2001 to 2004, she dated NBA player ...

White dating coach talks about the phenomon of WMAF, Not creepy white dude. Talks about Tyra banks and her support for Asian men as well.

2020.09.14 21:09 lacelane274 White dating coach talks about the phenomon of WMAF, Not creepy white dude. Talks about Tyra banks and her support for Asian men as well.

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2020.09.06 02:31 kittyaphrodite Looksmaxxing with your lifestyle- part one

Hi guys! I just wanted to make a post about how I am looksmaxxing with my lifestyle. I have always had trouble going fully out of my way consistently for looksmaxxing. Putting on lashes, full beat, too much Bath and Body works perfume (cringe), inconsistent skin care, and illfitting but “trendy” clothes was my routine. I was always too “on” and it looked like I was trying too hard (which I was) and too little. It was also unsustainable. I just didn’t have the energy with school and full time work to be “on” all of the time. When college came around, I would roll out of bed with nothing done besides brushing my teeth and bounce. In quarantine I hit rock bottom with my self-esteem and sense of self-worth and since have been working hard to surpass my old self.
The main thing I have learned is that I need to have sustainable but doable lifestyle changes that work for me and aren’t super time intensive. I can get really into something short term but if I am not practicing it consistently long-term, it doesn’t matter as much. This guide is going to be split into about 4-5 different goal points because i am literally just going to put out every tip i know lol. The next one will be full of the more practical makeup/body/fashion stuff but already this is too long.
Step 1: Set your overarching realistic goals
It is incredibly important to know exactly what you want to do, and to verbalize it. My goals are to be the most beautiful, successful, and satisfied person I can be. And to also have my boyfriend eating out of the palm of my hand lol. Even though my goal is broad, to verbalize it helps tremendously because its central to me, my goal isn’t to look like Selena Gomez or Tyra Banks. I want to maximize myself to the fullest and not pursue some other persons perfections. Not to say that’s wrong for anyone, but it just helps me stay in a good and healthy mindset rather than tearing myself down for not being someone else.
Step 2: Personalitymaxx
It is so important to go into the process with a self-empowerment perspective as opposed to a self-negative perspective. You need to take care of yourself emotionally and physically and learn how to check in with yourself. If you feel you may have true body dysmorphia or depression/anxiety, or any other trauma I would highly recommend seeing a therapist or someone who can help you. That would be my standard across the board recommendation, get help. When I lost a bunch of weight in a short period of time (from fat to slim thick) I actually got depressed because of the renewed attention on me, I felt horrible and loveless and sexualized. Its not like those 90s movies where the nerdy girl becomes beautiful and everyone just loves you now. Learning how to check in with yourself is so important because your journey will reshift relationships with those around you. I used to be the “fat friend” and once I lost the weight a lot of my female friends became very jealous and I lost a few friendships there.
Step 3: Healthmaxxing
You need to work out. I’m sorry. I don’t like it either. The truth is, and models and actresses know it, you have to. Dieting only does so much. Ive been on and off 1200 calories for pretty much all of my teens and failed miserably every single time. Diets hardly work, not long term. Ive tried them all and always lost weight then cycled back even heavier within months. I did this just to avoid working out. The truth is, I love food. I love carbs. And the best thing to do about that is to work out and therefore have my calorie intake increase to about 1500 which is a good range for me. I can keep to 1500 and be happy and full and not feel like im restricting and want to binge on an extra 2,000 calories of pasta and pizza. A side note- on that calorie count I do allow myself to have some not-so-good meals. I do eat carbs, I do have a slice every now and then again. The key, as cliche as it is, is moderation but you really want to have a healthy relationship with food and not obsess over it.
Now the best thing to do is to find an exercise you like. I hate cardio with a passion, I really do. Every time I tried forcing myself to do cardio made me exhausted and completely unmotivated. In the end, I would quit within a week. What did I actually like? Pilates. Hiit. These are the things I chose to do everyday, 5 days a week, for one hour. Usually I’ll put on some combination of Chloe Ting, Blogilates, or Emi Wong on youtube and do their videos to pass the hour. For once in my life I enjoyed the workouts and I saw huge differences in my body within a week, even being overweight at the time (gaining muscle which is more metabolically active). Recently, I’ve added cardio in the form of bike riding, which is enjoyable for me and gets my heart rate up and helps to burn fat. So, I’ve been spending about an hour or so once a week just riding my bike around.
The other important point is calories in, calories out. There is no diet that will counteract that. If you ate 20 pounds of protein, you would still gain weight. Look up a calculator and determine how many calories youre burning at your height and weight and activity level. Try to aim for a calorie count that is good for whatever goal you have for yourself (gaining or losing) and track your meals. Myfitnesspal is standard. Most people have no real idea of how much they are eating at any given time. A great tip for me is to use the olive oil spray more often than me using copious amounts of olive oil per meal since im saving hundreds of calories. The best health and fitness youtuber for advice that I’ve found is this bodybuilder called Greg Doucette. I don’t necessarily agree with everything he says, nor follow his advice 100%, but I think his views on nutrition is spot on.
Thank you for reading, i hope this helped! I'll be back for more soon. EDIT: Formatting
Recommended Reading list Your Beauty Mark by Dita von Teese https://www.nytimes.com/guides/smarterliving/how-to-be-a-better-friend
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2020.08.16 06:04 jebeebelle My All Stars Think Piece

Going in order of how the girls were eliminated, I'm going to give my opinion on each girl from her cycle, vs the All Stars cycle
Brittany (Cycle 4) - Deserved way better in All Stars, and actually deserved better in C4 too. Her photo was good imo, but it's just really unfortunate that the crowd didn't appreciate her enough. Alex unarguably had a MUCH worse photo but, as we all know, this isn't actually a modeling competition, it's a reality show and this season being all about "branding" was stupid, but whatever.
Sheena (Cycle 11) - I actually liked Sheena on both C11 and in All Stars, but she just didn't live up and it sucks to say but her elim was deserved.
Isis (Cycle 11) - She was DISGUSTINGLY mistreated by the transphobes on her cycle and I can see why she went home the way she did. I could tell the comments got to her and she was just so worried and aware I think. As someone part of the LGBT+ community, it made me really happy to see her return with more confidence. I think she could have stayed in All Stars a little longer, but I'm not sure that she had the potential to win.
Camille (Cycle 2) - I only slightly remember her from her cycle, and I just feel kinda neutral towards her. I did feel bad, though, that she had so much on her plate during the competition.
Bre (Cycle 5) - Looking back, I think I have a lot more appreciation for Bre on her cycle than I did while watching it. Seeing her in All Stars was.. strange? She was so mellow and toned down, but I don't dock her any points for that. People change as they age and that's okay. I loved her relationship with Bianca, and I wanted to see her go so much farther.
Kayla (Cycle 15) - I loved Kayla, and that didn't change on All Stars. I was rooting for her, but she just didn't have the same sparkle, spunk, and star quality that she did on C15. I wanted to see her do so much better but she just didn't deliver
Bianca (Cycle 9) - There were a lot of girls from C9 that I didn't care for because of blatant abelism towards Heather, and Bianca was one of them. However, seeing her return to All Stars, I actually liked her a lot more. She was in a lot of drama, but it's also fair to say there were a lot of moments that girls ganged up on her. I think she could have gone far enough to win if she didn't have the pressure of the other girls 24/7.
Alexandria (Cycle 16) - Didn't like her on C16, didn't like her on All Stars either. Hearing Bianca say "I now know why those girls treated her that way on her cycle" was very interesting. Alexandria always just struck a nerve with me and All Stars didn't help that. She makes for great TV, though. Not to mention her thinking she can sing... LOL.
Shannon (Cycle 1) - I was pretty neutral towards Shannon on her cycle, I just felt it was weird how she followed Robin like a lost puppy up until she got eliminated, but seeing Shannon alone with Adrienne made me like her a lot more, and Adrienne even said multiple times that her and Shannon were good friends after the show which made me like her a lot more. I didn't mind her on All Stars but I just think she didn't belong there. She was a big dated to me and her values and morals aligned with her own company, but not Tyra Banks. I don't blame her for the shoot she didn't do, but I think her elim was deserved considering that she just.. didn't do great like she did C1.
Dominique (Cycle 10) - I didn't like Dominique on her cycle, but I actually learned to love her on All Stars after she calmed down a bit. She also looked MUCH younger on All Stars and it's fair to say the soccer mom cut she got in C10 made her look OLD and not good at all. I do think Dominique could have won, but it just didn't play out that way.
Laura (Cycle 13) - Ahhhh! I love Laura!!! She really is a country cutie, and I strongly oppose the judges calling her "too sexy" in her photos. I personally thought it was just great versatility, to go from sweetheart to badass in a second. Considering her competition, I don't think she could have won, but I was happy to see how far she got and not to mention her catchy, adorable song.
Angelea (Cycle 14) - Now, if you read my last post on this sub, you'll know how I feel about Angelea. I was really flip-flop with her on her cycle, going from hating her to loving her within the same episode, but I was really rooting for her in All Stars. After hearing feedback off of my aforementioned last post, do I think she deserved to win? Against Allison? Probably not. However, we need to take into consideration that ANTM is NOT a modeling competition, it's a reality show and this particular season happened to be all about personality and branding. Allison has a portfolio that could beat anyone, but if we wanna talk about ""personality"", Angelea did deserve her win and its really, REALLY upsetting she got it snatched away.
Allison (Cycle 12) - Allison is my favorite contestant of all time, and no one else will beat that. If ANTM really cared about modeling, Allison should have won C12 in the first place, and she easily could have won All Stars if they cared about looking through past portfolios. Allison beats Lisa out EASILY for me. While Lisa wants to boost her singing career, Allison is actually doing this because she has a passion for fashion and modeling. Allison is a true winner in my heart <3
Lisa (Cycle 5) - I do not like Lisa. Not in her cycle, and not in All Stars. When Brittany was eliminated and said "Guess I wasn't memorable enough, sorry I didn't piss in a diaper on camera" it made me REEL. Lisa should not be someone to represent top model, and she should have stayed in the studio and kept making music because Tyson Beckford said it himself, Lisa is an entertainer and performer. Not to mention, she looks 50 and her outfits are all trash.
All in all, I liked this cycle. I loved the concept of bringing old girls back, but the amount of "branding and personality" they pushed REALLY pissed me off. Girls who were passionate about modeling got booted off in favor for a girl who was loud and crazy because of "personality" and this is where it set in the most that this isn't a modeling competition, it's reality TV and they do not give a single damn about the dreams they may be crushing of a girl, all they care about is their ratings.
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2020.07.08 23:45 PinkFurLookinLikeCam Say Bible Podcast Discussion July 7, 2029 “Things are getting weird(er)”

Edit: y’all, apparently I posted this 9 years in the future🤣
Start-10:55: “Say Bible Podcast, the podcast blah blah blah ...I’m Nat Natles” Kathleen chimes in “The podcast for the Kardashian ...Konspiracy theorist, and I’m Kathleen”.
They’re a Hamilton podcast now, Nat says she’s been watching it multiple times a day while Kathleen says she never liked it in the past but went with a friend recently and enjoyed it, then rewatched it. Plugs Disney’s release of Hamilton and how much better it is watching at home versus sitting in a crowd of people and the play itself is revolutionary. Randomly mention Kanye literally out of nowhere and shades his performing abilities versus producing (Sooo now we’re talking about plays just to shade Kanye? Lmao).
Continue discussing Hamilton on a Kardashian podcast while Kathleen claims to have been related to one of the actors but then claims she isn’t and gives an unsolicited history of her family that “immigrated” to America in the early 1900s to prove that shes not related to Robert E. Lee(Even though no one accused her this within the conversation and it has fuck all to do with the podcast. Also, I cannot help but point out that telling this to a black person who’s entire cultural history was most likely stolen and withheld from them is tasteless but yeah nice to know that she can recall her family history that no one asked for). Discuss more unrelated stuff like their history with high school theater, BRAVO channel, VHS tape recorders, TIK TOK, some old friend of kathleens.
10:55-22:40: Discuss report that Khloe and Tristan are back together, Nat says they shouldn’t respond to anything much like Kylie and Travis. Reads Khloe’s recent tweets where she’s seemingly denying the reports. (Ugh Khloe noooo) Nat says this is gaslighting because she’s acting like everyone else is crazy, and she keeps pretending like she somehow doesn’t have access to the internet while Kathleen points out that her tweets were just vague enough to not outright deny it but get people to pick up on the insinuation.
Talk about the party she threw with 60 people wearing a giant ring on her finger, mentioning covid and saying she made their relationship a main storyline of the show while Nat provides that Khloe, Kourtney, and Kris went to his house for 4th of July as some sort of proof that Khloes a conniving person. Kathleen mocks khloes voice and says she doesn’t believe her while Nat says the tired “co-parenting” line that we’ve heard already (again, even if they’re lying which they probably are, stop shitting on parents trying to make things work amicably for their kids. I personally am tired of the co-parenting jokes. I think the tweets were a lil pathetic of Khloe but they always go too far with the same exhausted jabs).
Kathleen says she realizes she’s shitting on Khloe but really she’s shitting on Tristan and it’s totally ok with her if they’re together it’s just that she hates Tristan and doesn’t know why they cut off Jordyn who’s done nothing wrong and is the only victim here, and she’s wearing a big ring and Tristan made that birthday post which she keeps saying was manipulative and indicative of a need to force emotional labor out of Khloe (even though that describes Scott☕️ because above all, black men must be perfect at all times and never fuck up ever, or even fuck up multiple times and make it right on the 10th try like any normal human /s See this line of thinking is dangerous and harmful but I guess that’s just me).
Kathleen goes on to say that Khloe can just be quiet and be someone who can’t quit a toxic person, to which Nat quickly agrees (and I have a chuckle myself at the irony) Nat points out that it’s just weird to not confirm anything at this point and that Larsa finally unfollowed everyone (ok.) and asks people to send them insider details, mentioning their faked and made up rumor of Kim’s side boyfriend. Talk theories about their relationship with foodgod. Kathleen says Kim followed her What Would Yeezus Wear insta, but unfollowed after Paris robbery and purged her following list in order to hide her tracks of who she was really unfollowing (for someone who hates kimye she sure does bring up that Instagram often and seems to make a lot of side projects and hobbies about them.)
22:40-47:07: Discuss Aubrey O’Day, first talking about her career as a singer and Kathleen of course relating it back to her claiming that she was friends with her cousin. Go on to talk about Aubrey in reality tv and how she’s a mess and had an affair with “sweet potato junior”. Nat says she never dates A-listers and Pauly D is probably the best she’s gonna get, Kathleen thought they were a kimye type. Spend a while talking about Aubrey in general but nothing serious or interesting.
Nat attempts to get on with the subject but then they spend a minute awkwardly mocking her voice and making random noises (I dunno I guess stuff like that makes me uncomfortable perhaps it’s a personal thing).
They finally get on with it and Nat reads Aubrey’s Worst 4th of July post saying that Aubrey doesn’t need to post all this since we been knew Kim clout chased early on and this post is clout chasing in and of itself. (I mean isn’t it common knowledge Kim called them paparazzi to photograph her? A personal assistant and closer organizer? Lmao)
Kathleen as expected defends Aubrey, saying that she knows she’s like this while Kim “pretends to be a social justice warrior” and claims to miss the chaotic clout chasing Kim, but then adds on a quick joke about Aubrey to make it seem like she wasn’t looking at the post through her narrow view clouded with hatred. Goes on to make more comments like that and believe the story wholesale as if this is Kim now and not Kim over a decade ago; while Nat points out that Kim likes famous men, not black men and that she thinks Aubrey was just trying to get trending. Kathleen says Kim likes “non-white” men because she gets access (even though she’s married and has 4 kids with Kanye so let’s just forget how they built a life together noooo she did all this for access...to a family).
This conversation went totally left and Kathleen goes off, saying that they only date black men and have mixed children to play into the white woman who wants to seem “interesting” for it. Nat chimes in to supposedly further her point by pointing out that in the past, Khloe has exclaimed that she’s “only ever had black dick” and that’s fetishizing black men (while this is a valid point on its own, it doesn’t actually further Kathleen’s point that people, specifically women, are intentionally having mixed race children to seem interesting; which in itself is actually fetishizing the mixed race children by denying them their humanity and calling them props and making bold claims about a lot of families which is harmful, especially when legal interracial marriage was only established a few decades ago and is still met with anger. There are many happy and healthy mixed race families who Kathleen should meet, maybe. I want to say that I agree with Nat on her point, Khloe’s comment was super dumb and unnecessary and I hope she’s grown since then.)
Kathleen doubles back and says that she’s talking about women (specifically women of course) who have children with a black man can claim that they’re not racist (even though this is a real phenomenon, what does this have to do with the kardashians? And for the record, Armenians are not white, and this explains why Americans think they are. I just scratch my head when they call her white🤔) Kathleen says she’s calling all white people to listen to her because you gotta check your peers, and then says Nat, being a black woman, can tell a white woman “Gotta learn how their shit works”, and then proceeds to make a sound that was like a cat in heat (?).
Nat goes on to provide further “proof” of Kim’s perceived wrong-doing, saying that Kim cites her children as inspiration for her work in prison reform and that Kim said North wanted her to wear braids once thereby “proving” Kim to be the aforementioned white woman screaming “I’m not racist, I have a black husband! I can say the N word, I have black kids!” (She’s inspired by her kids, so what’s so awful about that? I will say as a parent, both of my under 6 year olds do obsess over my hair and make many daily attempts emulate it, so it’s not really outside of the realm of possibility. That being said, she shouldn’t have worn any braids.)
Kathleen goes on to accuse Kim of using her kids to wear braids and claims that she’d be “ok” if Kim would only discuss her children more in depth and explain WHY she’s doing prison reform more (Kim has talked about her kids and what’s this obsession with nitpicking Kim’s reasons for doing prison reform?? maybe she pulled it out of her ass one day, like who gives an entire fuck why???)
47:07- 49:15: Kims retweets. Nat ponders if she has bots working her Twitter because she’s retweeting things too late for their liking and Kathleen complains that Kim isn’t specific about her retweet of the murdered solider from Fort Hood and she needs to look into the military and investigate this (🥱 y’all I’m bored of this old material they need to write new bullshit now it’s on KIM to fix the military 🥱) Shade her again for learning about how voting affects prison reform.
49:15-1:10:20: Says “people are asking them” to discuss Kanye’s new joint Wash Us in the Blood (real bop btw, been listening during my sprints) Nat says it’s “disguised as a gospel song” but it’s not inspirational (it’s a callback for his Yeezus era and she knew that) and that she didn’t like the visuals because he uses chaotic images from the protests and it doesn’t line up with the song and she’s sad Travis “had” to be in the song.
Cites lyrics such as “jezebelic”, claiming it not to be a word (even though it’s meaning is easily inferred sooo what’s your point) and that the word comes from witchy women in the Bible and it’s sexist and she also didn’t like the images of black women dancing along with the song.
Now for Kathleens take (because her opinion is important, being that the song is clearly aimed towards her demographic /s) claims that hes coopting a movement (a movement for his own self and any black man and woman). Kathleen goes on to trash Kanye’s donations again, as she did previously (same shit, telling a black man what to do and how to feel, I’m bored🥱).
About his bid for presidency, Kathleen made it about her again and said she left her phone somewhere while she floated in the pool and he tweeted while she was gone (because we care). Nat read off his tweet and said any year of him running for president would be terrible, and Kim retweeted it. Says the distractions and games aren’t helping and it’s also divisive and poor timing. She’s frustrated and wants him to leave us alone.
Kathleen says Kanye got positive PR and can’t handle attention, and he’s “like a gremlin” (yes let’s compare black people to monsters). Kathleen goes off with her same boring theories, absolutely nothing new from her. Conspiracies. Goes on to complain about be called anti-Semite for saying there’s a jewish conspiracy with Eric Kushner (discussed and explained on a previous post). They say that Kanye received illegitimate covid 19 small company relief funds and only donated money to small black businesses to get good PR. (For the record I wouldn’t vote for Kanye and I struggle to find a Kanye fan who would vote for him, we don’t take it seriously. On the record I voted for Bernie early on because I liked that he always had a black agenda. I’m requiring a president to provide reparations)
After discussing more theories about his bid, Nat says Kim should have gone to bed instead of retweeting and that Kanye did this just to prove he can tweet something like that and have news articles written about it. Kathleen brings up SKIMS manufacturing in Turkey, pointing out Kim isn’t dumb and she was “embarrassed” by fans and she wants her friends to leave her alone about it (no Kanye fans said they would vote it’s literally a joke to us lmaoooo but ok.) and that he didn’t actually file anything to run for President but also take this seriously. (Ok.)
1:10:20- 1:19:42: Tyra mail writes in asking their opinion of Khloe showing off her giant, expensive birthday party SO MUCH- and can’t think of a single other celebrity that does the same. Says there’s bigger issues at hand, and recalls tweets saying kardashians underpay their workers, even though they’re constantly telling us how rich they are.
Nat likes the glitz and glam, but feels that no one wants to see this while we’re in a pandemic and people are losing their jobs/getting less hours. Kathleen says the kardashians wanna seem both relatable (makes another Kim mocking voice) and Khloe pretends to be nervous about having a get together, yet there were 60 people there. Says they’re obsessed with being normal and does her whole routine again of claiming to be ok with them if they did x,y, or z.
Nat doesn’t understand why they’re still coming out with new makeup products even though no one is going out anymore (eh, I get it but I don’t mind since they’re not the only company doing this. It’s everyone, not just them). Kathleen mocks Kim’s visit to Wyoming and 14 horses. Says they’re pretending to be normal but also displaying wealth, while mocking her voice again. Nat says it’s fine to have and enjoy nice things but just stop showing it all the time and that she feels this way about Kourtneys diabetic strips test; not a big deal, but stop showing everyone your ability to afford it. Kathleen goes on talking about “unpaid” balloon decor staff and other random shit. They compare the fam to other celebrities display of wealth and accuse Kim of recently posting throwbacks for attention (remember Kathleen is Personally Harmed™️ if Kim does anything for attention and she’s the only celebrity to do something for attention.)
1:19:42-1:21:43: Tyra Mail says Jemeela Jamil is definitely Pisces because she’s a martyr and always a victim, and she has the same birthday of a Pisces she knows who’s exactly the same (should look up her moon and rising, Pisces are a special kind and I would describe them as a mix between Cancer and Taurus with high empathy and self-care traits.)
Nat responds that her aunt and cousin are Pisces so “nuff said”. Kathleen says she doesn’t know a lot of Pisces, she knows mostly Virgos and Leos and some other signs. Says she’ll need to learn more, her recent ex was an Aires and she “learned a lot” about them.
1:21:43-1:27:52: Tyra Mail is a long time listener who was once Kathleens roommate and asks Nat if she’s tried any of Kims perfumes and how do they compare with others?
Nat replies that Kim’s fragrances (she was actually cut off and talked over as she was replying ughhh) says her Crystal Gardenia is completely panned and she should have restocked it during a recent sale. Also her other Kim fragrance is her dads favorite on her. Kathleen describes the similar notes between Crystal Gardenia and their mothedaughter collab fragrance. Nat says she still has Kim’s very first perfume and she still uses it, and that she does fragrance very well. Kathleen has said before that perfume gives her migraines but not Kim’s, when Nat wears it. Nat attempts to read the next tyra mail for a few minutes, but Kathleen hijacks several times.
1:27:52- 1:46:31: Tyra mail says Steph Shepp is very quiet on BLM, even though she’s surrounded by black people and claims to be an activist. She finds it weird that Ariana Grande has spoken up more than her. If she has to question her stance on BLM, then there’s a problem.
Nat says that activism comes in many shapes and forms and she doesn’t see Steph doing any activism in any shape or form. Kathleen almost immediately makes this about Kim, saying that Kim doesn’t like to advocate for anything If other people are or she’ll do it later when there is no risk. Says she feels Steph is taking time to educate herself and maybe she’s just confused, because information isn’t hard to find.
Nat explains that Steph has another informational insta related to environmental racism and she doesn’t consider this to be the action part of activism, reiterating that Steph was the one calling herself an activist and hasn’t done anything. Kathleen discusses environmentalism in her hometown and how they’re great about environmentalism but not “socially conscious about all this other shit”, explaining that racism is prominent in her town.
Says animal rights and environmentalism is a “safe bubble” and a “toe in the safe water”, mentioning that social justice aimed at protecting black people is often ignored. Nat moves in by mentioning the charities that Steph is involved with while also bashing them for their laziness. (I neither agree nor disagree with this since I don’t really follow Steph so I won’t form an opinion, Nat may be correct on all accounts) and Kathleen says she feels like she’s always failing as an activist so she doesn’t want to be called one. (If activism is attacking a celebrity for investing in prison reform to help black and brown people wrongfully in the prison system or given ridiculous sentences) they go on to shade Steph for a while longer and laugh at a POOSH article about using “reusable coffee cups” (aka a coffee cup) and other dumb shit.
1:46:31- 1:54:26: Tyra mail doesn’t see anything wrong with Kendall’s Pepsi commercial because it seems positive.
Nat laughs her ass off (as did I) and Kathleen doesn’t even let Nat say anything and cuts in first, saying maybe a certain time or place at a very surface level, the concept of humanity being a unifying factor isn’t wrong but the real problem is it was lazy af and sensationalized protests and made police seem friendly when they’re not.
Nat agrees (Kathleens assessment is correct but I feel that it would have been appropriate to let the black person speak first and get her thoughts out) Offers that it also minimizes the act of protesting when there are people really fighting for their lives at these protests; Pepsi REALLY thought it was ok to claim that soda can bring everyone together (😂🤣🤣) and Kathleen says Pepsi knows good business, citing those Britney Spears commercials (I agree, I hate Pepsi but their Britney Spears joints were 👌🏼) so this didn’t make sense since they know how to make relatable commercials, and it was just plain lazy since they had somewhat of a budget and could have made something great. It was offensive that they didn’t even take a stance in the commercial.
Discuss other socially conscious ad campaigns that worked. Nat offers that someone in the room should have said not to make this commercial, it was very very bad.
1:54:26- 2:04:03: Two Tyra mails write in explaining KKW Beauty’s valuation. Writer watched shark tank and says the way it works is they take the percentage of what they’re buying and paying, and then take those numbers to evaluate the company as a whole.
So Coty paid $200 Million for a 20% stake (or 1/5 stake), multiply that by five, and if 1/5 of the company is worth $200 Million then the company as a whole is worth $200 Million x Five, and that explains the new valuation.
The other Tyra mail explaining this says that by buying 20% for $200 Million, Coty is establishing the company as $1 Billion and this is how stock prices are valued. Nat claims to still not understand but sure she’ll take their word for it (because she was praised so highly on social media for her “math ain’t mathin’ comment last episode that she won’t take it back). And that it’s further confirmation that Kim isn’t a billionaire (yes it’s KKW Beauty).
Kathleen discusses how crazy high valuations of certain websites like Facebook has skewed the Silicon Valley tech industry (she mumbles a bit here and I rewound like 10 times trying to decipher it and gave up) and valuation doesn’t mean anything and is an estimate. (Wow Kathleen what new and completely unheard information, companies estimate worth based on a shared societal agreement of capitalism and profit and not actual worth. This is completely brand new information, and it only relates to Kim and KKW Beauty of course. Except...1/5 of her company is confirmed worth $200 Million with cold hard cash so by process of proportions her company is worth $1 Billion so I don’t get your point.)
she repeats five times that Kim doesn’t have the cash in the bank and it’s all fake, then mentions the show succession and how behind the scenes stuff is shady. Mentions companies she’s worked for cutting back on employees and using stock to make money and that all these companies have all these fake numbers. Accuses Kris of cooking financial books with Coty (why she so god damn pressed lmao to even make up shit out her ass over a company valuation that doesn’t affect her life lol)
Nat attempts to move on, Kathleen swiftly cuts her right off and keeps on saying all the same things and how shady it all is, accusing them of making shady deals and describes all this and makes up a whole conspiracy on how Kim and Kris came up with this evil scheme. (Ok can we move on tf? Who cares🗣)
2:04:03- 2:05:00: Tyra mail wants to submit new tag lines. Suggests the following:
Writer says she’s still enjoys the Kardashian Konnesseur tagline and wishes whoever is recapping on reddit would lighten up.
Kathleen says she’s on the Kardashian Konspiracy Theorist train but also likes but Koncerned and Kabal.
2:05:00- End: Mention socials. They mention that they’ve been under emotional distress these people have caused them. Kathleen says to the reddit listener (there are many so I suppose this is for whoever is recapping) that it helps they have social media, especially the paid Patreon group because she can contain rants there (THANK. GAWD. People who are paying monthly to be in this group will be interested in those rants so that makes sense). Mention interviews and Patreon giveaways as well as merch.
Thoughts: I know that it looks like Kathleen can’t say a god damn thing without me commenting on it but ::throws up hands:: she just keeps it up with the most random unnecessary shit. The attack on interracial families, the constant Tristan bashing ...it’s not adding up to anything positive for me. The obsession with Kim. Just because she’s not going on multiple 30 minute rants doesn’t mean she’s actually made any concrete changes. The rants are just going on for less time lmao.
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2020.07.08 18:23 oppoflose Official Rewatch Discussion Thread: Season 2, Episode 2: Katie

Episode Description: Out of work, Jess continues zany pursuits such as felt art and cooking unusual dishes. At the bar, a guy mistakes Jess for the blind date he is to meet. They have great sex and she continues to pretend she is Katie. Winston's mother visits.
Date Aired: September 25, 2012
Directed by: Larry Charles
Written by: Elizabeth Meriweather, Rebecca Addelman, Robert Snow, Christian Magalhaes, Kim Rosenstock
Run Time: 20 Minutes
* * * * * *
Episode Trivia:
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2020.06.01 16:34 missfleet2019 ADRIANNE & SHANNON'S INSTAGRAM LIVE [FULL SUMMARY] 3/3

Final part.









And that's it! Pretty great little tell-all live. Hope to see these from other girls at some point for some REAL tea, not some watered down Mr. Jay live video with girls who aren't even from the cycle he's covering, all to promote his book.
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2020.05.28 02:45 ixfd64 "We Didn't Start the Fire" — RuneScape edition

I got bored during the lockdown and rewrote the lyrics to "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel. :-)
Andrew Gower, Wanderers, Imp Catcher, Falador Pirate's Treasure, Dragon Slayer, PK anywhere
Taverley gate, premium fees, Camelot Castle, Dimintheis Horacio, Brother Kojo, Agility skill
Zombie queen, Iban, Tourist Trap, Dwarf Cannon Dig Site, Gertrude's lost cats, duplicated party hats
Bug fixes, music, 3D looks hella sick Runecrafting sucks, Tyras blown up, jungle demon goodbye
[chorus] We didn't start the fire It was always burning Since the world's been turning We didn't start the fire No, we didn't light it But we tried to fight it [end chorus]
One Small Favour, clay golem, mummies in Sophanem Barrows brothers, in-game weddings, Dagannoth Kings
Killerwatts, zygomites, Royal Trouble, Old Nite "Bank your items," My Arm needs a hand
Cold War, kalphites, "this is not a dating site" God Wars Dungeon, Grand Exchange, Bounty Hunter, too much change
Junk trades, spirit shards, Chaos Tunnels, game cards Smoking Kills, bigger bills, trouble at the temple
[repeat chorus]
Phoenix Lair, Evil Tree, Red Raktuber, Fur 'n Seek Rocktails, Haunted Woods, Nomad's up to no good
Dragon bolts, Dahmaroc, Slayer tasks from Lapalok Effigies, Golden Gnomes, three wise monkeys going home
Ancient Prison, free trade, skilling urns, Livid Farm Darkmeyer, Timbo, IBot is a no-go
Runespan, Jubilee, Remora and QBD Carnilleans, keepsake, spins were a big mistake
[repeat chorus]
Sinkholes, Sliske, Guthix is not OK Bacon, Sixth Age, where is Rite of Passage?
Ashdale is open to all, Bandos takes a mighty fall Alice, Lathas, elves are back in business
Tuska and goebies, Seren is back in one piece "Ironman by the way," what else do I have to say?
[repeat chorus]
Invention, Safalaan, Gower brothers back again Pack yaks, Telos, Port Sarim, rainbows Engrams, Game Jam, Wonderbar, hunt for the HSR Menaphos has much to do, Evil Dave's big switcheroo
Hexhunter bows, Treasure Trails, jellyfish and choking whales Trader Nic, Needle Skips, bots, hacks, RSC Coal stone spirits on the floor, comp cape under redesign 120 Herblore, I can't take it anymore
We didn't start the fire It was always burning Since the world's been turning We didn't start the fire But when we are gone Will it still burn on, and on, and on, and on...
[repeat chorus]
[repeat chorus]
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2020.05.26 20:21 impatientlywaiting17 Underwear And Car Keys

This male music artist is currently on tour.
During a recent concert, there apparently was as much activity going on backstage as there was onstage!
First, there was the weed.
[Artist] and his entourage were smoking so much weed, the venue staff was getting high off the fumes!
Then there were the women.
After the show [Artist] was getting busy in his dressing room with a couple of fans. Everyone knew what they were doing in there!
Hold on.
That’s not all.
Because when you mix celebrity with weed and women, there’s bound to be some messiness!
One of the girls was so wasted that she walked out without her underwear! Someone had to tell her, “Ummm… you left your underwear and car keys in there.”
Do either that uber-famous female singer or that hot model know that this is his backstage routine?
Male Music Artist:
[Optional] Female Singer:
[Optional] Hot Model:
Male Music Artist: Drake
[Optional] Female Singer: Rihanna
[Optional] Hot Model: Amber Rose
Let’s talk about Drake!
The original blind item took place at a venue outside the United States, but it’s safe to say that women all over the world have left their car keys and underwear in Drake’s room.
Drake and Rihanna have always had a complicated relationship.
They have been off and on as friends and lovers since 2005.
At the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, Drake presented Rihanna with the Video Vanguard Award and professed his love for the singer for all the world to hear.
Drake also dated Amber Rose from 2015-2016.
However, we wouldn’t read too much into Drake dating anybody.
Why? Because Drake has dated everybody.
Your friends at Blind Gossip told you about Drake getting busy in a hotel room with Giada DeLaurentiis in 2012.
Your friends at Blind Gossip also told you that the perpetually thirsty Jennifer Lopez pretended to date Drake for five minutes in 2016. (See Sofa Snuggles for details.)
Drake has also supposedly dated Tyra Banks, Nicki Minaj, Rita Ora, Zoe Kravitz, Blac Chyna, and 7,426 other women, both famous and non-famous.
Do you have a sister?
She probably dated Drake.
Do you have a mother?
Yep. She probably dated Drake, too.
You may be thinking, “How dare you disrespect my Mama!”
We’re not disrespecting your Mama. We’re merely telling you that she dated Drake.
Q: Has your Mama ever come home without her car keys and her underwear?
A: Drake.
In fact, if you are reading this right now and you are female, there is a 50/50 chance you dated Drake, too.
Do you think Drake’s music is special?
Anybody can make Drake’s music.
Congratulations to everyone who got this one right!
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2020.05.15 23:06 JasmineMeowsters Saw these 2 interview from Gina (C6) pretty interesting stuff!

In March of 2006, St. Petersburg Times conducted a phone interview with Cycle 6‘s Gina Choe following her elimination from the show. Here is the text from the article (written and posted by Sharon Fink):
Like a pincushion The Wesley Chapel 22-year-old who likes modeling but not being a target talks about being ousted from America’s Next Top Model. Gina Choe thought that America’s Next Top Model would be more about modeling and less about drama. “I was really naive,” she said. The theatrics of spending 24 hours a day with women she was competing against to win one of TV’s top reality shows was her downfall. Getting too caught up in them to do anything well, the 22-year-old Wesley Chapel resident got the boot by the show’s five judges in this week’s episode. “I know it was a reality TV show,” Choe said in a phone interview Thursday. “And it was about modeling and stuff. I just think some of (the drama) was really not necessary. . . . I just wish I would have focused on modeling instead of getting involved with fighting and having arguments with other girls and stuff.” Choe made the final round of 13 contestants after surviving a casting process that began with an open call at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Tampa. Her strength was her face. But from the start of the season, she was portrayed as someone with no confidence who became an easy target for one other contestant in particular: Jade, an obnoxious 26-year-old from Philadelphia who can’t understand why she isn’t a famous model already. Jade (Top Model’s network, UPN, won’t give last names until the contestants’ fates are determined) was shown tormenting Choe almost constantly. She told Choe that she didn’t have any sense of who she was. She belittled her at meals and in exchanges at the house the contestants lived in. She tried to intimidate her with long stares during the modeling challenges the contestants had to do. But she wasn’t the only one who made Choe’s confidence an issue. Other contestants were shown talking about how she lacked it. The show’s judges, led by series creator-supermodel Tyra Banks, brought that up when reviewing her challenge results. And many of her scenes portrayed her as weak, though she didn’t help herself. In previous episodes she was shown getting drunk at a dinner and having a long, loud meltdown over modeling an outfit on a runway while a roach was attached to her. “For the longest time,” Choe said, “I’m sure everyone watching thought “Gina is the weak one, she doesn’t know who she is, she doesn’t know anything about anything.’ ” Choe said she is confident, but the show was just too much pressure for her to handle. (Apart from getting on national TV, the contestants, of which nine are left, are competing for a $100,000 Cover Girl cosmetics contract, a fashion spread in Elle magazine and the chance to be managed by Ford Models.) She said she doesn’t blame anyone, including herself. Or Jade. “I’m just not used to people not liking me,” Choe said. “I think if we met again, I would definitely be a little bit more tough, not mean, but not be as weak as (Jade) saw me. She’s not a big bully or anything, just very strong-minded, very opinionated. There’s really nothing wrong with that. I’m just not used to it.” But still, Choe’s favorite episode was her elimination one. Because when Jade pushed her to a breaking point (by sitting on Choe’s bed when Choe got out of the shower; okay, not a big deal, but it was at the end of a long, hard day), Choe finally stood up to her. “At least . . . I confronted the girl who was picking on me. I felt like justice was served, and I showed I was not as weak as I was perceived,” she said. Back home, the bay area native is studying fashion design at Tampa’s International Academy of Design & Technology. She still would like to model, too. She has been asked to model in the school’s annual student fashion show in May. “I don’t know if I should do it,” Choe said. “I’m just kind of thinking about it.”

In April of 2006, Fans of Reality TV (FORT) interviewed Cycle 6‘s Gina Choe following her elimination and appearance on the show. Here is the text from the interview (written and posted by Hepcat):
America’s Next Top Model 6: Interview With Gina, 4/1/06 The latest to join the ranks of Top Model discards is Gina, who had a combination of qualities that must have had the producers drooling – and I’m not talking about her killer cheekbones. Gina seemed to be always in a flustered state; gasping with shock at the show’s surprises, brought down by a giggle from across the room, frozen by nerves when asked to pose on the fly. And throughout all the petty drama and grammar-school mind games, her every emotion played out on her face. Yes, Gina was a Top Model producer’s dream, and she emerges a little wiser from her trial by fire in the land of model meanies. Make that a very little bit wiser. Hello Gina, thanks for speaking with me today. No problem, you’re welcome! So…you were involved in quite a few controversial moments on the show! Does it surprise you to know you are the most talked-about Cycle 6 contestant on our website? Oh, wow, really? Yeah, it does surprise me a lot. Do you see yourself as someone who stirs up controversy? No, I’m really not that way. I guess just being on the show, I was kind of out of my comfort space and I felt like I was kind of thrown into the show. Not being able to have my family around or my sister around to support me, I think, I just kind of acted out. It was always in the back of my mind that this is going to be on national television and I was just so nervous about so many things, and the whole drama between me and Jade kind of made everything worse. I don’t try to stir up any controversy at all, it just happens! So the first time viewers raised their eyebrows was when you said you proud to represent Asian models, but then later said you don’t date Asian men. Can I ask you about that moment? Yeah, we can talk about it – that’s a good thing. I think before I even went into the room with Tyra and the Jays, I went in thinking maybe if I show them that I’m really strong about being Asian, they will think it’s something they can use on the show. I thought that would be an advantage of mine. But then when I went in there, I just kind of froze up because I was scared. When I get nervous I tend to just blurt out the most dumbest, randomest things ever, I swear! At the same time I was just trying to digest the whole thing – you know, me being there, the whole thing’s going to be on national television, and that’s Tyra Banks sitting right in front of me. I think it just all caught up with me and it messed up the way I was thinking. If I could start over, I wouldn’t say that I would want to represent all of the Asian community because that’s definitely not my intentions, and when I said that I didn’t know what would come along with saying that. I definitely would want to take that back. If I could say that, I would have to be a perfect Asian person who knows everything about their culture, everything about being an Asian person. I really don’t know everything and I definitely would want to take that comment back. I feel horrible because I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who watched the show who are so ashamed of how I acted. And I don’t blame them. I just feel really bad and dumb for saying that. It sounds like you really regret saying that. I feel that way because even after I came out of the room and I was all done, I felt so horrible. I actually cried because I didn’t know exactly what I had said, but I knew none of it had made sense. I know I said some things I shouldn’t have, so I cried when I went back to my hotel room because I knew I couldn’t take it back. I think I was just so nervous that I said the most randomest things. I messed up and felt bad. When you watched it on TV, what did you think of how it came out after being edited? I didn’t watch it when it first came on, I watched it after someone recorded it for me. From that point in the tape on I just didn’t want to watch it anymore because I knew people would be thinking, “Okay, she’s not my favorite girl anymore,” or, “That girl’s confused; she doesn’t know who she is, she said the most dumbest randomest things ever and she contradicted herself, and then she’s going to say she wants to represent all Asians? That’s horrible.” So I felt like that was the lowest point in my life because it wasn’t just in front of Tyra, the Jays, and whoever else was there, it was all of America – and there’s a lot of Asian people in America! I felt like I let a lot of them down by my actions then. What do you think of your makeover? Were you expecting something more dramatic? Oh, yeah, definitely. I’ve always had flat, straw hair. I don’t mind it, a lot of people tell me they love my hair, but after having that for 22 years, I just kind of wanted something big, something poofier, something different. They just gave me a blunt cut with blunt angles. It grew out to be basically the same haircut I had before the makeover. What was your favorite photoshoot? My favorite photoshoot was the bald one because not everyone gets the chance to be bald and then get their hair back. Plus, the crystals and makeup – it was very beautiful. Not just mine, I think all the girls looked beautiful with no hair, and the way that whole thing worked was great. You think that you need hair to be beautiful, and it’s definitely not true. We realized it and people who watched the episode realized it too, so it was my favorite photoshoot. Did you think you would really have to shave your head? (Laughs) Yes! Couldn’t you tell, did you watch? Yeah, the camera really zoomed in on your face at that moment. There was no one else there, there was no scissors, there was no bottles of hairspray or anything, so we just figured, oh my gosh, they’re serious, they’re going to shave our heads! At that point, I was just thinking, what am I going to do what am I going to do. I was wondering how long it would take to grow my hair back. But I was willing to do it! Whether you believe it or not, I was willing to do it. I definitely would have done it. You were the perfect audience for Tyra’s little misleading rhymes; meaning, it looked like you really thought you were going to have to shave your head, and you were surprised by the cockroaches (weren’t we all)? Did you find the little hints and word games fun or just annoying? I love how you bring these things up because yeah, that’s true. I just felt – ugh. I just felt like I was under attack in a way. I don’t know how to say it exactly, but I just felt like, “Oh, another surprise,” and then another, and I was just so tired of it. I wasn’t getting enough sleep, and not being able to talk to anyone about it, it really made me feel alone. I really thought about it a lot. I thought, “Are they really doing this on purpose?” Of course they were. That’s what I would say, at least. But in the beginning I didn’t realize it, it wasn’t until a little afterwards that I thought that. And then it was my time to get eliminated, and by then I thought that maybe they did do all that on purpose. It’s fine, because I can’t turn back time. I wish I had known because that way I could be a little more prepared for it. I definitely feel like I was just thrown into it. I was so naive and I didn’t know what to expect. You say that you didn’t know what to expect – had you not seen the show before? I didn’t really watch a lot beforehand. I had heard about the show and I watched a little of the previous shows. My mom used to work at this building here in downtown Tampa, and a lot of customers would tell her that her daughter was pretty and should try modeling. We would constantly hear these remarks. My mom said that maybe I should pursue it. Then a woman came in that told us there was a casting in Tampa at the Hard Rock Casino, and told me to try out. My mom said I would have nothing to lose, so why not at least try out? I got accepted, so I was like, yay! Is modeling something you want to go on and pursue? Yeah, if I have the opportunity I would definitely do it. I don’t want to be bitter about what happened on the show. It’s just a show. There are so many aspects to modeling, and if you have the opportunity, why not take it? If I have the chance I definitely want to do it. What did you think of Janice Dickenson? (Laughs for about fifteen seconds) Well. Okay, when I first saw her, I thought she was very outspoken. I didn’t really know much about her. But when we were at the restuarant, she was being very loud and stuff like that, but I thought she was pretty cool. Then that whole thing that happened, I felt like I didn’t understand what I did wrong because she asked me to point out someone. I was like, “I don’t want to say.” I didn’t want to point anyone out. She really pushed you, at least it seemed that way. Yeah, she did, actually. I didn’t know what to do because I felt like if I didn’t say anything, she’d bite my head off, and if I did say something she would bite my head off, and she kept on asking so I figured she really wanted an answer. That’s when I pointed Jade out, and she just went ballistic on me. I was like, “But you asked me!” and she just didn’t want to hear any explanation. But it just wasn’t fair because she had just asked me plenty of times to point out someone, and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who would have pointed out someone, it’s just that with her being so persistent. It was weird. I don’t know what to think about Janice, but that whole thing was weird. Did she do that with anyone else – ask them to point out someone causing them problems – and they just didn’t show it? No, that was it. They didn’t do anything else, and she didn’t talk to me after that. I think that was definitely one of the things that I don’t want to look back on. Let’s talk about Jade for a moment. Where did all the animosity start? They didn’t really show this. The first thing was before the press junket. Someone asked her if she was Asian, or had some Asian in her, and it was just her and me alone in the room. Her answer was, “HELL no.” I thought that was kind of rude, but I didn’t say anything at that point because I didn’t’ want her to jump down my throat about it. I never had the opportunity to just be with her alone again to talk aobut it. But later we were at the table eating and all the girls were there, and I thought that it really bothered me what she had said about me, so I decided I was just going to approach her about it, you know, just pull her to the side and talk to her about it. When I did that, everyone else was saying, “Oooh, what’s going to happen?” And Jade said that if I wanted to talk about something everyone should know. I told her that wasn’t true, not everyone should know about what happened. She said I should just bring it up to the table since I already pointed her out. I said I didn’t point her out, but she said, “Just do it.” But before I could say anything, she said, “I know what this is about.” She didn’t even let me explain, and it just went from there. All the other girls chimed in and I guess all the negativity started from there. How much did she affect your confidence? I really hate to admit it, but…a lot. I’m just so used to being friendly with everyone, just being polite and nice to everyone. I’ve never really come across anyone who doesn’t like me or who just hates or even dislikes me. From that point on, she would just be negative towards me. I didn’t know how to handle that, and I didn’t’ have anyone to talk to about it. If I did, I’m sure they would talk about it with their friends, and Jade would chime in, and it would just turn into a group ordeal, and I didn’t want that. Would she actually make comments about you while you were doing your photoshoots? Yes, she would. I definitely think she thought that I was a threat, and that she thought by doing that she could hinder my performance. And it worked. I’m sure she saw it working, and that’s why she was persistent with it. After all, it is a competition, and I’m sure a lot of the girls will do anything to win. To us it looked like the more you questioned yourself and seemed shaken, the more Jade seemed to be gaining in confidence. Yeah, exactly. The funny thing is that I didn’t realize it until after I got home. When you’re there, and the stress is so high, you’re so high strung, and you only get a few hours of sleep every night, and it’s after hours and hours of makeup and photoshoots, you’re just physically and mentally tired. Everything just piles up on you and you don’t realize a lot of the things that you would unless you’re out of the whole competition. When I got home, that’s when I realized that maybe she thought I was a threat, and the more she saw me being vulnerable, or me being weak in her eyes, she thought it was a bigger opportunity to gang up on me and make me not do well. And when she saw me not do well, it just made her even more confident and strong. I definitely see that now. I wish that I could have seen that earlier. I wish I could have just built up my self esteem and not let the little things get to me. In the end, I’m never going to see Jade again. Unless I run into her or something. I’m sure that will never happen. What was going on with those poses in the judging panel? Oh, gosh. With the fire suit thing? They didn’t really show me doing much, and that’s because I really didn’t know what to do. When people ask me to do things, and I’m caught off guard, and I didn’t prepare for it, I do the most dumbest things ever. (Laughs) I just didn’t know how to pose and I froze because I was so scared. By that time I knew it was my time to go, so I tried my best but I knew it wouldn’t help my position much. The whole fire suit thing really caught us off-guard. They didn’t give us any information, just told us to do three editorial poses with it. It’s not something that’s real light, it was this big heavy suit and these boots. I didn’t know, was I supposed to wear these? (Laughs) I just wish they would have told me what to do because that way I would have known, but they just gave it to me and told me, “Three editorial poses.” How did you feel when you got eliminated? Because it almost seemed like you were relieved. (Laughs) You’re so funny. I was. As bad as it sounds, I was really prepared to go home because I kind of dug myself in a really deep hole from the beginning. I feel like if I could start things over I would do things differently and I think I would have stayed a little bit longer. I felt that it just wasn’t my chance to shine, and it’s okay, and I accepted it and was prepared for it. I definitely was relieved to go home. It was a really bad environment for me because I wasn’t prepared, and I was just looking forward to seeing my friends and family back home. FORT would like to thank UPN for granting the interviews, and we wish Gina all the best in her career – as well as in dealing with any “mean girls” in her future.
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2020.04.12 21:04 SnowWhitae Times a character/the writers surprised you in a bad way?

When did you feel betrayed and/or disappointed at a character or the writers in a drama? What moment big or small made you pull out Tyra Banks' "How dare you?!" speech? Recently the post asking about our first dramas made me remember the first time I watched BOF and how I was so so heartbroken when Jun Pyo breaks up with Jan Di in Macao. They had just had some of their most romantic scenes, both were invested into the relationship, he had told her he loved her and then he was so cruel and cold to her. I loved him at this point of the drama and this was such a big betrayal to me.
It could also be smaller things. When watching Weightlifting Fairy I also loved Nam Joo Hyuk's character and he had shown himself to be really sweet and loving towards Book Joo. Then they started dating and there was a scene in which he saw her wearing a hair clip she had previously used to impress his cousin who she used to like. I get the jealousy, he's human after all, but he literally ripped the clip out of her head, taking her hair along and hurting her. She forgave him after and I did too, but when I watched this scene I was a little disappointed and confused because it's not something I thought his character would ever do.
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2020.04.04 15:29 SolHay58011 AS8 - Episode 5 (Snatch Game Performances)

So it’s back! As it’s been a while here’s a link to the last episode to refresh your minds: https://www.reddit.com/RPDRfantasyseason/comments/fr9uj0/as8_episode_4_elimination/
AS8 Now - Episode 5 (Snatch Game):
For this weeks challenge, Ru reveals that the queens will be playing snatch Game.
Brooke Lynn Hytes - Kristin Chenoweth: Brooke does a better job on this snatch game than her original Season. It’s much funnier and she makes a few funny comments. As she begins she says “It’s good to be back this time Ru, I may look a bit different but I’m still the same old me after a good old shag....I mean time” which makes Ru laugh. At one point when she doesn’t get a match yet again she begins crying saying “This is almost like being on a dating app Ru, one more time where I don’t match and I may just have to go back to being a witch on west end at least I get viewed by more men there”. It is quite funny but it still doesn’t compare to some of the others.
Sharon Needles - Male RuPaul/Joan Rivers: Whilst no impression of Ru has worked before, Sharon does an absolutely hilarious job as Ru. After seeing a video of her performing as him, she’d definitely do a good job. It’s hilarious and she gets the voice completely down to a tea making some hilarious comebacks. Mid way through snatch Game she then takes the bald cap off and transforms into Joan Rivers and she does an absolutely incredible job. She makes some incredible comebacks at one point replying to the question “Nancy Pelosi is so liberal she ____ when she goes to the toilet”. She replies “She gets a picture of Trump and shits on it Ru Cos that’s just the sort of thing I’d do myself ain’t that right”.
Heidi N Closet - Regina Hall: Heidi does her performance as Brenda in Scary Movie. She looks absolutely hysterical and she gets the look down to a tea. She also starts off strong when Ru asks “Hows life been treating you doll?” Where she replies “What’s it to you bitch? I know you betta get out my face! Outta, my face!” which is really funny due to the expressions Heidi has on her face. She also has a funny moment on the line “Cher is so old she ____ when she performs”. Her response is “This is some scary SHIT ru and that brings me to my answer, the bitch shits herself”. This is really funny and has Ru laughing a lot it’s a very good snatch game with good comebacks from Heidi.
Widow Von Du - La Toya Jackson: Widow really adopts the voice and looks of La Toya down to a tea. She starts off saying “Hi there Ru, long time no see” where she does her iconic laugh that leaves Ru laughing. She has some really funny moments such as when Ru says “Today I went backstage and I saw ______ sitting there with Michelle Visage”. She responds saying “Well Ru I wouldn’t know much about this (insert La Toya laugh) but I thought she’d be with one of the pit crew, she loves a big sausage” where she looks over at Hilary Clinton who does a really shocked expression. It’s a really good Portrayal of La Toya and the sort of answers she’d give, although not as standout as some other queens.
Jan Sport - Hilary Clinton: Jan does a great job of Hilary. She gets the voice of her completely down to a tea. She has one hilarious moment where a phone starts ringing and she says “Sorry about this Ru”. She then picks up the phone whispering “Bill I told you not to phone yet. Carry on writing our book and shut up”. It’s a really funny moment and she has other moments mocking Trump. When Ru asks her “Lady Bunny’s getting so old she’s starting to hate ___ so much”. She responds saying “The electoral college Ru, because if you’re an old gay and don’t hate it then something’s wrong in that big head of yours Bunny”.
Nina Bo’Nina Brown - Naomi Campbell: Nina does a great job as Naomi, perfectly doing the British accent and attitude of Naomi. She begins saying “It’s so nice to be back Ru, you know Season 9 was lovely but sharing a panel with the likes of Jasmine Masters, darling please give me some more respect than that”. It’s a really funny moment especially due to her look of disgust as she says “Having said that I’m now stuck next to Miss Clinton so I don’t think I’m going to have a much better time now”. She really embodies her whole attitude and shade. She also has a funny response to the question “Lady Bunny’s getting so old she’s starting to hate ___ so much”. She responds saying “Well Ru we all know there’s only one answer to this. Tyra Banks. Who doesn’t hate that bitch?”. Its really well done.
Vote: http://www.polljunkie.com/poll/gaoatt/as8-snatch-game
Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KZqAmxa46DAOg-QUWdbNQT5XyRxHM7uijqrShJXh3nA
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2020.03.31 00:37 90skid91 What are some plots/storylines you wish Friends had done?

- Ross and/or Chandler in a Yoga class (with a Janice surprise appearance)
- Joey gets a guest spot on Martha Stewart. But he eats all the food before their interview so he gets Monica to try and bake/cook a replacement and gets caught (she ends up doing the show instead)
- One or all of the friends in a gay bar (ex: When Joey needed to kiss a guy for "practice") with a Will & Grace crossover.
- Phoebe joins a cult or is close to
- Have a Speed dating episode would have been hilarious. One episode with all 6 of them attending. Rachel and Ross end up in a round together (of course) and the usual Rachel/Ross dynamic occurs once again fuelling the "will they/won't they" narrative
- More Gunther would have been fun. ie: Phoebe goes on a date with him; Gunther has a brothecousin who Rachel falls for
- Rachel at a fashion show; Joey and Chandler come chase afteflirt with models (surprised with a fashion job they never explored this; could have had appearances from Naomi Campbell/Tyra Banks/Cindy Crawford/Linda Evangelista)
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2020.03.05 15:52 damazz10 Bravo Ratings 2/23/20-2/27/20

Sunday 2/23/20

Competing shows during the night (for comparison)

Monday 2/24/20

Competing shows during the night (for comparison)

Tuesday 2/25/20

Competing shows during the night (for comparison)

Wednesday 2/26/20

Competing shows during the night (for comparison)

Thursday 2/27/20

Competing shows during the night (for comparison)

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2020.01.27 21:38 thicc__and__tired Dating an older man is usually a great thing...right? [long but fun. I ended up dating a self described "drug lord"]

But this time I'm wondering why I feel *crazy\* like i'm being gaslighted all the time.. This is truly an unacceptable experience for me and I would love for a second opinion on what's going on. Actually, I would like a second opinion on if I should leave him high and dry. As I really want to...but he's going so crazy
I've outlined the growth of our *two and a half week dynamic\*
- Met at the gym. He asked me out. He is huge, porn star like. Very buff. later found out he's on daily steroids. I thought...why would you want to hang with scrawny little me? who knows...
- After two dates (one was coffee, very short, and the other was he "surprised me" and took me lunch...but it was at a strip club/cruising bar (ew, but it was still sweet I guess? I was looking on the positive...oops). He immediately started to send me strong messages, "would be proud to be your boyfriend" " i'm so lucky and I deserve you", "I want to meet your parents" "I've been dating for 3 years and I've never had a connection like this" "where did you come from" he was trying to call me "my love" (cringe)... I assumed he was being facetious. But it was a lot and it felt like too much too soon to me.
- I constantly reminded him to take things slow as we are getting to know each other. and reminded him that we are both having a good time. Also I was thinking...why has he been single for so long...
- Our sex together was very fun, and he said it was the best he ever had.I was "magic" and that this "never happens".
- He left to LA for a week only after we just met to go support his "gogo-dancer friends".He would tell me about how all his friends would "love me" I thought nothing of it until he started texting me about the other "boys" he was making out with, flirting with and etc.. I thought that was odd to tell someone if you're trying to get to know them...and actually quite gross/tacky. Actually...the way he was phrasing things came off as mind-games...and like he was trying to diminish my worth while trying to elevate his as the same time (narcissism, mid life crisis, gas lighting, abusive?..,maybe i'm over thinking it) Things like:
- That started to get old and I asked him to stop, that it felt insulting. If he wanted to be my fwb we could do that but he was acting very demeaning to talk to me like that and then tell me about how we should be boyfriends. his words and actions weren't lining up. He said he did nothing wrong and that he was complimenting me. Apologized and moved forward. I thought...red flag but at least he listened?
- He starts to share his active drug habits (I do not judge anyone for doing what they want to do, nor do I have any interest in controlling people.) He does G, K, coke, Steroids, other drugs I haven't even heard of. He says he gets his goods from Mexico and has all the connects for pure stuff. He also says "no one dies on my watch when we go out" very casually (wth...savior complex?). I'm not sure how to take that...like - should he get a sticker that no one has died? He says he carries emergency coke w him *everywhere* in case people OD. That felt like a lot of drama from someone who I have been on 3 dates with. Especially considering that he provides all his "friends" with the drugs, then has them OD and then saves their lives afterwards...it sounded like a very disturbing co-dependency scenario. Like he just shit talk all his friends, saying that they are idiots.
- He then revealed that his "graphic design" business was a front for his drug deals :) :) :) :) :). Actually he *has* a graphic design business, it's just really slow and going under. So, he supplements himself by dealing party drugs. He says he's going to Mexico for a month to go do "business" But also wants me to meet his party friends at shabbat dinner! (So he deals drugs for a job...got it.)
- I was feeling very much like this man is a player, and is going through a mid life crisis (his compliments to me are always just about how hot he is and how he gets all this attention, he is doing steroids everyday and his social life resolves around circuit parties and "hosting circuit parties" and his only income is from dealing date rape drugs (GHB). But I decide to go to Shabbat dinner since i thought that was a huge step in the right direction. Meeting family? this will explain a lot. At least he will be on his best behavior and I can get some good food and jewish wine :)
- Wrong. The shabbat was a front for a drug deal with this circuit party friends. When I first walked in the man who owned the house looked at me and said "Oh! I recognize you from Grindr...you rejected me". I froze with my mouth open like "ugh....nice to meet you?". He then said "don't worry that was 4 years ago" (BITCH WHAT THE HELL YIKES). Many more extremely fit white men in their 40s or above all came in one at a time. After meeting all these guys we sat down around a very elaborate table with food everywhere. I brought roasted brussel sprouts to be polite and add to the table. However once sitting down the men all pulled out envelopes out of no where like a cartoon. (must have been in their pants or tucked into their shirts?) The guy to my immediate right fingered open his letter an a pile of white powder just splashed onto the plate, making a cloud that drifted by my face. I asked "Did I just inhale a cloud of coke?". The men all kind of chuckled, and they too poured their envelopes onto plates at the table.They all brought different things including syringes...ON A PLATE. I kid you not when i say the men at this dinner stood up and went around, musical chairs style, doing the different drugs. Some of them took the syringes and stabbed them into their asses. When they finally sat down they then pulled out yarmulkes/kippahs and started praying. Said "amen" and then started eating. I was SHOOOOOOOOOOOCKED and disturbed. And I was shocked at how this man didn't think it made sense to tell me about this before hand.
- The next day he called me asking if I wanted to go dancing at a circuit party. When I asked when and where he said he had two places in mind and that he and his friends were figuring out where they wanted to go. I said "ok, let me know where you choose and we can talk about when I'm out of work". but he then calls me back saying that I "shouldn't ask questions" and that I've been a boner killer and been "guarded" with him instead of enthusiastically saying yes (but I did say yes, I just said where). I kid you not when i say this man was screaming on the telephone. I have *never* been yelled at like this in my entire life, not by my family (who have obviously yelled at me), not by Tyra Banks, and not by ANY OTHER ex/bf i've ever had. This felt sensational and grand and I hate to say it...but I asked him where he was and he said I'm about to walk into the gym. So he had recently injected himself with steroids. I wonder if he was exhibiting roid rage. Especially since we knew each other for two and a half weeks at this point - yelling just didn't seem worth it. I mean I was still seeing other people.
He said

- When I asked him what that last statement was about he said "see? you keep looking at the negative! That was supposed to be a compliment". But I suggested we stop arguing since this wasn't very healthy. I suggested a break. And he cried.
I thought I was free...that felt bonkers...
But no. I start getting speedo pics from him in Mexico like two weeks later. He says he's thinking about me, hopes I'm well. But this man is sending me naked pics after he broke up w me...Is this a joke? Also...his speedo pics are HILARIOUS OMG. If you want to see one please DM me. He "makes" them all and he brought 34 different looks. He said he wanted to talk and I told him to not string me along, the speedo pics are inappropriate way to communicate considering where we left things.
He then back tracked and said he was sorry and wants to move forward...but we had broken up and he will be in Mexico for a month. I said we could have a real talk but he said "we are just getting to know each other. I still think about you blhablhablhablahablha. best I've ever had. you are magical and amazing together" (REDFLAGS.COM)
But, honestly all my friends and I were laughing at the speedo-a-day pics. I was humoring/trolling him, we weren't together anymore...and we aren't even in the same country. But then his birthday was on Sunday. And he was sending me sexy pics over and over while I was in public (they were honestly gross and weird, and it was him at like 28, and at 30, and it felt very random...). I told him I couldn't talk until I got home. When I did he kept asking "are you in your room" but I wasn't, i was getting ready to go pick up some stuff for work. Which I told him. I then video chatted him while walking in the street but he was naked and got mad and hung up.
Then told me I don't care about him and that I'm not the man for him...
Like, he got super angry and said that he wants to feel special on his birthday (this man is 48). I said I had no intention of making him feel less than, and I didn't realize he wanted to have a sexy video chat. We also aren't together, nor did he clarify that he wanted to do something sexy... He then proceeds to argue with me about how I'm not "considerate" enough for him and how I should have put together that he wants me to be sexy for him because he is sending me a ton of sexy pics. (but you broke up w me, and i've been texting you literally all day today. singing you happy birthday, sending you pics...like it's not enough that I have a life? I told you I was running errands)
After two hours of me pointing out the flaws in his logic and asking him "is it possible for us to move forward from me not being naked on a video call?" he eventually starts laughing and back tracking...Saying how he misses me. What a joke. Meanwhile I'm like "I've been pushing to have a real convo about our dynamic but you don't want to. you want to "just talk and see where things go" but then you freak out at these very small things. I recorded our phone call cause I knew it was ludicrous.
Then the next morning (today) he texts me good morning from the beach. and tells me 12 more days until he's back. (Grreeeaaaaaaaat XD ). I humor him saying I'm calling in a bomb threat so he can come back sooner. He then says he has a "gogo dancer guest" staying at his place until the end of the month so we won't be able to see each other. And that they have been sexual in the past and most likely will be again "just being honest"
WTF? You wanted to take a two-and-a-half month break? Cause you have a friend from Poland coming over...we can't even see each other even once because you need to prioritize your traveling sex-trick?? XD XDDDDDD WHY ARE YOU TALKING TO ME AT ALL LOL. You had no intention of ever seeing me again...or I guess you thought you could convince me to meet you after you literally degrade me to the point of being your door mat (abusive much?). Did you think I would "wait" that long to talk to a man who broke up w me because I "asked questions" when he asked me to go out dancing with him. I'm laughing hard but I'm also floored at how delusional this feels. Thank god I've been seeing other people while he's texting me.
At this point I don't think the ridiculous vanity speedo pics are worth the headache. Nothing is making sense to me and I nailed it in the beginning "don't string me along". This man is either coked out beyond repair or a real life Malignant Narcissist (this is a real phenomenon, look it up). Probably both?
So...is there something Im doing wrong? Why is he texting me everyday, all day. and then picking fights over nothing. and then being really dramatic. This hot and cold drama feels like the worlds biggest red flag. Tell me to block his number. Or tell me a good way to cut him off that is satisfying and justifiable.
Or tell me i'm being overly critical...and that I should have been naked on the video chat instead of doing an errand. Because that's why he said he was mad.
Warned you it was long ;)
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2020.01.23 17:56 Kitchen_Ur_Lies Album of the Year #19: Rapsody - Eve

Artist: Rapsody Album: Eve



Background by Kitchen_Ur_Lies
Marlanna Evans, better known as Rapsody, is a 36-year-old rapper from North Carolina primarily known for her affiliation and work with local producer 9th Wonder. After meeting her in 2004 while rapping with one of her earlier groups, Kooley High, he would sign her to his label in 2008. This led to the release of her debut mixtape, Return of the B-Girl in 2010, which would spark her collaborative work with artists such as DJ Premier and Mac Miller. Her sassy yet nimble delivery on this project gives her the versatility to deliver choppy and hard-hitting bars on Win while also making heads spin with her souled-out onslaught on Blankin’ Out. The project would bode well for her budding career, drawing early comparisons to female emcees of Lauryn Hill and MC Lyte. However, this qualifier of best female emcee would be the very item she’d like to eliminate from her name in rap conversations, as she aimed to be one of the greatest emcees, full stop. She would go on to progress her rhyme patterns into rooted life experiences on her second mixtape, Thank H.E.R. Now. With a much more fleshed out tracklisting, she was able to score collaborations with the likes of Big K.R.I.T., Raekwon, and her second song with Mac Miller, whom she joined on his Incredibly Dope Tour in 2011. Rapsody’s early work would open her circles to fellow newly acclaimed acts, including Kendrick Lamar, planting the seeds for collabs in the years to come.
2012 saw the long awaited release of her debut album, The Idea of Beautiful. Advancing her potential seen on previous releases, Rapsody weaves an auditory essay on the essence of beauty. The light boom bap and catch up presence throughout the album lays as a canvas for the poetry that unfolds, with highlights such as Roundtable Discussion and NonFiction. Dotted across the project is singer Nomsa Mazwai, who is showcased on the cover art and lent Rapsody the inspiration for the title and message of the album. The matured yet idealistic insight on the definition of beauty is something that is no stranger to her work and life experience. This project could be looked at as the kindling for something like Eve, which tackles the balance between being confident in her work and comfortable in her skin, and invoking that same stride into her peers and fellow black women.
Dropping two more projects in the coming years with She Got Game and the Beauty and the Beast EP, her time came to speak on themes and principles of beauty by securing one of two featured rap verses on what is considered the peak of 2010s hip hop, To Pimp A Butterfly. No stranger to working with Kendrick, her contribution on Complexion (A Zulu Love) illuminates the systematic issues associated with colorism when defining beauty. Normalized beauty standards have taken aim at minimizing features from black people, including brown eyes and dark skin. She raps about feeling the need to cover her body in bleach cream at age eight to closer align herself with the arbitrary standards, then finally enforcing her dark side like a young George Lucas. This placement on such a celebrated work led to great interest in Rapsody’s career leading up to that point, and the imminent future. Eyes were set and glued on her upcoming projects, including a signing to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation by 2016. The first project to come during her Roc Nation career was Crown, a succinct yet remarkable entry in her discography coming in at a low 10 tracks, with highlights Gonna Miss You and OooWee.
Two years of careful crafting culminated in the consecutive Laila’s Wisdom, a purist panorama of the worldview for black women today. Paying homage to her grandmother Laila, Rapsody weaves together the topics of Southern life, police brutality, love, and blackness into one of her most acclaimed efforts to date. Accents of funk, R&B, and jazz find their presence necessary to tie the themes she tackles with such grace. A soulful intro into Laila’s Wisdom aims to give the listener the Power to understand her message. The features assembled to fill their place in Rapsody’s message cannot be understated, managing to bring out a patois Kendrick Lamar and a standout Black Thought verse. Busta Rhymes who made an appearance on You Should Know praised this as the best album he’s heard from a female MC period, but the best in the last 10 years. Receiving a storm of acclaim from several publications, Rapsody managed to receive nominations for Best Rap Album and Best Rap Song at the 60th Annual Grammys, though losing to DAMN and HUMBLE.
Coming off the heels of such a monumental moment in her career, Rapsody furthered her attempts to scrub the qualifier of “female” to her name when listing great MCs. Besides sharpening her pen with guest appearances on projects such as 9th’s Jamla Is The Squad II, an epiphany shaped the vision behind her forthcoming project. While being profiled for Oxford American, interviewer and poet L. Lamar Wilson played Nina Simone and Roberta Flack to stage the interview. What came about was the realization that Rapsody was the very extension of these fellow North Carolina artists and more. That same night, it inspired her to create a song which would later flourish into the concept for an entire album; celebrating the work and lives of black women. The timing of this project coincides at a time where the discussion is being had about what it means to be a black woman in America, and at a time where Rapsody has grasped her abilities as a lyricist and performer to convey her story in all its glory, through pain, power, and pride.
Review by Kitchen_Ur_Lies
Clocking in at just over an hour with 16 tracks, Rapsody lays the foundation for the listener to become grounded in her perspective. Generations of black women act as conduits for Rapsody’s ideas to be illustrated, with each being celebrated in their own respective right. 9th Wonder handles executive and sometimes literal production on this project, brimming each track with lush instrumentation and vocal samples that paint gusts of color for her words to represent. Some of these samples are incredibly high profile in stature, yet never manage to take away from the focal point herself, Rapsody. And while the album and its cover takes focus on Rapsody, it guides you to her through the tribulations of those that came before her.
Anthemic in essence while uplifting in execution, the album commences the celebration with Nina. Nina Simone was quintessential blues singer and civil rights activist of her time. What Rapsody decided to take from her was the ability to reflect on herself and the times, as she quoted from Simone, “An artist's duty, as far as I'm concerned, is to reflect the times.” Simone exemplified this herself by releasing Mississippi Goddam, a protest to the murder of Medgar Evers and the bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham that claimed the lives of four black girls. This blacklisted Simone from the industry, but she prospered in empowerment nonetheless. Rapsody utilizes this track as a foundation for her own reflection within the industry. Simone’s rendition of Strange Fruit acts as a chilling canvas for Rapsody to lay down the facts. “Emit light, rap, or Emmett Till / I drew a line without showing my body, that’s a skill.” As a rapper in her lane attempting to bring light to atrocities and oppression, she feels her options are to rap on these subjects or get killed like Emmett Till, an innocent 14 year old who was lynched by grown men after a false accusation by a white woman. Rapsody has earned her placement in rap without giving in to sex appeal as well, because she wants her raps to speak for themselves, and this formula is what has brought her so far. Rapsody leaves the outro over the haunting instrumental for poet Reyna Biddy to shed light on her own perspective as a black woman, citing her pain, her feeling like prey, and how she won’t be defeated. This resilience and firing back acts as a graceful segue into the next track with Cleo.
Setting off the tone for Cleo we have Phil Collins’ In The Air Tonight to let us know Rapsody is in the building and isn’t holding anything back. If you weren’t aware, Cleo is Queen Latifah’s character in the 1996 movie Set It Off. The tomboyish yet “no-holds-barred” properties that she exudes in this role are invoked in Rapsody. She knows her place and isn’t afraid to say it, “wonder how a bunch of sheep can have an opinion on a GOAT / dressed too tomboy, rap too lyrical.” The way she dresses should have no effect on how people view her craft, yet it still finds its way as criticism she receives and attempts to take away from her status as a GOAT. One thing Cleo wasn’t afraid of doing was sending shots, and neither is Rapsody after being brought down by someone some may look up to in the rap community. Charlamagne Tha God took to Twitter to claim Rapsody is an elite MC and better than 98% of living rappers, not long before Rap Radar co-host B. Dot claimed he was full of shit for such a statement. Not only is Rapsody handily capable of that claim and very deserving, but she effortlessly addresses this here without mentioning his name, since he can’t seem to keep her name out of his mouth. In fact, she keeps it to “I don't take time to address opinions that ain't 9th, Dre, or Jay-Z / Only rap radars I need are them and the streets.” This short list of just three collaborators is already noteworthy, all of whom look up to her as a great MC. And it’s not just her own people that want to cut her confidence short, it’s the very people who could help her distribute her music. “White men run this, they don’t want this kind of passion / A black woman story they don’t want this kind of rapping / What good is a black woman to them? / Raped us in slavery, they raping us again.” I mean fuck, it’s a crying shame I can’t just post the lyrics to this entire song because Rapsody took the time to make every line meaningful and tie in with the theme of never backing down on what you believe in. This track is such an easy listen because of the bounce in the bass with Phil Collins echoing in and out, 9th fading in and out for the chorus, and Rapsody reminding us she’s still getting the money, money, money.
Aaliyah is an ode to the 90’s R&B queen who exemplified another pillar of Rapsody’s character, feeling like a tomboy and being comfortable with that. For as attractive as anybody finds Aaliyah, it seemed tomboyish yet acceptable for her to model for Tommy Hilfiger. “When Aaliyah was alive / It was cool to be a tomboy, Tommy boy fly.” Rapsody feels she can’t get the same treatment as she’s been told she needs to sell herself (her body) more than she does now. She disagrees, stating, “Femininity comes in different ways, and this is my form of being a female. The way I dress is feminine in my way, so I call it tomboy femininity because that's what I saw in Aaliyah.” Her own form of femininity shouldn’t be subject to judgment by anyone else, as nobody can tell her how much of a woman she is, especially when she makes her whole image towards music speaking the loudest volumes about her persona. She does describe this beat as sexy though, which I find it to be too, so it was only frustrating for me when I spent about an hour during the release night trying to find the Aaliyah song this samples. I was shocked to find it’s actually a Sabrina Claudio sample, given Aaliyah has so many dope tracks to choose from. This doesn’t stop Rapsody from giving her more nods within her own track, stating she’s “More than a woman, real enough to rock the boat.” Oprah marks the first feature she enlists on the project with Virginia rapper Leikeli47. The first North American black multi-billionaire, known almost purely by mononym, serves as the most convenient conduit to illustrate the urge to get checks. Eric G pieces together a bouncy and riveting instrumental, letting the words circulate in a catchy tune. This is just a fun track in all seriousness, but Reyna makes another appearance at the end to remind her oppressors who told her that she wouldn’t have shit, that she’ll frighten them with what she has now. Whoopi offers a chance for a sister to act up, as Goldberg did in Sister Act. The cooing Watermelon Man sample brings that playful sassiness to life with just the beat. “Angela Bassett / Blow the whole car up, I ain’t even gassin’” just like Bassett blowing up her husband’s car in Waiting To Exhale. Rapsody’s temper isn’t to be tested, and she has no problem tapping into her ratchet. A multifaceted woman, she can play into this aggressive bag whenever she feels. And this album definitely won’t let that stop, with the next track being no exception.
Serena is as energetic as Serena Williams is on the actual tennis court, owing that in part to the infectious Uncle Luke sample of Don’t Stop. There’s not a doubt in my mind that Eric G must’ve had a blast spamming the MPC key with the “don’t stop” that rings throughout this anthem. “You the captain of your own ship, young blood / A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” Rapsody cites how Serena and her sister Venus came up in the tennis world at a time when black people weren’t always welcome in said arena, with these rough waters acting as the catalyst for their high level of play they currently occupy. Momentum is the path to greatness along such a murky path, and it’s why certain people who come from nothing know to strike when the iron is still hot, as you gotta “get it while the going good.” Prospering through treacherous trails is something Rapsody evokes from those before her, citing “We gon' save them all, Nat Turner, Tubman / For the hate you give, still thugging / That's Shakur life, Giovanni wrote it.” Freedom fighters Nat Turner and Harriet Tubman physically pulled slaves out of their harsh environments to the free world, but the type of slavery perpetuated today is in keeping black people left to the bottom through mass incarceration, darkness being antonymous to beauty, among other racial injustices. All of this hatred sowed so deep in the infant from birth is the inspiration for the tattoo THUG LIFE across Tupac’s chest, meaning “The Hate U Give Little Infants Fucks Everybody.” This persecution on the elements of a black person from the outside, namely their skin serve as a segue to the next track with Tyra. As Rapsody states, “self love is a radical act, when beauty is in the eye of the oppressor.” A black woman reaching her level in the modeling and fashion industry is something to behold, as a compliment to her preaching of self-love and acceptance of woman in all shapes, sizes, and skin shades. The Bjork sample weaves these rhymes together so soulfully, and seamlessly into the next track with Maya. Maya Angelou is undoubtedly on the Mount Rushmore of black women for Rapsody. Best known for her autobiography I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, Angelou is a monumental landmark in American poetry and champion in the black community, working with Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, in addition to becoming the first female poet to speak at a presidential inauguration. Sampling Green Eyes by Erykah Badu, this paints a soulful palette in the mind of the listener, perfectly readied for the poetry that befalls on their ears not too long after. “I can’t be a bird in no cage,” as Angelou once said, but Rapsody flies high with her words throughout this track. Running back to that theme, “Told me, just like old Morgan, free man / A caged bird sings a song for freedom.” This harkens back to Morgan Freeman’s critically acclaimed film Shawshank Redemption where he played a man molded by the prison complex that sought the life of freedom, just as a caged bird. The song is beautiful in execution and reminds us to “stay moving forward, don’t waste your soul” just as it closes with Erykah’s gorgeous vocals.
Rapsody is someone who can’t be fenced in, but fencing is ironically the eventual inspiration of the next track in Ibtihaj. Enlisting D’Angelo and GZA, the latter of whom made the classic Liquid Swords which is sampled in this track, 9th decided that since it was this track that was flipped, they may as well name it after the first Muslim woman to wear a hijab during the Olympics while representing the US as a bronze medalist fencer. Rapsody’s verse is exceptional and features shout outs to early 90s hip hop in Gang Starr, Flavor Unit, and Lady of Rage. The true ode to the early 90s is GZA’s standout verse, refurbishing some of his old lines into “a lot of rap is weak, low frequency in the tweeters / very inaudible, clock radio speakers / quietly whispering in a world of WikiLeakers.” He transforms those old lines to connect with today’s world, and passes the torch to Rapsody, who lives out the meaning of “an emcee should electrify, beautify, strive to / empower, inspire, transform a worldview.” Myrlie Evers is the widow of civil rights activist Medgar Evers, who Nina Simone famously sung about with Missisippi Goddam as mentioned earlier. Mereba joins Rapsody to sing so beautifully “Take, don’t take, my love away.” While Myrlie lost her husband, she continued his work and eventually became an NAACP chairwoman, not allowing his assassination to take her love away. I should also take this time to highlight Mereba who released an incredible project in The Jungle Is The Only Way Out who mehlibu so eloquently wrote about as well. Reyna Biddy, who’s already appeared across the project at several points, finally gets her own moment with an articulate poem about the black woman’s body and spirit in Reyna’s Interlude.
Michelle pays respects to the Harvard Law School and Princeton graduate that became the first African American First Lady. Rapsody subverts expectations by using this track to hypothetically show what happens when she gains the world but must lose her soul. The Obamas faced scrutiny from conservative media throughout their tenure for a “lack of class” for frivolous things such as wearing tan suits. The different set of standards that came with being First Lady didn’t mean that Michelle had to lose her values. Rapsody herself stated “You can be a girl from Chicago, who likes to dance and be a real black woman who goes to house parties, and still be a first lady. I wanted to showcase the side of Michelle Obama, like, 'I'm a first lady but I ain't lose my blackness. Don't get it twisted.' You hear it in the hook, with Elle Varner singing, 'ladies first.' That's me playing with wordplay again: We can go from being first ladies to a First Lady.” Ebony. One of the first ladies to become a successful dark-skinned supermodel, Iman broke barriers for those to come after her, such as Tyra Banks. Accepting yourself inside your skin, whether physical or metaphorical, is another essential pillar to Rapsody’s ideology, coming a long way from placing bleach cream all over her skin at age eight to face her insecurities. She brings along with her SiR and J.I.D. to ensure that black men are included in the convo of loving black women and themselves.
What better time to mention queens than the great mononym Hatshepsut, the longest reigning woman pharaoh of Egypt? What better time to bring on Queen Latifah to the project? Hatshepsut acts as a fierce anthem for black woman, recognizing the importance to a queen to every king and vice versa. Rapsody likens herself to Coretta King and Winnie Mandela while reminding us that unity is necessary. Queen Latifah wastes no time to describe what being a queen means to her, being there to love and raise a king, knowing when to be Cleo or Gandhi to protect those you love, and having pride stronger than lions. All queens are shout out by her to have their own throne, spot, and crown along their path to success that she’s went through herself. We have another Black Reign to water and nourish the crop, just as we get drowned out by the melodic piano that riffs throughout the track. Sojourner originally appeared on Jamla Is The Squad II, but fits just right into this album with thematic elements to help articulate truths. Afeni marks the closure of this project, attempting to bring closure on the pain that black women feel when black men aren’t taking their perspective to light. She finally samples the Tupac standout Keep Ya Head Up to bring all of the stories and concepts to a whole. Inspired by the general twitter sentiment that black men feel black women criticize them for every action, Rapsody aims to start a conversation with them that they should empathize with them, for Tupac famously said “we all came from a woman/ I wonder why we take from our women / do we hate our women?” This disdain must come to a stop, and both sides have their own grievances that have led to the bitterness. Black women are to be cherished and have been one of the most marginalized groups in America, having to fight alongside civil rights movements both for race relations, and feminist equality. Grace and emotion are evoked from this track, and they’ve touched me as the most heartfelt song found on the whole album.
Favorite Lyrics
Got my middle finger up like Pac after attempted murder
Failed to kill me, it's still me, woke up singing Shirley Murdock
As we lay these edges down, brown women, we so perfect
Went from field nigga to still nigga, being cropped out the picture
  • Nina
They gon make a sister act up, Angela Bassett
Blow the whole car up, I ain't even gassin'
I'ma go worldwide, I'ma go NASA
Yeah the arm strong, you can get it if you askin'
They gon make me go tap into my ratchet
I'ma go Left Eye when I get the matches
  • Whoopi
Black life we still going
They mad we still flowing
Black joy, euphoria
We wanna smile like gloria
That's Hov mama, word to my mama
  • Serena
I'm here for a different cause, we seldom receive applause
Never reeive awards if we ain't modelling something name
Fendi, Gucci, Dior, women like me ignored
But it's aight, though, outsiders never change what's in store
  • Tyra
Discussion Questions
  • How does this stack up with the rest of her discography, did she surpass Laila's Wisdom?
  • Does Rapsody deserve more credit as a strict emcee and not just as a female? And if not, what does she have to do to prove herself?
  • Is there a collaboration she didn't have on here that you'd like to see in the future?
  • Rapsody encapsulated the emotions and sentiments of black women on certain parts of their character that are attacked such as looks and attitude, did she resonate that through her music so that any perspective could understand those troubles?
  • 9th Wonder was still very involved with this project but gave Eric G a ton of production on the tracks here, would you like to see her lock in with 9th for an entire project again or another dream producer?
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2019.11.15 21:56 guyse2015 10 famous men who have dated American model Tyra Banks

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2019.11.12 07:27 MBCnerdcore Drake is not a pedophile.

There is zero evidence of any wrongdoing by Drake. But every time his name gets mentioned on Reddit, suddenly he's Bill Cosby, R Kelly, and Chris Brown all rolled into one.
There are two stories everyone refrences about this, as 'proof' that Drake is a pedophile and should be boycotted, convicted, and have his assets seized.
  1. One time, when Drake was 22, as part of his concert he invited a female fan onstage to flirt with. This is something musicians do all the time, and there is nothing wrong with it. While flirting, he asked her age and it was 17, and then he wrapped up the segment and brought her back down offstage. Apparently this is super creepy and weird, because mentally 17-18 year olds aren't as mature as 22-23 year olds. As if Drake was trying to get her number, date and wife this fan. It was a less-than-3-minute segment during a concert. You can find literally every R&B singer doing the same thing at any concert.
  2. One time in 30 second red carpet interview, Millie Bobby Brown was asked what she thought of Drake, and she basically said "Oh I love him, he's fantastic. We text "I miss you" to each other". This is apparently foolproof clearcut evidence that Drake is strongly linked to child abuse, and it's now a fact that Drake is just a pedo like R Kelly, and in no time we will be hearing about his secret sex cult and harem of 15 year olds.
Oh and 3. Sometimes, in between dating J-Lo and Tyra Banks or some shit, these 40+ year old women, he dates models and singers in their early 20s. This man is clearly a known pedophile and just as bad as court-proven criminal Chris Brown and court-proven criminal R Kelly.
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2019.09.03 15:05 SoarSoarAndAgain I'm astounded at the mentality that some men have where you feel like you need to save lus/coons/etc, bending over backwards when their actions have already spoken for themselves. And also we need to detoxify the overall environment as to attract mainstream Asian male attention and force action.

When someone shows you who they are, believe them. You don't want them back after their priorities with white guys were over and she saw you as a back up, seriously, go find better women and acclimatize to the situation in order to get white/latin/black women, I just can't believe why you are all so hung up on Asian women, the stats don't lie, the out-marriage rate doesn't even show the entire picture, there are plenty of Asian women who would date white all their youth and when society pressures her to make a family, she will decide to settle for a rich provider, thats just the god damn reality whether you have the courage and strength to accept it or not. Acclimatize your looks, your behaviour, your clothing, your attitude, your speech skills, your social malleability and change as a man outwardly, so that wherever you walk, XF will notice and whenever any party is inclined to start a conversation, your style and the way you hold yourself keeps them in shock, a forceful reckoning to her preconceived notions of racial stereotypes and when you are able to disprove one stereotype, you will disprove another, and this will snowball and all the stereotypes just melt away.
Find an elite XF, not just becky or basic latin or black girl, hold yourself with regard, that you are capable and you have managed to overcome the social ostracization that would have sent white boys on a shooting spree, you have achieved personal success in your professional and interpersonal life, and you have overcome burdens that would have melted the brains of white boys and would have created another Nazi State, you have been able to surpass the brainwashing and the social surpression of white american softpower and you derserve a queen, not a bananarang, get yourself Alicia keys, tyra banks, or get yourself another Estelle Ichigo, or idk some blonde or ginger babe that would see racial insults and concern trolling and whatever white boys do when they feel threatened by minorities, skyrocket, and rejoice in it and be unaffected because you've made it, and you deserve success and love. Let them go for the asian women if they choose to. Accept the fact that when someone shows you who they are, believe them. Let the white boys take the lus, its better for all of us, i mean theyre not taking our best. If you want to fight against white racism, you need to upend the system and in order to do so, we need to be strong, assertive, emotionally balanced and sustain our perseverance, we have no choice but to be better than the opposition. Do not see the racial sand boxing as a burden, but rather as a challenge that we need to surpass in order to grow as men, as individuals, and to steer our community into the right direction. As long as the wealth and social power is accumulated in the hands of white men, Asian women will keep being lus, its undeniable. If we are to ever change the course of our community, our men need to become diamonds, under all this pressure, and emerge on top victorious, and we need to take the finest women, and in particular, the finest white women, eg. white female CEOS, Elite white female academics whether they are authors, professors, scientists, economists, or branch out to artists, musicians, models, you get the point. We need their finest minds and souls in our community, loyal to their Asian husbands and their children and we need their social capital, in terms of strategy. And we need their love, able to overcome all racial hurdles, racial hurdles that could see them being disowned, ostracized from their social groups and social circles, racial hurdles that would see them lose their white privilige when they choose to marry an Asian man, we need these women and the simple truth of the situation is that, whether you wanted to or not, the racial circumstances in the west, means we need to branch out, to all women, to all areas of life, and claim a portion for ourselves and for our community, to strengthen our community, and to strengthen ourselves, and to give us representation, that you know that Hollywood and the white American media propoganda appratus never would.
Failure to recognize this simple reveals a deep weakness in yourselves, I could understand if you want an Asian queen whos being loyal all the way, but there are too few of them and Asian men need to branch out for survival, if nothing else, and if you still cant see this, its either a reflection of your lack of self esteem and ability to develop your social intelligence to win the heart of an elite WF, or you have deeply internalized the racial bias you have experienced since youth and you have never been able to get over your racial jealousy.
Asian men, our investment bankers, our lawyers, our doctors, our artists, our C-suite, our leaders, our models, we need to snag ourselves the finest XF, and in particular elite white women, to force lus to recognize from an early age that we arent a backup plan, and to give other Asian men the courage and motivation to keep working until we earn the love of the WF middle class or upper middle class or upper class, this is the only way things will ever change for Asian men, no representation alone would be enough, Japan's anime/manga and economic bloom wasn't enough, Hong Kong and their gangster film industry wasn't enough, Kpop wouldn't be enough, Vietnam clearly wasn't enough and China wouldn't be enough, we have to take this into our own hands, our representation into our own hands, by going for their finest women and instilling our passion and our spiritual adoration and bind them to us, love them so that they feel as though they cant live wihtout us, we need to become stronger men, we need to become great men, with powerful personalities, powerful minds, powerful bodies, powerful seducion, power visions for the future. We need to become greater men first, and to do this, we need to focus on AMWF, AMBF, AMXF instead of focusing relentlessly on WMAF, that we all know, with irrefutable experience and sociological data, is what we know it to be.
We need to stop consistently making posts that focus on WMAF, instead make a link where everything is compiled so that newcomers can learn without being repelled by the overall negativity, and lift each other up, make actual strategies in making sure that Asian fellas know how to socially adapt and acclimatize themselves in order to overcome social ostracization and surpression, and overcome bamboo ceilings in leadership and MOST IMPORTANTLY OF ALL,
I mean seriously the chances of an Asian American guy going all the way to Asia, just to marry the type of girl who would give herself to a sexpat who has nothing but his clothes on his back but needs an Asian suitor to have a minimum of a 6 figure salary, far more likely than it seems.
To create a healthy community, we need Asian men to find good XF wives, to create a healthy community and ensure that these Asian fellas are emotionally filled, with a woman who truly loves him and sees beyond racial stereotypes, who would do anything to repent for her ignorance in the past and would go any length to stick with her husband in the face of racial threats. The XF who were sent into Japanese Internment camps because they refused to give up on their husbands are goddesses who capture my own heart. I guarantee you the bananarangs and ABG would never go that far and would abandon their Asian family in a heartbeat, to be kept safe from white male resentment. These Asian fellas derserve women who will emotionally and spiritually satisfy them as a human being, who will love and be loyal till the end and the reason why XF are so essential.
Stop focusing on WMAF.
Start adapting and making strategies for Asian men to win elite XF, and guide them towards destroying every single racial hurdle an AMXF couple would face, from racial slurs and harassment, to being disowned by their family, from being ostracized in workplaces, to being a target of glass ceilings and character slandering.
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2019.08.02 14:09 Double-Parked_TARDIS Twenty-six knee-jerk reactions I had while rewatching c2, e9–11, for the 50th time

  1. RECAP TIME!! Bethany squawks during her audition video because why not? And Sara lies on the floor with a pornish camera angle.
  2. "The girls woke up super early for their first photo shoot." OK, because I don't trust the show to not be deliberately misleading and careless when the producers can get away with it, I did go back to episode one to double-check exactly how "super early" the contestants had to wake up. The Tyra Mail said to be ready at 6 AM, so a 5 to 5:30 wakeup is indeed early.
  3. Jenascia conjectures (while eating some of her precious food!) that no one woke her because some of the other contestants are "threatened" by her. I like this woman, but she seems to have a bit too high of an opinion of herself.
  4. There appears to be a small bulge in Shandi's leotard. Is that supposed to happen? Is she wearing a cup? Because if the latter is the reason, I just have to wonder exactly how high-contact a sport that Ms. J.'s runway challenge is. Perhaps related: Tyra assures Catie during makeovers that Catie won't look like a "boy-girl." I know this was 2004, but...I'm not sure whether to be offended by this phrasing. Later, Ms. J., to Jenascia: "There's a boy somewhere inside of—we've gotta beat him out of you." What is it with this show?
  5. I adore Yoanna, but I can't keep up with her accent; she sounds General American one second and then loosely Georgian the next.
  6. The Tyra mail before the midair photo shoot mentions venustraphobia, ophidiophobia, and algophobia, which are, respectively, the fears of beautiful women, snakes, and pain. I looked each of these up, and they are indeed at least semi-legitimate phobias with accurate definitions. (Personally, I don't care much for blending Greek and Latin roots, so I prefer "caligynephobia" over "venustraphobia," and algiophobia—with the additional i—is a normal variant of algophobia.) Also, Sara tries to calm April down by assuring her that there aren't snakes around but rather fire. Is that supposed to be an improvement?
  7. Catie: "I have a little word to say. No, no, no, no, no." That is indeed a little word. But Xiomara and a Tropicana-guzzling Catie manage to make up backstage after the latter's panic attack, and it all seems earnest enough, so brownie points for both.
  8. Wait, wait—Sara says her father is "half-Iranian"? Isn't she herself the one who's half and half?
  9. Janice: If a photographer offered you guaranteed fame if you slept with him for a cover of a magazine or a makeup campaign, what would you do?April: Is he attractive? [...] I wouldn't not do it.I know that there's a lot more awareness about sexual harassment nowadays, but I think that April's response is still legitimate. Camille also seems open to the idea if the photographer in question is attractive.
  10. Drag queen Kevin Aviance: "Tyra's walk, it's like a symphony. It's like hair...chest...ass...legs. It's like music." We get it, honey--you want to be a recurring guest on the show. It is a real shame, though, that this never became a thing.
  11. On second thought, it kind of looks as though Tyra is criticizing Yoanna for not standing up to Camille.
  12. Yoanna: "Do you have an MP3 player? Do you know what those are? [one shot later] These here--discs--have you seen them before?" Dated, dated, dated. And she says that the model Niccolo has "wonderful assets" in the bank and "behind." Was she making out with him just to get his account information? I need answers.
  13. Yoanna sits with Shandi and whispers repeatedly, "It's over." When I'm on my death bed, that's the last thing I want to hear.
  14. Stephen Fairchild is straight? OK!
  15. April or Shandi (off-camera) says that Tyra knows everything. Even the contestants know exactly how powerful and well informed Ms. Tyra "We Judges Don't Know What Happens Outside of Panel" Banks truly is.
  16. Mr. Jay says "Buongiorno, principesse," which is correct Italian. All is not lost! Also, Mr. Jay "Actually" count: 1
  17. The group scream after April reveals she's hot for Nigel is eerily similar to the one in c5 when Kim and Sarah make out. I'm wondering if the latter scene's audio was copied and pasted. Then, Tyra says that comments such as "I hate you, you stupid bitch" are "normal" when discussing cheating in a relationship. Um. Wow.
  18. Janice says that it was an "excellent choice" for Shandi to "whack (wack?) it up" ("it" being her shirt). Phrasing? And Tyra seems to refer to high-fashion models each as "a poor fashion girl." Also, anyone notice how Nigel tends to say "different to" instead of "different from" or "different than"? Is that a British thing? Because it's grammatically incorrect, and I've only ever heard British people say that (e.g., every damn time on BNTM).
  19. Nigel brings up solid points about April being a strong model while all the other judges are hating on her for being a hardworking woman, and Tyra dismisses his comment by joking that he only likes April because of her butt. I can't. This elimination is bullshit.
  21. Yoanna: "Your face becomes a household name." Just going to leave this epitome of semantic logic here.
  22. Mercedes feels "titillated" about being in the final two. Phrasing! Then, "If Yoanna wins, I'm—I'm gonna pull out her hair and say, 'It wasn't—it wasn't meant to be, I swear! It wasn't meant to be!' I'll kill her.'" I would pay good money to see this happen. Why tease me so?
  23. Eric says that Mercedes and Yoanna are "ying [sic] and yang" and then "hard and soft"—the latter much like I imagine Nigel feels when he's at panel. Hell, Yoanna openly admits that she was thinking of Nigel during the nude shoot, and HE WINKS AT HER.
  24. Yoanna: "AH NAYVER WOOHZ A CHAIR-LAYDER." Congratulations?
  25. This season had a lot of interesting-sounding names among its cast, and because I like linguistics, I did a bit of research on these names' origins: Camille. Via French of Latin origin, perhaps related to camillus, a term for a boy or young man involved in certain religious services, of uncertain further etymology. Jenascia. My best guess is that it's an elaboration of Jen, a nickname of Jennifer, with the suffix -ascia, a (phonetically sound in Italian!) respelling of the common suffix -asha (inspired by Russian names such as Natasha or Sasha). Jennifer is via Cornish from Welsh Gwenhwyfar (compare Guinevere), "white phantom." Mercedes. From Spanish, meaning "graces" or "mercies," from Latin merces, "wage." Fun fact: the phrase vuestra merced, "your grace," was later contracted into the pronoun usted (Ud.). Shandi. My best guess is that it's a combination of Shannon and Andi (short for Andrea). If that is the case, Shannon comes from Irish and may mean "ancient," while Andrea, ultimately of Ancient Greek origin, means "man"—but we can fudge the definition a little in light of the feminine ending and translate it instead as "woman." Xiomara. Perhaps a variation of the Portuguese and Spanish name Guiomar, itself perhaps derived from the Germanic elements \wiga, "battle" (compare Latin *vincere, "to conquer"), and \merijaz, "famous" (compare Dutch *vermaren, "to make famous"). Fun fact: the term Merovingian has the same origin but with the elements reversed. Yoanna. Variant of Joanna, ultimately from Hebrew Y'hokhanan, roughly meaning "Yahweh is gracious."
  26. Since it's the end of the season, here's how I think the first call-outs and bottom twos should have gone: E1 (Garden of Eden): Mercedes first; Anna and Jenascia in bottom because duh, with Anna going home E2 (Steve Madden shoes): Sara first; Heather and Jenascia in bottom two due to their photos, with Jenascia going home. E3 (Suspended midair): Shandi first; Catie and Heather in bottom two because duh, with Heather going home. E4 (Celebrities): Mercedes first; I couldn't see Bethany going much further than this, so I guess she'd go home now. Camille would be in the bottom two, as I thought her photo was the worst of the week. E5 (Underwater): April first; Camille and Xiomara in bottom two, with Xiomara going home. E6 (Beauty shots and commercial): April and Yoanna tying for first because why not?; Camille and Catie in bottom two, with Camille going home. E7 (That goddamn music video): I would skip this terrible excuse for a shoot and just do a double elimination sometime in Italy. But if I had to keep it in, it would've been Catie's time to go, as Sara had a legitimate medical condition and Yoanna at least made an effort. E8 (Milanese amphitheater): Shandi first; Mercedes and Sara in bottom two, with Sara going home...maybe. E9 (Nude shoot): Mercedes first; April and Shandi in bottom two, with Shandi going home. E10 (Extreme beauty and final runway): I still can't decide; I think that April, Mercedes, and Yoanna were all super talented, and I would have been happy with any one of them winning. (And one of them did!)
submitted by Double-Parked_TARDIS to ANTM [link] [comments]

2019.06.11 07:48 JkLion1998 Are big foreheads a turnoff?

I am a 21-year-old female, I’ve never dated anyone before Im a pretty shy girl. Every guy I’ve encountered with pass by and never look at me. I’m trying to get out of my shell more, I’ve been dressing a little more my age, confidence is going to be a hard thing for me to find but I’m getting there, one thing that I am scared of is being judged of my big forehead, I know I can always style it by getting bangs or something I’ve tried that and I look terrible in bangs. I mean if I ever were to put my hair in a ponytail, will a guy judge me for having such a big forehead? Is that a turn off for men? I know there are such beautiful celebrities who have big foreheads like Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, Tyra banks, they’re all gorgeous women who can make it work but I don’t think I can. Any advice you can give me? I’ll take anything.
submitted by JkLion1998 to relationship_advice [link] [comments]

2019.06.11 06:48 JkLion1998 Big forehead a turn off?

am a 21-year-old female, I’ve never dated anyone before Im a pretty shy girl. Every guy I’ve encountered with pass by and never look at me. I’m trying to get out of my shell more, I’ve been dressing a little more my age, confidence is going to be a hard thing for me to find but I’m getting there, one thing that I am scared of is being judged of my big forehead, I know I can always style it by getting bangs or something I’ve tried that and I look terrible in bangs. I mean if I ever were to put my hair in a ponytail, will a guy judge me for having such a big forehead? Is that a turn off for men? I know there are such beautiful celebrities who have big foreheads like Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, Tyra banks, they’re all gorgeous women who can make it work but I don’t think I can. Any advice you can give me? I’ll take anything.
submitted by JkLion1998 to dating_advice [link] [comments]

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    1. [TEPID] Ginger has drop a few dates from the Haters Roast, so M&P drop her from ALL dates. (603 points, 73 comments)
    2. Trinity the Tuck comes for Gay Icon Jakeyonce tv (587 points, 97 comments)
    3. Gia Gunn claps back at Carmen Carrera's criticism of her AS4 entrance look (579 points, 70 comments)
    4. Carmen done already done had herses (510 points, 161 comments)
    5. Mayhem calls Eureka a "pathetic, fake bitch" on Instagram live (449 points, 165 comments)
    6. [Tepid] Ariel shares her thoughts about the S11 Build interview (417 points, 84 comments)
    7. [TEPID] Trixie allegedly steals a mix from a local queen (373 points, 79 comments)
    8. TKB likens transphobia to disliking ice cream (347 points, 138 comments)
    9. Yuhua calls out fans reselling her merch at a higher cost (343 points, 145 comments)
    10. Jasmine is on Insta Live right now--says she left the filming of Holi-slay early because of Shangela (323 points, 70 comments)
  2. 6473 points, 21 submissions: AnotherLuisD
    1. PinkNews trashes Latrice, Eureka & Ginger. Ginger responds (720 points, 198 comments)
    2. Shea defends Nina West after Marnie Scarlet pretty much accuses her of stealing her look (713 points, 82 comments)
    3. Pandora responds to Tyra + Tatianna chimes in (699 points, 133 comments)
    4. Aquaria goes OFF on messy fans & VH1 for that messy RuVeal (652 points, 155 comments)
    5. Jackee responds to Eureka's IG Post (514 points, 92 comments)
    6. The Jush is NOT having it with James Charles' transphobia. (450 points, 133 comments)
    7. The Dragging of Eureka Continues (395 points, 100 comments)
    8. Messy & Penis try to bring Jakeyonce into the mess (361 points, 83 comments)
    9. The Melanin GoddessTM comes for... Jakeyonce??? (277 points, 89 comments)
    10. Pandora comes for Kevin Hart over an 8-year old tweet (237 points, 72 comments)
  3. 4782 points, 48 submissions: handsandahungjury
    1. Not content with its variegated forms of bigotry, is the fandom now branching out into Islamophobia? It's more likely than you might think! (265 points, 66 comments)
    2. RuMinder: you are not Nancy Drew or getting spit roasted by the Hardy Boys. (229 points, 68 comments)
    3. In non-Deb news, Aja is back to not being a drag queen. (184 points, 79 comments)
    4. S11E8 + Mid-season Discussion Thread (173 points, 201 comments)
    5. Jasmine Masters wants Bioqueens on the show. (158 points, 58 comments)
    6. SRD documents BannedGate (156 points, 154 comments)
    7. AS4 Episode 8 Discussion Thread (152 points, 299 comments)
    8. Let's Talk About Bans, Baby - a Wholesome Discussion Thread (147 points, 150 comments)
    9. The Second Annual RPDRDrama XXXmas -ussy Spectacular! (146 points, 244 comments)
    10. Bob rightly celebrates how diverse the show is! Enter a brave Bio👄warrioress to ask, wHaT aBoUt BiOqUeEnS? (145 points, 163 comments)
  4. 2894 points, 29 submissions: krammebamse
    1. Ginger vaguebooks about Eureka trying to steal her potential Ursula gig I guess (264 points, 143 comments)
    2. Bob gets into a Twitter tiff with Yvette Nicole Brown (200 points, 83 comments)
    3. LGBT solidarity slam dunk: /asktransgender debates how problematic RPDR is and whether drag is "gender blackface". (195 points, 203 comments)
    4. Why does Yvie get to be angry and Vixen doesn't? What's the reason people stopped drinking Big Silk's good ol' milk? kentuckyfriedcooch you're doing amazing sweetie. (158 points, 113 comments)
    5. [Spoilers] Foofoo is shading WOW on Twitter re: AS4 (143 points, 145 comments)
    6. Willam v Alyssa: "Fuck you girl" (138 points, 89 comments)
    7. Gia responds to Mariah's vaguebook: "Just because someone of social status has designer things doesn’t make them “rich” or have endless funds for things like surgery." (137 points, 113 comments)
    8. Eureka responds to Jasmine's live videos about her. TW: phat-shaming (135 points, 126 comments)
    9. Are psych majors pretty much doctors? Is calling Cracker an egomaniac disrespectful to people with actual clinical egomania? Is there an anal option? The world may never know. (131 points, 130 comments)
    10. Aja goes on Twitter rant about acceptance, making liberal use of the word “faggot”. Gets called out by a dumb clickbait site. Tweets again and visits mainsub for sympathy. (128 points, 394 comments)
  5. 1935 points, 7 submissions: _jerryk
    1. Bob calls out Bopular’s limp, musty dick (455 points, 64 comments)
    2. eureka tries... again... (414 points, 134 comments)
    3. Queen Vixen spills some real tea regarding the aquaria fallout and eureka. (329 points, 159 comments)
    4. Aja chimes in and spills tea regarding AB (246 points, 32 comments)
    5. Aquaria forgets what she said about boycotting the club. (225 points, 57 comments)
    6. i wonder who aquaria is talking about.. (205 points, 106 comments)
    7. Silly responds to Ariels tweets (61 points, 17 comments)
  6. 1877 points, 8 submissions: babealien51
    1. Bob is not having it with Shea calling her out (538 points, 74 comments)
    2. Bianca Del Rio claps back at twitter user with fatphobic jokes (318 points, 181 comments)
    3. Monét claps back about Cracker drama (293 points, 112 comments)
    4. [tepid] Miz Cracker causes controversy in Rio de Janeiro (241 points, 160 comments)
    5. [Tepid] Eureka blocks The Vixen, calls her "Lord Voldemort" (236 points, 128 comments)
    6. Willam spilling t on twitter (again) (140 points, 145 comments)
    7. [Very tepid] Soju vaguetweets about fans of "shitty people who have been on tv", Detox agrees (62 points, 59 comments)
    8. Bitch who lost Dragula tries to come for The Vixen (49 points, 50 comments)
  7. 1503 points, 13 submissions: shannytyrelle
    1. Thorgy 'claps back' at Michelle over her comments on how the AS3 Finale jury twist went down. (290 points, 77 comments)
    2. Aja apologizes for having posted screenshot of negative comment (including username) form this sub (191 points, 109 comments)
    3. Laganja to stop selling ‘DEATHDROP’ necklaces after being called out by the voguing community. (177 points, 142 comments)
    4. MAX on a mini-rant against the show, how he was perceived and editing. (139 points, 106 comments)
    5. Fan calls out Willam’s bullying ways. (127 points, 82 comments)
    6. Willam who? Pangina calls out messy twink that stole her coat at a performance in Singapore last night. (124 points, 29 comments)
    7. Pornstar Tegan Zayne goes for Courtney over her allegedly being hypocritical (94 points, 92 comments)
    8. MAX calls out shady promoters in Mexico as he cancels gig. (87 points, 87 comments)
    9. Aqauria asks fans not to buy unofficial drag merch, mainsub discusses. (83 points, 78 comments)
    10. Sonique weighs in on the Scarjo/trans role debacle, mainsub discusses. (58 points, 150 comments)
  8. 1432 points, 2 submissions: Avy-Jorraelan
    1. Shea Couleé also thinks that there’s been too many shenanigans this season (893 points, 153 comments)
    2. Is Kim Chi talking about M&P as the tour with the shitty producers? (539 points, 37 comments)
  9. 1428 points, 6 submissions: mariahsworld
    1. Aja has another twitter meltdown about reddit. She’s unbothered btw. (404 points, 153 comments)
    2. Carmen Carrera outing Alexis Mateo as a transwoman? (347 points, 158 comments)
    3. Shea defends Azealia Banks from Lana Del Rey even though she’s still blocked and can’t see her tweets. (240 points, 177 comments)
    4. Aja and friend show up calling people idiots (160 points, 72 comments)
    5. Hey Qween looks for questions for Carmen. Mess ensues. (147 points, 83 comments)
    6. Aja responds to reddit- I mean her fans from twitter!!! Rants. (130 points, 70 comments)
  10. 1390 points, 8 submissions: amenvodka
    1. Shea Coulée & Tatianna call out Entertainment Weekly for excluding Queens of Color in their article about Drag Music (270 points, 68 comments)
    2. Biblegirl joins the racism discourse and shades Cracker, Mayhem likes her tweet (212 points, 91 comments)
    3. Aquaria calls out Travis Scott for photoshopping Amanda Lepore out of his album cover, alleges transphobia (186 points, 107 comments)
    4. Eureka comes for Vixen on Twitter (171 points, 328 comments)
    5. [Tepid] Trixie Mattel calls out Love Magazine for ripping off her mug for a cover shoot (164 points, 107 comments)
    6. Thierry Mugler comes for Eureka and her Mugler inspired bee costume (142 points, 107 comments)
    7. [Tepid-ish] Soju summarizes her drama with The Vixen & Willam (142 points, 110 comments)
    8. Shea Coulée recounts her recent beefs with Nina & Bob (103 points, 119 comments)

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