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Delivery experience & build quality.

2020.10.27 20:49 smckenzie23 Delivery experience & build quality.

Delivery experience & build quality.
tl;dr: Delivery experience and build were great. Here is a long post since I know what it's like to be obsessed and want all the details.
I've been somewhat obsessed about electric cars for a long time. I've been following Tesla since before they delivered their first Roadster, and before that I was sure I'd pick up an Aptera when those were available. Finally pulled the trigger and ordered a Model Y Long Range on Sept 21.
Part of my obsession included anxiety about build quality. ~$80k CAD is a ton of money to plunk down on something with build defects, so it was a pretty intense decision for me to make. I love Tesla cars. But I'm not the kind of fan that can explain away some of the problems we've seen, so I've been incredibly anxious about the whole thing. For months I held off ordering and consumed every single thing I could find: here, the Tesla forums, youtube, traditional media. Every couple weeks I would swing by the local (Vancouver, BC) delivery center. I was really put off by some of the early build quality I saw: paint mismatch, fitment issues, curb rash on new vehicles.
But, the build quality improved. After a couple weeks of seeing cars that (externally) looked perfect, I pulled the trigger and ordered on Sept 21st, day before Battery Day. My thought was that the builds looked OK, and ordering then might get me a build and delivery before things got too crazy for the end of quarter, and slot me in before the flood of orders from people waiting for battery day announcements.
Ordering Process: The ordering process went well, and I was called by a SA the next day. So far so good. The order said it would take 5-9 weeks. As the 5 week date was approaching, I got to where I was reloading the My Account page multiple times a day looking for a VIN. Also, I was checking the order tracking spreadsheet multiple times a day and trying to make sense of which build combinations were going out, or why some people got VINs before others. Seems like there are no patterns I can understand!
The Wait: I was sure it would be closer to 9 weeks, and from some things I'd read, thought it could be pushed out further. But, without having a VIN assigned, I got the call from Tesla on October 18th. At that point, he said our car was here in Vancouver and when could we schedule pickup. Shortly after the 61xxx VIN showed up on the site. So the car could have been picked up 4 weeks from order, a week earlier than the estimate. I know there is a wide range of people waiting out there, but I'm happy mine came in early. In terms of the whole process, it was pretty great. It is frustrating that once you order things go dark for a bit. But it was still much better than the process of going to traditional car dealerships.
Customer Service: There has been a lot of complaints about Tesla customer service, and it seems like people have had a terrible time at delivery. Maybe because we weren't in the end of quarter push, but our experience was fantastic. Everyone was helpful and friendly. Right when we got there, they walked us to the car and gave us as much time as we wanted to check it out. Key cards were in the vehicle. Once we were satisfied, they were very helpful with the paperwork, setting up insurance (BCAA agent was onsite. Probably much different outside of BC). They helped us set up our phone apps as keys, answered all our questions, and were very helpful.
Build Quality: I went through the checklist, and had an idea of what I was looking for, having seen some ugly build issues in person. The gaps were all good. The white on the back bumper matched really well. The seats folded fine with the button. Everything was pretty flawless. The only thing is maybe the gap between the roof and hatch glass was a couple mm wider that it could be, but it was even.
Waiting for delivery
Driving Experience: I've test driven an S, a 3, and the Y. And I took a brief drive in a friend's 3. I knew a little of what I was getting into. But I have to say the car has far exceeded my expectations. It feels almost supercar fast at highway speeds. Passing and overtaking is nuts. The whole thing just feels so tight and planted. Suspension is firm, but I don't find it harsh on most roads. The steering is so quick. For a crossover, this really feels like a sports car. I was a bit sad about getting the Y over the 3 because that car is quicker, and handles a little better. I shouldn't have worried at all, because the way this drives is amazing. The one pedal driving and the torque and the quick steering combined make it feel like nothing else. I got a little sense of it in my test drives, but as I settle in to driving this thing I like it more and more. I thought I'd want the acceleration boost, but it is good enough I may never. It is so well put together as a driver's car. And Autopilot is amazing. I didn't get FSD, but coming from a car that didn't even have adaptive cruise, this is a dream on the highway. Also hit some stop and go traffic, and it was great to just let it do its thing.
Disappointments: I've only had a couple things that bother me so far. While all the gaps and alignment were perfect at pickup, after one day the right passenger door is now closing where it sticks out a few mm beyond the quarter panel behind. It definitely was flush on pick up, and definitely not perfectly flush now. It isn't too bad, but it is there. I'm more concerned about it changing than it being off.
EDIT: For the above, I decided to check out how scheduling a service in the app goes. Uploaded a photo, described the problem, and they are sending mobile service to my house on Monday (less than a week from today). While I don't love having the door slightly not flush, it is amazing to have a car where service comes to you. Huge plus.
Next, when the car is not charging and goes into deep sleep, sometimes the phone app won't wake it up. It gets stuck on "Waking up" and never comes online. It isn't a big deal, except that I couldn't turn on climate remotely if I wanted. I restarted the system with the scroll wheels, so we'll see if that fixes it.
All in, no complaints. Super happy so far.
Shakedown road trip (Hope, BC)
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2020.10.26 09:27 sugardatingsites How to Find A Submissive Women for Submissive Dating

How to Find A Submissive Women for Submissive Dating

How to Find A Submissive Women for Submissive Dating

Many people often think that it is hard to find submissive women to date. But, with the advancements in technology, the process of finding submissive women is straightforward than how people perceive it.
If you are into submissive dating, then the following tips will surely help you find submissive women dating options to share your fantasies:

Using submissive dating sites

there are numerous submissive dating sites where you can find a like-minded female for submissive dating. The best is usually BDSM dating sites, where you can filter and find a suitable woman.
Usually, they operate like conventional dating sites, with the core difference being they are purely for BDSM dating. Sites like,, and are the best when it comes to finding submissive women dating.
You will have to sign up on any of the platforms, and the journey of finding your submissive partner will be halfway made. The most crucial aspect when it comes to these sites is capturing their attention. Therefore, you have to be creative with the pictures you upload and the wordings in your bio section.
You want them to want you with just a glimpse of your profile, and the rest will be left to your flirting skills. When you find a girl that interests you, you can start chatting her up, and you can then decide to meet in person. Submissive dating sites are the best places to look for like-minded women since they are also looking for the same.

Going the normal way

If you are more into the thrill and want to chase a female submissive, its still possible going the old-fashioned way. All women are naturally submissive dating partners, and getting one in regular social places isn't that hard as you might think.
The only difference is, some haven't yet known what works for them, and a little experimenting will excite them. Some people say going normal always takes time, but that could be a major turn-on for many men. The allure of chasing a woman is both exciting, and you get to forge a strong emotional bond with the female.
That said, there are various ways in which you can spot potential submissive women in usual social circles. If, for example, you are in a club, and see a group of women, the quitter one is likely to be submissive. In such a group, they literally follow the pack. Also, they always offer to remain in their seat while the rest are on the dance floor.
A submissive woman in such a group is mostly nervous and indecisive. For instance, she will likely ask for approval from the alpha of the group if you ask her to join you for a drink. She may even trouble to interact with people in the club. When you see such a character, know you are in the right direction.
Then using your flirting mojo, you can start a conversation with her, and you will be on your to dating a submissive woman.

Joining a BDSM community

If you want to meet a female submissive in her natural setting, the BDSM communities are the best. There are numerous such communities where like-minded people meet and share their stories. Joining such groups will give you an excellent opportunity of meeting several women, and it will be up to you to settle on one.
Such gatherings are great places to meet other dominants and get first-hand advice and tips on how to keep a submissive female. A lot of what you read online is exaggerated, but, in such forums, you will find and interact with real people.
Finding a single submissive woman in these communities is easy and fun at the same time. Find one in your local city, and find a lady who will accept a dominant in her life.
The feeling of having a beautiful woman, down on her knees and doing all kinds of kinky stuff is a major attraction for many men. If you've been wondering where you can find one, then the above tips will be helpful. Finding a woman who can be submissive as a partner and, most importantly, in the bedroom, is simple, and you only need to make the first step.
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2020.10.24 13:04 AutoModerator Weekly Questions Thread (Oct 24)

Welcome to the question megathread! If you have any questions around FFXI at all, this is the place to ask. Scroll down to the comments and ask away. Various FFXI resources are provided in the body of this topic directly before the comments.

ffxi FAQ

Are you a new or returning player? We have quite the list of Frequently Asked Questions that's pretty comprehensive of the questions most commonly asked around the sub. If your question isn't answered there, feel free to shoot in the comments below.

BG Wiki

BG Wiki is a modern FFXI wiki with up-to-date pages on endgame specifics as well as various guides.
It is currently the only XI wiki with an active staff which are always working with members of the community to address concerns and suggestions. BG seeks to be the main wiki of the community. Consolidating the efforts of everyone into one single wiki is the most productive and effective. We welcome and invite all to join us!
  • A thread can be found on in which you can report issues with the wiki and read a getting started FAQ if you wish to contribute! That thread is located here.
  • Anyone wishing to join Team Blue Gartr may join the Discord.


FFXIclopedia is a comprehensive general-purpose wiki for FFXI that typically covers pages for each item/area/BCNM/etc. Note: The site has heavy ads when logged out, due to Wikia (especially on mobile).


FFXIAH is a website showing the Auction House history & current items for sale in-game, as well as a forum community among other things. FFXIDB is a database website showing drop rates of items as well as monster spawns based of player data collected by Guildwork.

Making Friends

There are various ways to make new friends and meet people in FFXI. The first recommendation is to find a Linkshell via Linkshell Concierge NPCs. If you check these NPCs directly after a maintenance, this is typically a good way to find active Linkshells. Another suggestion is to find a community website for your server; many servers have a Facebook group (some are listed on the subreddit sidebar). The subreddit also has a Discord server for chatting/voice.
This thread is default sorted by new. If you have any suggestions regarding the information above, feel free to send the moderators a modmail. Your FFXI questions can be asked below
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2020.10.24 06:20 BurnedByTheBush We desperately need a Fetlife alternative. Please, someone build one! Or point me to the new one, please.

There's more but these four things are tearing it down from the inside. Over the years 10+ we've used it as we navigated all sorts of stuff and it's just gotten worse and worse. I hate to give it up but maybe it's time.
The past few years we got into non-monogamy shit and we've seen what good sites can do and bring.(We're not really doing non-monogamy now due to COVID, so no, we're not using Fetlife "incorrectly" and trying to find hookups.) There are two main swinger sites here people use. On the good swinger site, people want to engage and converse and share and meet and it's active still despite COVID. On the bad site, it's garbage folks who don't want to engage or talk beyond, "Let's Fuck". Good site is newer, has active moderators, isn't clunky, and clean. If Fetlife had competion, it's hard to believe peeps wouldn't jump ship over to it like the swingers did.
Fetlife is just a joke at this point. My city has something like 60,000 members but only about 300 of them are active. Of those 300, it's like 250 guys looking to hookup. Serious. Most of the "members" are dead accounts that haven't shown activity in at least four years. Why doesn't fetlife just remove these?
In the past three months I've reported seven fake profiles. All are still up. Three were celebrities, two were stolen pictures that I found through Google image search, and two I found on other profiles. I was annoyed and just started plugged some in. Maybe twenty one in l night and this is what I found. Fetlife don't care.
"Look outside your city" right? Cool, I'll just pop into some groups. Yeah, either all guys trying to find hookups or it's so noisy that it's idiotic to try and keep up. These forums where you can't even delete them. And they're so dated. 1997 AOL is calling. Lol
"Go to a munch" you say? We did pre-COVID and guess what? Mostly single thirsty dudes. Now that we're on full COVID quarantine, not happening either way.
I'd love for Fet to be better and I'd love for it to work like it did years ago but come on, can't Fet update and fix this shit or is there another option?
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2020.10.22 18:17 Paranoiadestroyer UK mental health helplines and resources

Here I will include a master post of UK mental health helplines/resources, feel free to message me directly if there is anything you would like me to add to this post. If you would like quick support on this site for DWP related issues please consider checking out DWPhelp and if you would be interested in giving/getting general mental health support and mental health news etc please consider checking out MentalHealthUK
Mental health helplines:
Shout is the UK’s first 24/7 text service, free on all major mobile networks, for anyone in crisis anytime, anywhere. We can help with urgent issues such as: suicidal thoughts, abuse or assault, self-harm, bullying and relationship challenges
Text Shout to 85258
Mental Health Matters
Helpline for people with mental health problems, their carers, families and friends. The Team can offer emotional guidance and information and help people who may be feeling low, anxious or stressed or in extreme emotional distress and feel that there is nowhere else to turn. Support is also provided to people caring for another person and finding it difficult to cope. The service is confidential unless it is considered there is a risk to yourself or others. Webchat available 24/7
Phone: click here to find the different numbers for the geographical areas covered Email: [email protected]
We offer confidential emotional support to children, young adults and adults by telephone, email and post. We work with callers to develop healthy, positive coping strategies, an inner feeling of strength and increased self esteem to encourage healing, recovery and moving forward with life.
Phone: 01708 765200 (hours variable - ring for details)
Email: [email protected]
The Silver Line
The Silver Line operates the only confidential, free helpline for older people across the UK that's open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days of the year. We also offer telephone friendship where we match volunteers with older people based on their interests, facilitated group calls, and help to connect people with local services in their area.
Phone: 0800 4 70 80 90 Email: [email protected]
Breathing Space
A confidential phoneline for anyone in Scotland over the age of 16, feeling low, anxious or depressed.
Phone: 0800 838587 (weekdays mon-thurs 6pm until 2am. Weekend Friday 6pm-Monday 6am)
C.A.L.L. Mental health helpline
Offers emotional support and information/literature on Mental Health and related matters to the people of Wales. Anyone concerned about their own mental health or that of a relative or friend can access the service. C.A.L.L. Helpline offers a confidential listening and support service.
Phone: 0800 132 737 or text help to 81066
Lifeline Helpline
Lifeline is the Northern Ireland crisis response helpline service for people who are experiencing distress or despair. No matter what your age or where you live in Northern Ireland, if you are or someone you know is in distress or despair, Lifeline is here to help.
Phone: 0808 808 8000 or 18001 0808 808 8000 for Deaf and hard of hearing Textphone users. (24 hours a day, seven days a week)
One parent families Scotland
The Lone Parent Helpline provides advice and support to single parents. Call us about anything from dealing with a break-up, sorting out child maintenance, understanding benefits, money when having a baby, studying or moving into work. We provide a free confidential friendly service that provides advice and supports your wellbeing whatever you are going through.
Phone: 0808 801 0323 (Monday to Friday 9.30am to 4pm)
Email: [email protected]
Anxiety UK
Charity providing support if you've been diagnosed with an anxiety condition.
Phone: 03444 775 774 (Mon to Fri, 9.30am to 5.30pm)
Bipolar UK
A charity helping people living with manic depression or bipolar disorder.
Peer support line: Arrange a call back from our Peer Support Line. Book in a call with our chatbot- simply type in 'I would like to speak to someone' and select a date and time that works best for you.
Email us: [email protected]
Carers UK
We provide an expert telephone advice and support service. You can talk to us, no matter where you are in the UK or how complex your query is. We do benefits checks, and advise on financial and practical matters related to caring.
Phone: 0808 808 7777 (Mon-Fri 9am until 6pm)
Email: [email protected]
Online forum: here
CALM is the Campaign Against Living Miserably, for men aged 15 to 35.
Phone: 0800 58 58 58 (daily, 5pm to midnight)
Shelter helps millions of people every year struggling with bad housing or homelessness through our advice, support, and legal services
England&Scotland phone number: 08088004444 (8am - 8pm on weekdays and 9am - 5pm weekends).
Wales phone number: 08000 495495 (9.30am – 4.00pm, Monday to Friday)
For similar housing support in Ireland and NI: Ireland and Northern Ireland
Promotes the views and needs of people with mental health problems.
Phone: 0300 123 3393 (Mon to Fri, 9am to 6pm)
Mind Cymru: 0292-0395-123 (
No Panic
Voluntary charity offering support for sufferers of panic attacks and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). Offers a course to help overcome your phobia/OCD. Includes a helpline.
Phone: 0844 967 4848 (daily, 10am to 10pm)
OCD Action
Support for people with OCD. Includes information on treatment and online resources.
Phone: 0845 390 6232 (Mon to Fri, 9.30am to 5pm)
A charity run by people with OCD, for people with OCD. Includes facts, news and treatments.
Phone: 0845 120 3778 (Mon to Fri, 9am to 5pm)
HOPELINEUK is a confidential support and advice service for children and young people under the age of 35 who are experiencing thoughts of suicide, or anyone concerned that a young person could be thinking about suicide.
Phone: HOPElineUK 0800 068 4141 (9:00 am to 12:00 am midnight)
Text: 07860 039 967
Email: [email protected]
Rethink Mental Illness
Support and advice for people living with mental illness.
Phone: 0300 5000 927 (Mon to Fri, 9.30am to 4pm)
Confidential support for people experiencing feelings of distress or despair.
Phone: 116 123 (free 24-hour helpline)
Emotional support, information and guidance for people affected by mental illness, their families and carers.
SANEline: 0300 304 7000 (daily, 4.30 to 10.30pm)
Textcare: comfort and care via text message, sent when the person needs it most: (
Information on child and adolescent mental health. Services for parents and professionals.
Phone: Parents' helpline 0808 802 5544 (Mon to Fri, 9.30am to 4pm)
Veterans Gateway
The first point of contact for veterans seeking support. We put veterans and their families in touch with the organisations best placed to help with the information, advice and support they need – from healthcare and housing to employability, finances, personal relationships and more.
Phone: 0808 802 1212 Text: 81212 Email: submit here Live chat: here
First Person Plural
First Person Plural (FPP) specialises in working for and on behalf of all those affected by Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) and similar complex trauma-related dissociative identity conditions. These similar conditions include type 1 Dissociative Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (DDNOS), and a type of Other Specified Dissociative Disorder (OSDD) which is described as DID-like.
Phone: 01902810082 (if we do not pick up leave a message and we will contact you as soon as possible but this might not be for a few days as our office is not staffed everyday) Email: [email protected] Twitter: @DissociationFPP
LGBT+ helplines:
Switchboard LGBT
Switchboard provides a one-stop listening service for LGBT+ people on the phone, by email and through Instant Messaging.
Phone: 03003300630 (Open 10:00-22:00 every day)
Email: [email protected]
MindLine Trans+ is a confidential emotional, mental health support helpline for people who identify as Transgender, Agender, Gender Fluid, Non-binary..
Phone: 03003305468 (Mondays and Fridays from 8pm to midnight.)
Mermaids UK
Mermaids provides a helpline aimed at supporting transgender youth up to and including the age of 19, their families and professionals working with them.
Phone: 0808 801 0400 (Open Monday - Friday; 9am - 9pm)
Email: [email protected]
Abuse helplines (child, sexual, domestic violence):
Children's charity dedicated to ending child abuse and child cruelty.
Phone: 0800 1111 for Childline for children (24-hour helpline)
0808 800 5000 for adults concerned about a child (24-hour helpline)
Advice on dealing with domestic violence.
Phone: 0808 2000 247 (24-hour helpline)
Women's Aid
Women’s Aid is the national charity working to end domestic abuse against women and children.
Email: [email protected] Live chat: Our hours are Monday to Friday 10:00am - 4:00pm, Saturday and Sunday 10:00am-12:00pm. Here
Respect Men's advice line
The Men’s Advice Line is a confidential helpline for male victims of domestic abuse and those supporting them. We offer advice and emotional support to men who experience abuse, and signpost to other vital services that help keep them and their children safe.
Call: 0808 8010327 or visit: here
Respect phoneline
The Respect Phoneline is an anonymous and confidential helpline for men and women who are harming their partners and families. We provide specialist advice and guidance to help people change their behaviours and support for those working with domestic abuse perpetrators.
Call: 0808 8024040 or visit: here
Honour based abuse/violence, forced marriage and/or female genital mutilation helplines
Freedom Charity
We aim to empower young people to feel they have the tools and confidence to support each other and have practical ways in which they can help their best friend around the issues of family relationships which can lead to early and forced marriage and dishonour based violence
Phone: 0845 607 0133 ; or text "4freedom"to 88802 (24-hour helpline)
Halo Project
Halo Project Charity is a national project that will support victims of honour-based violence, forced marriages and FGM by providing appropriate advice and support to victims. We will also work with key partners to provide required interventions and advice necessary for the protection and safety of victims.
Phone: 01642 683 045 (9am-5pm)
Karma Nirvana
Karma Nirvana is an award-winning National charity supporting victims of honour-based abuse and forced marriage. Honour crimes are not determined by age, faith, gender or sexuality, we support and work with all victims
Phone: 0800 5999 247 (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm)
Addiction helplines (drugs, alcohol, gambling):
Alcoholics Anonymous
Phone: 0845 769 7555 (24-hour helpline)
Gamblers Anonymous
Phone: 0330 094 0322
Narcotics Anonymous
Phone: 0300 999 1212 (daily 10am to midnight)
Support for families, friends and partners affected by someone else’s addiction to drugs or alcohol.
Phone: 0300 888 3853
Al-Anon UK&Eire
We are here for anyone affected by someone else's drinking. Our Helpline is manned by a team of friendly and helpful volunteers who are also members of Al-Anon. They will listen and be happy to answer your questions
Phone: 0800 0086 811 (10am-10pm, 365 days a year)
Email: [email protected]
Alzheimer's helpline:
Alzheimer's Society
Provides information on dementia, including factsheets and helplines.
Phone: 0300 222 1122 (Mon to Fri, 9am to 5pm. Weekends, 10am to 4pm)
Bereavement helplines:
Cruse Bereavement Care
Phone: 0808 808 1677 (Mon to Fri, 9am to 5pm)
Email: [email protected]
Blue Cross for pets
If you have lost, or are facing saying goodbye to, a much loved pet and need somebody to talk to, our Pet Bereavement Support Service is here for you every day from 8.30am – 8.30pm
Phone: 0800 096 6606
Email: [email protected]
The Compassionate Friends
The Compassionate Friends is a charitable organisation of bereaved parents, siblings and grandparents dedicated to the support and care of other similarly bereaved family members who have suffered the death of a child or children of any age and from any cause
Phone: 0345 120 3785 (9:30am - 4:30pm Mon to Fri)
Email: [email protected]
Crime victims helplines:
Rape Crisis
To find your local services phone: 0808 802 9999 (daily, 12 to 2.30pm, 7 to 9.30pm)
Victim Support
Phone: 0808 168 9111 (24-hour helpline)
Eating disorders helpline:
Phone: 0808 801 0677 (adults) or 0808 801 0711 (for under-18s)
Learning disabilities helpline:
Charity working with people with a learning disability, their families and carers.
Phone: 0808 808 1111 (Mon to Fri, 9am to 5pm)
Parenting helpline:
Family Lives
Advice on all aspects of parenting including dealing with bullying.
Phone: 0808 800 2222 (Mon to Fri, 9am to 9pm. Sat to Sun, 10am to 3pm)
Relationships helpline:
The UK's largest provider of relationship support.
Mental health resources:
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2020.10.21 19:53 rmsandoval My birth story for my first child (CW sexual trauma) - 41 week induction that ended in a very happy C-section

I wrote this personal essay about my first experience with childbirth. A friend recommended that I post this here, in case someone out there finds it illuminating, relateable, or helpful. I was on this forum a lot for my first pregnancy but have never shared all the details of my birth story. Here goes...
My husband brushed my shoulder with his fingertips and I involuntarily recoiled from his touch. I sobbed. He hesitated. I curled over, twisted; had trouble breathing; had to get up and walk around the room. When I could breathe again, I came back to the bed, reached for my husband, and cried, more gently now, into his chest. I reassured him, just like the time before: “I love you so much. It’s not you. It’s just my body. Something took over. It started to hurt. I’m sorry.”
We had been talking about having a child, but the possibility seemed so remote. My mind was set on the idea, but I worried about my body. Would I be able to handle it?
Something had happened to me.
Something that I don’t even remember.
One night in my early 20s, I was sexually assaulted by someone I thought was a friend. I was blackout drunk, passed out on his bed, and woke up in pain.
I had been violated, and I had no memory of it. Every time I tried to recall what happened, there was just a void. I tried to push the whole thing out of my mind. But my body retained its own memory.
Doctor’s appointments became difficult. Sex became a delicate dance between pain and pleasure. No matter how calm I was going into these experiences, I often cried when I was touched, shocked by the sensitivity of certain zones: a segment of thigh, a line across my stomach, an inch on my lower back. I went to therapy, as well as physical therapy, and received my diagnoses: anxiety disorder, panic disorder, pelvic floor dysfunction, vaginismus.
How could a single night—one that I didn’t remember—have such profound aftershocks?
The sexual assault occurred at the beginning of my relationship with my husband—someone who had been my best friend for years. I trusted him completely. We talked about marriage and children. My mind was calm and resolute in the matter. I couldn’t picture myself having children with anyone but him.
There were still nagging doubts. Everything I had heard about childbirth terrified me. The way your organs shift around, the energy sapped from your marrow, the “moment of arrival” and the excruciating “ring of fire.”
I already felt a “ring of fire” during small sexual acts. Even small tampons were out of the question. How could I carry a baby and send it through the birth canal? Late at night, these worries would plague me, and I would push them out of my mind.
But then I became pregnant. Now there was no use overthinking it. The decision had been made for me. I wanted this baby, in my heart, and in my mind. But my pelvic floor was still pins and needles.
“Don’t worry about it,” was the most frequent advice that I received. “Your body will take over. It has an ancestral knowledge. You’ll start feeling contractions and the baby will just come.”
So I waited. And waited.
I got bigger and bigger, and held out hope that my baby would arrive on the “early” side, so I wouldn’t have to live through so many days of uncertainty. You mean she could come at any moment? Any day? I imagined I would be going through my daily errands, washing a dish or taking a walk, and suddenly I would feel a gush of water, and my stomach would contract, and I would call my husband, and that would be the magic moment where there was nothing left to think about. My body would take over.
My body. The site of searing pain. It was so hard to trust it. Now I was holding out hope that it would know what to do.
Week after week after week of pregnancy passed. I felt the baby pressing against my pelvis, dropping lower and lower. I became desperate for a sudden and swift labor. I drank raspberry tea, ate handfuls of dates, took long walks, every old wives’ tale trick you can think of.
I reached 41 weeks, and there was no signal of imminent birth. What does a contraction feel like? I still couldn’t tell you. I went into the hospital, steeling myself for an induction.
I remember lying there, as calm as I could be, laughing and making jokes with my husband. Mentally, I was 100 percent ready for this moment. But my body was stuck in an old feedback loop, unable to run the new program. Every time a doctor approached me to do a cervical check, my limbs flailed, my muscles tensed. They couldn’t even get close to my upper thighs without a fight.
My medical team got into a football huddle, then broke out of it with a proposition. Although they usually try to give every person a chance at “natural birth,” they said, given my medical and psychiatric background, a C-section would most likely be the best course of action.
I don’t know why I hadn’t considered it before. All my hours of anxious research, and all that I was prepared for was “the moment when my body takes over.”
The realization came to me: My body had already taken over. My body’s trauma had me in a vise grip, and I didn’t know when it would ever let go.
The medical team let me and my husband grab a few hours of sleep, then first thing in the morning, they wheeled me into the surgery room. The anesthesiologist placed my spinal block, then had me lie down on the surgical table. I only felt that initial pinch, and then I was gently tucked in by wave after wave of . . . nothing. Absolute lack of sensation below the neck.
Others have described this feeling as paralyzing, panic-inducing; they have felt a lack of control. I recognize that for many C-sections, people struggle with these feelings of powerlessness and inadequacy.
All I could feel was bliss.
At last—I had turned off the source of pain. I no longer felt an ounce of tension, that coiled spring that is usually pulsing in my pelvic floor, pressing against my hips, throbbing in my lower back.
My body, at last, was silent.
For the first time in a long time, I had the chance to luxuriate in true silence. There was nothing to be anxious about anymore, nothing to fight for control. I slipped into a state of pure zen. The surgical team was handling it. I wondered if I would feel any sharp sensations, but all I could feel was slight pressure with the faintest sense of prickliness, like my cat was walking across my stomach.
This soft sheet of blissful nothingness was suddenly punctuated by a cry. A wail that started out low and crescendoed into an ear-piercing scream. I recognized that cry. It was my own.
“That’s her,” I said, smiling through my own tears. “That’s my baby.”
The doctors placed her on my chest, warm and bloody. In that moment, I knew that I was not broken, and that whatever cracks were left, they would be repaired—and I would be all the stronger for it.
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2020.10.21 09:34 RichardSaxon Someone leaked my personal details onto the dark web, now everyone I love is being hunted down.

To be perfectly honest, I was never a fan of all that dark web stuff. I mean, it's interesting enough and all, but I never had the patience, nor technological know-how to figure out how to use it productively. In fact, my whole family seems to be missing the technology genes. We've struggled with everything from computers and phones, to toasters and microwaves.
My mother even got scammed a few times before she passed away. Luckily she never lost anything more than a few hundreds bucks, but it still stung.
Francis, my best friend, on the hand was a tech whiz. He loved that stuff, and never shied away from looking up the most bizarre and horrific things online. If he could reach it, he would.
He even tried to set up a Tor-browser on my computer once, but I just ended up ignoring it, somehow deleting the shortcut and losing track of where he placed it.
Still, he'd periodically send me pictures from Alphabay, which is apparently some dark web black market. It was mostly strange or illegal products. Other times he'd find impossible, random conspiracies. It was usually weird and funny stuff. But, sometimes he'd send me darker things; pictures of murder victims, videos displaying horrific car crashes and other accidents. It made me appreciate our friendship a little less, but Francis was all around a good guy, albeit an eccentric one.
We stuck together. On the rare occasion that he crossed a line, I'd just politely ask him to stop, which would work for a while. Then, after the shock had worn off, he'd send more stuff he found on the dark web. It would always start off so innocent; with funny pictures or forums, but it inevitably got darker, escalating to more disturbing areas of the dark web.
The most horrific thing he ever sent me however, was little more than a picture of myself, found randomly out there in the sea of onion sites.
It was just a screenshot he'd sent, with a picture of myself and some text lined up next to it. In a way, it looked like a profile for some sort of social media page, but it was plain, simple and seemingly pointless. It contained my name, birth date, address... everything.
“I'm so sorry, Tyler. I don't know how they found you,” Francis sent me as a message.
“What do you mean? Who are they? What's going on?” I asked back in a flood of questions.
“Did you open any suspicious emails? Or sign up for something weird online?”
I tried to think back. I couldn't remember anything that stood out, but in my business I dealt with hundreds of mails each day from various clients.
“I don't know. Francis, what's going on?”
“Your name is on A.L.I.C.I.A, listed as a participant.”
“What the hell is Alicia?”
“A red room... it was supposed to be closed down, but it's back.”
I chuckled at his remark. I wasn't much of a tech genius, but even I knew red rooms were little more than myths told to scare teenagers and gullible adults.
“Come on man, this is a joke, right? Red rooms aren't real.”
“I think this one is.”
After that, I'd reached the maximum amount of Francis antics that I could handle. I told him to back off and leave me alone for a bit, which had become somewhat of a routine between the two of us.
Still, I took his warning serious enough to dial the non-emergency line to the police. I explained the situation, but they didn't take it seriously. After all, my personal information leaked on a website shouldn't have been much of a threat. They just told me to call back if anything more substantial happened.
I went about my week, and nothing came of the mysterious website. Francis even admitted he might have overreacted a tad. Truth is, most people have their email information leaked somewhere online. Even passwords and personal details are readily available all over the place. But for most people, that's just useless information.
Then about a month later, I received a letter in my mail. It didn't have a return address, nor any stamps. It was just a plain envelope put in my mailbox. The only way I could have received it, would be if someone had personally delivered it themselves. I opened the letter, to find a perfectly black paper inside, with little more than a single line of text in the middle.
It was just a string of random numbers and letters, ending in '.onion' to mark the fact that it was a dark web page.
At first I didn't even connect the dots. I had long since forgotten the fact that all my personal details had been leaked. Instead of just throwing it away as I should have, I decided to contact Francis.
He was more intrigued than worried, showing up about fifteen minutes later to help me connect to the website. He only needed about a second to dig up the Tor-browser, and input the onion link I'd received.
“Shit...” he mumbled as the title of the site popped up. It was A.L.I.C.I.A.
“That's the site that has my name?” I asked to be sure.
Francis nodded.
A few seconds passed as the site loaded, before a black video player popped up in the center of the screen. It didn't have a timer or anything to let us know the duration of the video. Instead, it just had a play button. Francis clicked it, and though it was too dark to see what was going on, I could hear something in the background.
“Turn up the volume,” I said.
Francis did as commanded, and we were greeted with the muffled sounds of someone struggling. It was quiet, just loud enough to make out what was going on without understanding the hidden context. Then it got brighter, just enough to make out the walls and ceiling of a small room. In the center, lay a man tied to a bed with chains, his face obscured by a bag pulled over his head.
“What the hell is this?” I asked.
“It's a – it's a red room.”
“Well, turn that shit off.”
Francis was reluctant to oblige, whether it be due to curiosity or shock. Before I could reach out and turn it off myself, a man entered the picture. He was naked, with his bare chest covered in old scars and fresh blood. He pulled the mask off the tied up man, and I let out a loud gasp.
“What is it?” Francis said.
I pointed a trembling finger towards the screen. “That's – that's Mr. Dawson. My boss.”
“You sure?”
I nodded. “Is this a live stream or something?”
“No, I don't think so. As far as I know, you can't live stream on the dark web. It has to be a recording.”
I wanted so desperately to just turn it off and call the police, but we were both frozen in our seats. The naked man pulled out a knife from a bag on the ground, and started peeling off pieces of skin from Dawson's leg. He tried to scream in agony, but he was gagged, left unable to move or even call for help.
Little by little, the man cut off pieces of flesh from Dawson, moving his way from the legs to the torso. I can't say exactly how long the video went on for. It skipped minutes at the time, showing Dawson at progressively more mutilated stages of the torture. It wasn't until his skin had been almost completely removed, before he finally lost consciousness.
I threw up, finally snapping back to reality as the screen turned black. Francis sat speechless in his chair, but what could we do? Dawson had to have been dead by the time we even opened the link.
Naturally, I called the police and gave them all the information about the website that I had. But, by the time the police got around to checking it out, the video was gone. Once it had been viewed, it was simply removed. They believed us though, saying that they'd forward the information to the appropriate sources, which turned out to be the FBI.
There was little more I could do. Without solid evidence that my boss had actually died, he was just reported missing while the investigation went on. I was questioned by various officers and an FBI agent a couple of times, but that was about it.
A year passed, and life went on. My place of work just hired a new manager, and Dawson's disappearance remained an unsolved mystery. I fully believed that would be the end of it. I thought the horrors I'd witnessed would be a one time occurrence, that I would be fine. During that time, I also drifted away from Francis. We weren't even able to look each other in the eyes anymore, not after what we'd seen together.
Then everything changed, as I got another letter in the mail...
It was unmarked without an address, just like before. That time however, I didn't hesitate to call the police. I already knew what would be inside, and I wasn't about to ruin another piece of evidence.
The police redirected me to the responsible FBI agent who was working the case. He was quick to act, coming to pick me up within the hour alongside three armed agents.
“Mr. Larkin. I'm Agent Vance, we need to come with us,” he said before they rushed me inside the car as if my life depended on it.
They took me to an office building in the middle of the city, and made me wait in an interrogation room while they checked out the evidence. I sat there with a cup of water, a hundred thoughts running through my mind.
An hour passed before Agent Vance came to check up on me. He looked upset, but had put on a brave face to talk to me.
“We checked out the link in your envelope, and found a video like the one you described last time. We've taken some still shots of the footage, and I'd like it if you could help identify the victim.”
I shuddered at the thought, but agreed to help. Vance guided me into a room full of computers. A group of office workers sat in front of one, staring at a picture, trying to figure out who the person was. They didn't need to analyze it any further, because I knew exactly who it was... Francis.
He looked absolutely horrified, the still picture showing him clearly alive. But for how long that would last, I didn't know.
“Is he...” I began to ask.
“He didn't survive. I'm sorry,” Vance interjected, knowing what I wanted to ask.
“How did he die?”
“It's better you don't know the details. But we're going to catch this guy, I promise you that much.”
Again, we went over each and every detail. They promised over and over they'd do everything in their power to chase down the people doing it, and to keep me safe. But as weeks turned to months, no culprit was caught. Eventually I stopped working. Instead, I just hid at home, afraid that anyone remotely close to me might be next. I didn't have much in terms of family. No siblings, and my parents had long since died. I suppose that made me an easy target for the runners of the red room.
Despite the FBI's best efforts, the letters kept coming with random intervals. My ex-girlfriend was the next victim. Though we'd broken up a few years earlier, we'd remained friendly. Again, I got the link to a video of her brutal murder. I just forwarded it to the FBI, unable to stomach another horror show.
Then they took one of my old coworkers... One by one, they killed the people I knew and loved, and I could do nothing to stop it. I couldn't even contact the culprits and ask what the hell they wanted from me.
But then it hit me; I was being tortured, and while it wasn't physical like the others, it was still mental torture. Like the horrors they'd committed on my friends, the pain wouldn't end until I was dead. Maybe that's what they so desperately wanted, for me to kill myself. Maybe it was some sort of sick game to see how long I could last.
I sat down in front of my computer, ready to give up. If there was even the slightest chance that it would save lives, I had to do it. I looked up the best ways to do it, but in the end, I decided to go for the gun. I picked it up, pressed it against my temple. I felt like hours passed, but I just couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger without letting every possible scenario run through my mind.
Then the phone rang, and I almost dropped the gun in shock. I glanced at my phone to see a call incoming from an unknown number.
“Hello?” I asked as I picked it up.
“Not like that,” a twisted, robotic voice said from the other end.
“Not like what? Who are you?”
“You need to record it properly,” the voice continued.
Whoever they were, they were using some kind of voice changing software to make them unrecognizable.
“How did you...” I began, before noticing the camera on my computer.
Of course they'd been watching. I didn't even need to ask. I just stared at the camera, and the mysterious person on the other end confirmed.
“That's right. We've been watching you.”
I felt my heart drop.
“So all I have to do is to kill myself, and the suffering ends?”
“Yes. Face the camera when you do it. You have fifteen minutes, or the next person will be taken.”
I don't have any other options. I can't let anyone else die because of me. I just pray that once I'm gone, it'll finally stop.
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2020.10.21 08:51 FreyaFaustWords First Book Release: First 50 Days

Hey nerds! So back on September 2nd I released my first ever book, Stray Dogs, an urban fantasy romp that had been in the works for the better part of a decade. It was about damn time I kick it out the door. Get a job, you freeloader.
Sale page is here if you'd like to take a look the the blurb/covereviews (or, you know, buy it for yourself):
Data: (this includes sales/day for the first 3 weeks, then sales/week and total expenses)
ARCs and Reviews: I don't have a street team or ARC team yet, but I used a few sites to help kickstart the process. Booksprout for ARCs, with 7 claimed and 2 confirmed reviews (both 5 stars). I'm happy with that result.
I was going to use Hidden Gems as well but I kiiiiiiiinda booked it for Sept 2021. Oops. At least I have that slot booked a ready for Book 2 or 3.
I've been pleasantly surprised with the general review rate coming in at over 10%. The percentage will fall with time, but having 18 ratings/reviews on amazon after 50 days is pretty rad. Seeing 5-star reviews from complete strangers who connected with my material has made my entire year worth it.
Release and Promo:
On release day, I blasted out the news to all my personal social media channels, to a few specific subreddits where I'm a regular participant, an old-school forum that I've been a part of for 15 years, and the sub-200 twitter following I have. All told, pretty small scale release, but it netted me 59 sales on Day 1 and 112 sales after Week 1 concluded.
Since then, I post about the book once every few days on social media and make a post in fantasy novel facebook groups every week or so.
The drop off is real. After the first 7 days Stray Dogs pulls in 2-10 sales per week and even that's with considerable social media hustle.
Cover cost me 250 buckazoids from the talented I was nervous approaching her since she primarily works in romance, but I love her aesthetic and we made it work within my genre! I'd be frankly surprised if the cover turned potential readers away.
For ads, I ran a few Facebook ads after the initial sales dropped off but I'm not sure they did anything. Got 70+ clicks but I feel like my conversion rate is dreadfully low. Could be my blurb? Not sure. If anyone has ideas, I'd love to hear suggestions on click conversion.
I also ran a suite of AMS ads and while my clicks are in the high single digits, I've generated 100s of impressions so just keeping my book in the public consciousness can't be a bad thing. I have NO idea what I'm doing with ad copy so I'm sure that doesn't help things.
Final Thoughts:
  • I plan on going Kindle Unlimited by the end of the year. I should have done this from the beginning, but I saw conflicting opinions on if you should go broad or focused. This is probably my biggest regret--seeing the KDP Unlimited success of so many other authors on this sub--but I'm hoping that a fresh campaign around the holidays with KDP Select+Unlimited enabled will yield results. Folks will probably be a LOT more willing to try out a new author if they see it's 'free'.
  • I plan on making smaller ad campaigns over the next few weeks to see if I can't lock in on my demo. After I go KU, that larger push will ensue. I feel like my ad game sucks? I'll probably make more posts about this on a later date.
  • I never expected my first book would be profitable, but here we are. It ain't much, but it's mine.
  • I fully intend to release an audiobook as soon as I can get it spun up through ACX. Kinda terrified it will end up as a money pit, but I love the audio medium and I have disposable income to make it work, so by-god it will be MY money pit.
  • I plan on offering a paperback on Amazon soon, purely as a vanity project.
  • The (new) goal is to hit 200 sales by the end of the year. We're at 152 right now, so I feel this is an attainable goal with the right kind of push.
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2020.10.17 13:04 AutoModerator Weekly Questions Thread (Oct 17)

Welcome to the question megathread! If you have any questions around FFXI at all, this is the place to ask. Scroll down to the comments and ask away. Various FFXI resources are provided in the body of this topic directly before the comments.

ffxi FAQ

Are you a new or returning player? We have quite the list of Frequently Asked Questions that's pretty comprehensive of the questions most commonly asked around the sub. If your question isn't answered there, feel free to shoot in the comments below.

BG Wiki

BG Wiki is a modern FFXI wiki with up-to-date pages on endgame specifics as well as various guides.
It is currently the only XI wiki with an active staff which are always working with members of the community to address concerns and suggestions. BG seeks to be the main wiki of the community. Consolidating the efforts of everyone into one single wiki is the most productive and effective. We welcome and invite all to join us!
  • A thread can be found on in which you can report issues with the wiki and read a getting started FAQ if you wish to contribute! That thread is located here.
  • Anyone wishing to join Team Blue Gartr may join the Discord.


FFXIclopedia is a comprehensive general-purpose wiki for FFXI that typically covers pages for each item/area/BCNM/etc. Note: The site has heavy ads when logged out, due to Wikia (especially on mobile).


FFXIAH is a website showing the Auction House history & current items for sale in-game, as well as a forum community among other things. FFXIDB is a database website showing drop rates of items as well as monster spawns based of player data collected by Guildwork.

Making Friends

There are various ways to make new friends and meet people in FFXI. The first recommendation is to find a Linkshell via Linkshell Concierge NPCs. If you check these NPCs directly after a maintenance, this is typically a good way to find active Linkshells. Another suggestion is to find a community website for your server; many servers have a Facebook group (some are listed on the subreddit sidebar). The subreddit also has a Discord server for chatting/voice.
This thread is default sorted by new. If you have any suggestions regarding the information above, feel free to send the moderators a modmail. Your FFXI questions can be asked below
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2020.10.16 23:32 ELLoffisiELL [Letter] to Jordan Peterson, and whomever it may concern.

Dear Dr. Jordan Peterson.
First and foremost, I would like to thank you for the many insights and pearls I have picked up from listening to your lectures and interviews, lurking around on the internet.
Secondly, I want to commemorate you (in aftermath) for your bravery and valiance in regards to the controversy regarding your stance on the transgender pronoun thing. From where I sit, and what I've seen, you've handled the malevolence thrown at you masterfully! So, Kudos!
Thirdly, I want to thank and commemorate you for establishing this "forum" where we may share and inquire with you, and your audience/followers/fans. These are the types of arenas our society seem to lack/have lost, in my opinion.
Now, onwards to the case in point. I just finished watching a 6 hour interview compilation with Dr. Oz ( What made me reach out was your illusive comment regarding "a profound experience" you experienced a couple of years ago (at 5:08:00 in the video). This caught my attention, since, I too, in the year of 2018 had a PROFOUND spiritual experience, where my eyes beheld the glory of the Truth! Now, I will not inquire or push you to elaborate on your experience, but nonetheless, I felt inclined to share my story with you, and whomever else may read this. PS. The "nitty gritty" details of my revelation are not openly spelled out within this text, but is and will be further elaborated through my future works (see my website, referenced at the end of this post for more information).
ELL – The Testimony The following is a true story - to the best of my recollection - from my current perspective. Okay - so, here it goes. What I am about to share with you has taken every ounce of my being to put forward. For what you are about to read, the extremities of every single emotion a human being can experience, lay to grounds.
A little over two years ago now, I experienced a life-shattering epiphany/revelation. My eyes beheld the Truth! After years and years of searching. 28 years, to be exact. 12 of which with conscious intent and focused energy. With that being said, I do not consider it so that I found the Truth – it is rather the Truth who found me.
In the time since said epiphany, I have made various endeavors to share my experience and paint a picture of what I was shown. I have tried writing and recording rhymes (since I have been a hip-hop head since I was like, three years old. More written/spoken words will be shared in such a format in the times to come). I have tried talking about it – in public spaces, in social gatherings, as well as in deeply personal one-to-one conversations. Seemingly, to no avail. Thus far I´ve been ignored, pushed away, berated and belittled for what I have had to say, and come to believe in.
That is why I now choose to simply write it out – as freely as possible.
Free from the schematics of rhyming.
Free from social response - and interruptions - as I share.
Free from personal/selfish/ego-driven desires of personal attention.
Free from intentions of it being about me – apart from the fact that it comes through me.
This post is not about me, it is about the Truth! I am merely a witness hereby giving a written testimony.
I lost almost everything I had, as a consequence of what I was shown and given to bear.
I lost my perception of what I thought was real, and how I perceived and viewed the world.
I lost support from and connection to most of my family. Both the one I tried to establish/build, as well as the one I was born into.
I lost friends.
I lost my sense of self.
I basically lost my life.
My debts, however, remain.
As does feelings of shame and guilt, towards those my actions and choices may have caused or will cause harm. It is my hopes, that sharing these written words may alleviate (some of) these negative emotions. I have managed to shed my own resentment and hatred towards those who I thought stood me near, yet pushed me away or turned their backs on me, for what I have come to believe. As much as that has hurt me, I rest assured that these things had to come to be, as it is how the Word of God said it is/would/will be.
Forgiveness truly is a powerful thing.
Onwards - away from me, and towards the core of what I´ve been given to share.
God is real! The Truth really is “out there” – and eternal life is not merely a myth.
The legends are true.
The biblical scriptures are true.
The testimonial accounts of the gospel, Genesis, all of it – is – true!
Albeit revised and re-written, to a certain degree mistranslated, maybe – but still, the core of the writings, and the essence of the tales, lessons and teachings – Truth!
Here is where most people tend to fall off, laugh, get angry or start to ridicule me.
Many will by now feel uncomfortable reading this. In the field of psychology, this phenomenon is coined “cognitive dissonance”. Trust me, I have felt and battled this state of conflict, and it is uncomfortable, to say the least.
But – how can I possibly know that it is so? And how can you be certain that I am not lying?
I know, because I have been shown. I have seen the Truth, with my own eyes. I am not the first, nor will I be the last. But nonetheless, I have been blessed to meet with whom I now regard as my Lord, Savior and Master, Jesus Christ. I accepted the defeat I inevitably would have faced, if I would have gone against Him. I surrendered my heart, my soul and my life to this deity/entity. As many others have said before me, each in their own words “sometimes, in order to win, you have to lose.”
Before this awakening occurred, or rather took roots within my being, I had long battled the notion of how – or why – one could/would/should fear God, if He truly is as loving and great as the various (alleged) Holy Scriptures testify to.
Now, I know. And my whole being trembles just writing this, as I remember what it felt like to be in the presence of this entity. It was truly terrifying! At the same time, it was awe-inspiring. Furthermore, I have never felt as loved, held, protected, understood and truly seen, as in the presence of this Being. As for the question of how you can know that I am not lying, apart from my testimony and the truth to what I share (which you may seek to dissect and analyze the authenticity of by whatever means you see fit), I have no proof. I do not have the power to summon this Being on my command. I can only tell you that I have no ulterior motives, no hidden agenda, and no intent to profit off what I share.
Freely I was given, so freely I must give.
Believe it or not, the choice is yours. As are the consequences of said choice.
God truly is Almighty, although that is a difficult concept to truly and wholly grasp, from the feeble and flawed constraints of human perception. I say this, knowing that I as well as all who read this are just that. Feeble and flawed. We hate to admit it, but it is inevitably true. We´re ALL imperfect. We have all sinned. Each and every one of us. Only the Holy One is perfect and without blemish. And this is why he is to be both feared and worshipped – for He and He alone is worthy.
But how can I KNOW that it truly was Christ/the Truth/The Word of God, that I met? How can I know that it was it not merely a trick of the mind? A hallucination, perhaps?
Or better yet, how can I know that it was not Lucifer who appeared before me, disguised as an angel of Light?
Believe me when I say – I have gone rounds, upon rounds, upon rounds with myself, asking these very questions – even after this all happened to me. And for all I know, that could make me unworthy of entry into His eternal Kingdom. Still, as I write this, I have no doubt in my mind that what I experienced was very much real. And I will do my best to explain why.
Immediately upon seeing this entity, I fell to my knees, and lost all my strength and power. I simply could not have managed to stay on my feet, even if my life would have depended on it. Furthermore, as I was touched and told to rise, I regained my power, and rose I did. Further still, the entity revealed to me ALL the questions I had long sought answers to – whilst explaining what is yet to come – both of my life personally and for the world at large. I will not go into great detail about said revelations in this post, as what was revealed was for my eyes and ears, based upon what I had sought answers to. The point is – EVERYTHING that I was told would happen, to me personally, has happened. Additionally, what I was told, felt and saw is corroborated with various accounts from other writers, within the scriptures.
Now, some who read this will probably think that I am just yet another Christian, born and raised into the “cult” who seeks out new, cleaver and cunning way to cause others to repent. Not true. I was raised in a non-religious/non-spiritual home. If anything, God has been more of a taboo topic, than an enforced/indoctrinated world view, in my upbringing. As I stated earlier, I have no hidden agenda or ulterior motive in sharing this. I have simply and solely searched for the Truth.
What I have shared is not true because I say it is so – I say it because it is true. Regardless if you believe in the testimony I now have shared with you or not, this is my testimony, and I will stand by it through death. I can only hope and pray that my level of devotion and my works to deliver and share this message will be enough to be forgiven. I now know that there is no way to cheat or trick your way into the Heavenly Kingdom. For the Truth sees through, and encompasses us all. All praise, glory, thanks and worship is due to One true Living God. Amen.
There. I have now (again), publicly, spilled my guts. A metaphorical seppuku of sorts.
So, my question is - what will YOU do with what I have just shared?
Ignore it?
Ridicule it?
Condemn it?
Accept it?
Believe it?
I´m asking whoever reads this text in its entirety to reach out/back to me, as I (again, to some of you), extend a hand towards you. I wholeheartedly believe that WE, as a collective/community/society NEED to be able to AT LEAST talk about/discuss this topic, if we are to survive and overcome the challenges that are upon us – and the trials and tribulations that are yet to come.
To whomever has read what I have written up until this point – regardless if you know me personally or not – For all that is good in what you have found within these words – All thanks and praise is due to God, the Almighty. I will take no credit for it.
I am but a grain of sand in the vast ocean of our Creator´s creation.
To all who are walking or have walked this path before me, by whatever means and talent you have been given – I salute you, and cheer for your success!
Furthermore, I must thank you all for your efforts and endeavors to speak and serve the Truth! You know who you are. Without you, I would not have found the courage, nor the platform(s) I am set to use, to do what I am instructed to do.
Keep inspiring, motivating, fighting for and uplifting those who are weaker.
This is the attribute and responsibility of those who possess true strength!
The message shared here, can be summed up with these two simple words.
Humble yourself.
One Truth. One God. One King. One Love.
I would also like to share with you my website address, for those who are interested in staying up-to-date on my future work. (In the time of writing the site is in Norwegian, but I will translate it to English to be able to reach a broader audience, as soon as possible).
God bless.
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2020.10.16 12:26 W101PServerDevTeam Hey Wizard101 Community here on reddit, how would you feel about a W101 Style Private Server?

It's a bit more than a simple private server though. I have a lot to explain here, so let me start from the top.
Back in March covid actually ended up bringing myself and some friends together, along with some of our own non-mutual friends. We're gamers, and also total nerds in some way. Wizard101 is common ground for the majority of us. There's no real way to describe how it happened, it was kind of a joke that we could recreate the game better, and more well designed than it currently is. Granted only one of us has professional experience with working on games of htis level to the extend of having worked within a gaming studio before, but most of us can code fairly well(well enough that we've made our own game engine for this), among other things. We actually haven't ripped or reused a lot of game files from the current game itself though for reasons I'll get into later. This is going to be a passion project from our hearts, but let me drop down to the details.

We are attempting to create a Wizard101 styled private server in the theme of a legacy server with worlds up to Dragonspyre. Everything in said server will mostly be as it was per the original 2008-2010 release, however we are looking to make updates and QOL changes. Some of it such as mob pathing or even player pathing will and in some cases already have been changed, but some of it such as the teleport stones/devices that are located around worlds are going to be polled. We want to create a community that has a major say in its own updates via polls that require 65% of players to vote yes in order for updates to make it into the game(this might sound familiar to something else out there, like I said, we're gamers and we're taking notes from everything we've experienced).

The long term goals would be to eventually add new worlds as well as redevelop W101's combat system. There are no major changes so far, but a couple of people on the teams have some crazy ideas. Ideas like not adding crit and instead potentially developing a way to choose a second school and create combo/tag spells. We won't get ahead of ourselves there though, but we do want to show that we're willing to be creative.

I'm not exactly the best writer, so to keep the rest of this simple I'd like to offer a quick write up in Q/A format of what I can tell you at this given time.
Q: Why create a legacy server, and why choose Dragonspyre at the last original world before any custom content is added?
A: The time period when Celestia first came out is often cited as the time period when things went wrong or downhill with Wiz.
Q: How is this going to be funded? Will there be memberships?
A: The first 3 months of uptime are going to be split between the team, however there will be an ad bar at the top of the client and our website. We're not looking to make a profit off of the player base, only to break even with server costs which is where the ads come in. We also want to make this game available to all. Speaking of ads, while we understand that most people that take interest are likely to be adults, and that children these days are more mature(and exposed to more), we are actually being as selective as possible about what shows up.
There will not be memberships, or donations of any kind. I really want to emphasize this since it seems some people may not grasp it from the above context.
Q: How is chat going to be handled in-game? This sounds like a very small group of devs, and without any sort of funding it is likely that you won't have time to moderate things.
A: Everyone's getting open chat. There is going to be a "bad word" filter. We might poll a toggle for it in the future, but for now it stays. We're also going to be operating a tribunal on the website which is linked to player's accounts. Reports will send chat logs to the tribunal where players who have time can vote on whether or not the punishment is accurate and on the severity of the punishment. This will only concern chat. I can't give out any more details on the system, aside from the fact that creating this has been something new to all of us. It's been a bit frustrating and honestly in my opinion a bit fun and challenging too.
Q: Do you have an estimated release date?
A: I want to say mid February to mid March, but we'll see how things go as we progress. I can't make any promises, however I can say that the website will go up and start allowing registrations ahead of time when we eventually have a official release date.
Q: KI may attempt to take action against you. Are you prepared? Can you ensure there will be stability here?
A: We've been making preparations on that front. We want to ensure that our servers are not only stable, but also that our server host will be out of reach for any DMCA processes. I know this is being naive and this hasn't stopped us from planning ahead, but most of the team holds no hostility towards KI. We're really hoping that we don't have to have any interactions with them. Wishful thinking most likely though.
Q: What about player safety? There is a good chance your site and client will collect information from players, correct?
A: IP Addresses and other details which I can't mention are to be run through the cloud server we plan to use, and converted into a form of id masks. This will allow us to discipline If any mishandling or hacking occurs, player safety should be guaranteed.
Q: Why are you just now telling us about this and why did you choose reddit as the platform to publicly announce this?
A: No one really ever thought about publicity until very recently. Part of it is likely because we never genuinely thought we would get this far, or take things this seriously. Some of the team understands that we need to put the project out there much earlier compared to release in order to gauge public reactions such as interest and constructive criticisms. If there is notable disinterest, or the general public makes it clear that this project is not welcome, then it would be a clear sign for us to stop.
The choice of reddit is a bit obvious here. We can't put this on the official W101 forums. W101 central also would not likely allow this as they often have some collaboration with KI. Posting this on twitter would have been a mess, and no one would likely it notice either. We're hoping reddit will be kind to us though or at the least, tolerate us.
Q: If this isn't well received, or if you choose not to go forward with this project for any given reason, what will you do with the assets you've created?
A: Worst case scenario we'll remove most of the QOL features that we would have implemented into the game had it gone online, and finish the game up to the stopping point of Dragonspyre. We'd then allow it to be downloaded as a single player experience for historical purposes. The only thing the team will have lost at that point is time, but we're hopeful that at least we'd be able to make something of this.
Q: Will we be getting any sneak peaks of the project soon such as screenshots, gifs and videos?
A: If we get a positive reaction here today, then most likely yes. We'd definitely want to show off what we've got so far.

I hope I've answered most of the obvious questions. This entire writeup was checked over by the entire team, every bit of information we're revealing had to be okayed by each of us.

If there are any further questions, go ahead and ask. Thank you all for your time.
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2020.10.14 08:51 BagAveAccessories PoshShareBot (the software I currently use) Review by

Purchase Process
The purchase process for PoshShareBot was very different than the other companies. Their website does not have a purchase button. They offer a free one-week trial and they ask you to send them an email. The purchase process will be described later in this review.
Downloading and Setup
Their website said they offer a free one-week trial of the bots, so I sent them an email saying I’d like to try their free one-week trial. About an hour later I received an email offering the free one-week trial and asking for my closet name and phone number. I replied with that. Then they emailed me and offered to set up my bots for me and asked when was a good time for me to speak on the phone. I replied with a time. When that time arrived, they texted me and asked if they could call. I agreed and they called me. The man on the phone explained the process and answered my questions. He said he needed me to download a program called TeamViewer. (This is contradictory to their website when they say no software has to be installed.) I downloaded and installed TeamViewer. It’s free if used for just personal use. TeamViewer is used for remote technical support. You give Tech Support your TeamViewer ID number and temporary password and then Tech Support can log into your computer and take over. (They cannot get in later because the temporary password changes.) He logged into my computer and he took over. He installed an extension into my web browser. That was all that had to be installed. Then he showed me how to run the bots. First he brought up my control panel in a browser window. I logged into it with my email address and a password that he had set up for me. I’ll describe the control panel below. Then he showed me how to bring up the bots. I will also describe them below.
So set up was more than just simple. I can’t stress the amount of relief this brought me after all the other experiences I had setting up the other programs. I really didn’t have to do anything to set them up!
Another important thing I’d like to add is that the customer service with this company is sheer perfection. They told me to text them any time I have a problem. I really didn’t need any help except a couple questions here and there during my first week, and they texted me right back and answered my questions. They are quick to respond and will go out of their way to ensure you’re happy with everything.
Breakdown of PoshShareBot Software
Control Panel Overview
This Control Panel is by far the easiest, most streamlined control panel I’ve come across. It’s one window on your computer, which I might add does not have the bottom half attached to a browser window to open Poshmark in where you’d only see 25% of the Poshmark site thus not really being able to see what’s going on! It’s one window all to itself. (The control panel looks nothing like the picture on their website. It’s much more streamlined than in the picture.) In that window is the name of each bot offered and a simple on/off switch. Can’t get any more simple that that! I will discuss the very best feature of the control panel later in this review.
Closet Bot
With PoshShareBot, a separate browser window is brought up for each of the bots. For the closet bot, you bring up a browser window and log into Poshmark and then click your closet name to bring up your closet. You only have to log into Poshmark once. It doesn’t keep logging you out like the other bot companies do.
When your closet is displayed, PoshShareBot allows you to drag-and-drop items around in your closet. I love this feature. I can easily get my closet in the order I want it.
The first bot on your Control Panel is the closet bot. Here’s how simple this is, as with the following bots on the Control Panel I’ll review… When you decide to share your own items you click on the words closet bot and the Control Panel opens to the closet bot’s options. You enter how many items you’d like to share from your closet. That number gets stored, you don’t have to enter it again until you want to change it. Then select the back button which brings you back to the main Control Panel and you switch the on button.
The Closet Bot shares your closet in reverse order so that it does not change the order of your closet. It will not share any sold items that have the red Sold banner on them and it will not share any Not For Sale items.
There are also other options that you can select with your closet bot. You can tell it to run multiple cycles of the closet bot. You just enter how many times you’d like it to share your closet.
The closet bot will also share your items into the morning party, mid day party, afternoon party and evening parties! You simply tell it which party to share to and it will go through your closet in reverse order and share appropriate items into the party and any other items to your followers. This keeps your closet in order!
The evening party is always welcome to all items so the closet bot will share your entire closet to the evening party. Simple as that!
News Bot
The news bot requires literally no work on your part, short of turning it on. This bot is what watches your personal news feed for comments, offers and purchases. The news feed will then see you have a, for example, comment and you’ll be notified via TEXT MESSAGE to your cell phone with the comment in it! How perfect is that?! You don’t ever have to worry you’ll miss a comment again, question, offers or anything again! If you think it can’t get better, it does! This bot filters out spam comments. If you receive a host pick generally you receive a ton of comments congratulating you. No one wants 50 text messages with congratulatory messages. It also filters out mass tag comments! PoshShareBot has made it so only the important things are text to you. You will get a text message whenever someone makes an offer or a purchase or adds an item to a bundle, etc. In the control panel you can select which types of text messages you want to get or don’t want to get.
Return Bot
The Return Bot will return share to those who’ve shared your items. It’s simple and also offers you options as well. Just like the previous bot, you click on the words “return bot” on the control panel which opens the options you have for how you’d like to return share. It’s simple and my favorite – involves little work and takes the thinking out of it for you. The options offered are as follows…
Return Share For Likes and Shares – this option is to return back shares, one for one, to those who’ve liked your items or shared them. You can select the maximum amount of shares you wish to return. Return Follow – this option lets you follow anyone who has followed you, and then can share some of their items. You can choose how many of their items to share. Share From Listing Likes – in this option you type in the closet name of any competitor closet. It will go to that closet and follow and share everyone who did a “like” on the items in the competitor’s closet. You can choose how many items to share of the people who did a “like”. Follow From Love Notes List – every day these bots give you a big list of closets that left a love note on Poshmark the day before. This option will follow each of those closets. You can choose how many items to share. This is a huge benefit! These closets are recent happy buyers that leave love notes. Follow From Closet Love Notes – in this option you type in the closet name of any competitor closet. It will go to that closet and follow and share everyone who left a love note at that competitor’s closet. This is a huge benefit! The closets that left love notes are recent happy buyers. This is how you steal your competitor’s customers! Follow From Fresh Closets List – every day these bots give you a big list of closets that added their first item to their new closet the day before. It will follow and share each of these new closets. These people are active and are still buyers. Plus, Poshmark loves it when you share new closets. One important feature about PoshShareBot is that it ONLY shares approved items. It will never share any illegal items. PoshShareBot reads all the words in the titles of every item before it shares it! This is just one of the many things about PoshShareBot that makes it human-like.
I find the Return bot on PoshShareBot to be amazing.
Again, any value you entered into the control panel is stored. You never have to enter it in again, until you want to change it.
Block List
PoshShareBot lets you specify a Block List. You can put any closet name on your Block List and your bots will never share their items. If you have certain closets you rather not share, you just enter their user name and the bots will not share their items! You can type in the closet names of your competitors.
Feed Bot
The feed bot will share items out of your feed. It’s a good way to bring other users to your closet to return the shares. It will only share approved items. It will not share any illegal items. It will not share any sold items. It will not share any items from users on your block list. And it will not share any items that may have come from your closet that someone else had shared into the feed. It automatically refreshes the feed page when it needs to scroll in new items.
Party Bot
The Party Bot is an absolutely impressive feature! This bot allows you to share items out of each party (morning, mid day, afternoon and evening parties). By clicking on the words “party bot” on the control panel, it brings you to the party bot’s options page where you can select which parties you want to share out of. Again, once selected these options will remain this way unless you change them. Then you select from where you’d like to share out of from the parties – main feed, host picks, first look, designer or new with tags. Then when the party starts, you simply turn the bot on.
It will only share approved items. It will not share any illegal items. It will not share any sold items. It will not share any items from users on your block list. And it will not share any items that may have come from your closet that someone else had shared into the party. It automatically refreshes the party showroom when it needs to scroll in new items.
This bot ran without a hitch. It shared people who had never seen me before who are online right now. It brought new people into my closet and helped boost my sales.
Welcome Bot
You can specify a welcome message and then you can turn on the Welcome Bot and it will go to new closets on Poshmark and leave that welcome message on their Meet the Posher item. It runs automatically, with automatic timing, welcoming a total of about 50 new users who just joined Poshmark today.
I found some extremely important and very impressive features that PoshShareBot offers that no one else does. These following features are truly what, on top of everything else, makes this company unique and stand out and above all other automation companies. I honestly couldn’t find any design flaws with this program! These features however are absolutely impeccable and I’m excited to share them with you!
Total Remote Control
The first important feature I want to touch more upon is: The Control Panel ~ Yes, I know I discussed the Control Panel in quite detail previously, but it gets better! You also get a MOBILE control panel. I know that we are all busy, whether Poshmark is your full or part time job or even a hobby, we all have other things to do and cannot be stuck in front of a computer 24/7. Having a control panel I can use right from my smart phone or tablet is a major bonus. I do not have to lug my laptop on vacation with me or anywhere at all. I control my bots right from my mobile control panel on my cell phone or tablet! I could be in Japan and still run my business without my laptop!
Text Message Alerts
PoshShareBot also has a text message alert feature!! When your closet has a comment, offer, someone makes a purchase OR you receive a captcha you receive a text message straight to your cell phone! If you have multiple closets your texts will even let you know which closet your message or captcha is coming from. They also offer the option to add multiple phone lines that can receive these text messages which is great for those of you who have helpers or employees, such as myself. I have two assistants working in their own homes to help me. They are able to control my bots from their cell phones. They can also receive text messages from my bots when there are any comments on my items, or offers or sales. You can even specify which phones get which text messages. Therefore, thanks to the bots, I have been able to fully delegate my work to other people who work in the comfort of their own home.
PoshShareBot has also resolved the captcha issue by allowing you to receive text messages. You no longer must be in front of your computer waiting for them to pop up nor must you worry about their software ignoring the captcha’s. It automatically stops sharing and sends you a text message! On top of that this company has figured out a way where their customers can fix the captcha’s right from their mobile devices or tablets if you are not in front of your computer! And that is where TeamViewer comes in again. In Teamviewer on your computer, you go into settings and you specify a password of your choice that only you know. That will be your own secret password. Then you install TeamViewer for free on your iPhone or Android phone, and you remote into your PC at home (using your secret password) and you clear the captcha! Way cool! This truly gives you your life back!
This total remote control of bots is the biggest feature of PoshShareBot. Never again do you have to be in front of your computer. You can completely control them from your phone!
Automatic Governor
Lastly, as I mentioned with my other reviews the other programs make you enter the time you’d like in between shares. It’s not something I cared for. But PoshShareBot has done all the thinking for you and their software automatically sets the wait times between your shares to mimic real live human activity, making their bots very human-like. For example, one share may be 3.14 seconds apart and the next may be 2.71 seconds apart, and the next may be 4.23 seconds apart. Also, because you’re able to run multiple bots at once, their programming has been designed in a way which governs all shares done to prevent the Poshmark Watchdog software on the Poshmark server from putting you in “share jail”. These bots automatically keep you under the radar!
Online Forum
In the control panel (both on phone and on PC) you can go into the online forum. This is a secret online community of all the users of PoshShareBot. Each user is automatically given a random user-number. It is completely anonymous. No names are mentioned. Only user-numbers. It is a treasure chest of tips and tricks about how to be successful on Poshmark. All the users ask questions and answer questions and give advice. Nobody knows who the other people are, but they all talk to each other like they know each other.
Customer Service
As mentioned previously the customer service with PoshShareBot’s was beyond excellent and truly exceeded my expectations. I didn’t need much help because I found this automation software program to be extremely simple and streamlined. However, I did reach out to the company to ask questions and when I did I was always responded to within a very quick and timely manner. They never ignored or missed a single text or email and were always happy to offer their help and support. They seem to be very invested in their company and want to see you succeed. They also do not make automation software for any other website and are solely focused on Poshmark and keeping their software up to date. When Poshmark changes, they change with it.
In Conclusion
I believe this is a no-brainer. Bots free up your time. You no longer have to stare at a computer screen all day long, getting carpal tunnel in your hands and headaches from staring at the screen. Now you can focus on the other important things needed to run your business or even give yourself some free time! Let the bots work for you!!
Automation is an absolute vital resource to create a successful and profitable business on Poshmark. Remember, you have to spend money to make money and with automation/bots you will undoubtedly see results and the small investment will pay itself back and then some, but choosing the right automation program is also key and after experience I truly believe PoshShareBot is the best of the best.
At the end of my free one-week trial, I of course decided to buy the bots. This is simple. I just clicked a paypal button in the control panel. That brought me to the paypal website. I paid there. My bots were good for another month. Nothing else to do. No automatic recurring payments. Just a one-time payment to continue using the bots for another month. After a month I could either not pay, and the bots would stop working, or I could simply press the paypal button again and pay for another month. Truly no commitment required and there are no recurring fees.
If I were to rate them on a scale of 1 to 10, I’d absolutely without a doubt give this company a perfect 10. Contact them here:
If you are serious about creating a successful business this is a must. I can also tell you that the true top sellers on Poshmark, and I’m not talking about everyone who makes one sale and is suddenly a “top ten percent seller”, but the true top sellers pulling in thousands of dollars in sales a week use automation. It’s just vital. I can’t stress this enough.
So, if you have a closet full of items that are just not selling, give the bots a try. I guarantee once you do, you will wonder what you ever did without them.
Success is obtainable. You can create a successful business and a profitable one!
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2020.10.13 16:01 Skinkken Power supply not good enough for Z490 overclocking?

I sent this to Seasonic support:
I have a Seasonic S12II 620W Bronze power supply and I'm planning to upgrade my motherboard to MSI Z490-A PRO and i5 10600K, and maybe later to Intel's upcoming Rocket Lake. I also plan on overclocking.
However, pcpartpicker notified that the PSU is missing an additional ATX 12V, which apparently is for the CPU. The motherboard has 3 4-pin connectors for CPU power (at the top left corner). Some people say that they are the extra connectors are there so that the motherboard looks more badass, some say that having more connectors increases stability.
So, now I'm left wondering if my power supply is enough for this CPU, and future CPUs when overclocking, with 10600K less than 200W but possibly more with upgraded CPU later.
The spec site says that there are 2 12V power rails, 24A each, but I don't know which parts pull power from which rail. Is one completely dedicated to CPU?
Also, if having only 2 of the 3 4pin connectors is disadvantage for overclocking stability, I'm wondering if it's it because of too small wire power rating (and is there a standard or is it PSU manufacturer specific?), or because of not filling all the connections on the motherboard (does it even matter?). Or is it mainly because of PSU's stability at high power?
Basically, what is the optimal CPU power for this PSU can adequately provide?
And got this reply:
Thank you for contacting Seasonic.
In case of overclocking, most of the motherboard manufacturer will require to have ALL CPU connector powered. While a single CPU cable should be able to handle the load, they prefer to balance it on two to provide better stability. It looks like your PSU won't match the needs of your motherboard especially in case of overclocking. Also, the PSU got 2 rails that split the +12V and therefore offer limited option in case of high end CPU, overclocking and/or if you have CPU/GPU with overclocking. We would recommend, depending of your other components, to check to upgrade to a PSU (650W may do if no specific high consumption components) more up to date with a more recent platform with a single rail. Maybe you can check FOCUS GX or PX for example. If your budget allows it, then you have also PRIME GX, PX or TX. The difference between each Series is FOCUS is our mid range while PRIME is our flagship. Then, different level of efficiency.
Any other question, please let us know. Thank you.
On one hand, they should know what they are talking about, on the other hand they want to sell their newer and superior PSUs. I'm just wondering how much this will really hold back my overclocking ability.
With current PSU prices, I'm NOT ready to upgrade my PSU, so, I may have to go with Zen 3 after all, even though prices in my country favor Intel a lot as well as my VR setup arriving soon.
EDIT: something that gives me doubts: (from 2008, but has this part:)
Is it true that some PSU's that claim to be multiple +12V rails don't have the +12V rail split at all?
Yes, this is true. But it's the exception and not the norm. It's typically seen in Seasonic S12/M12 based units (like the Corsair HX520 and HX620 and Antec True Power Trio.) It's actually cheaper to make a single +12V rail PSU because you forego all of the components used in sensing current, splitting up and limiting each rail and this may be one reason some OEM's will not split the rails, but say they are split. Some system builders adhere very closely to ATX12V specification for liability reasons, so a company that wants to get that business but also save money and reduce R&D costs will often "fib" and say the PSU has it's +12V split when it does not.
Why don't those PSU companies get in trouble? Because Intel actually lifted the split +12V rail requirement from the ATX spec. It's now "recommended" and not "required".
EDIT2: More doubts: (this guy is generally very knowledgeable but also has been wrong before)
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2020.10.12 02:00 xocto Will the real Tara Gilesbie please stand up: a guide to known Tara accounts, plus a wiki

Reading the Toby alt post, it struck me that several accounts have claimed to be Tara over the years and it'd be useful to set the record straight on which accounts we definitely know were Tara. I've created a wiki on Miraheze to compile info on My Immortal and related accounts; you're all welcome to contribute, though I'd ask you be judicious in avoiding speculation. Don't dox anyone, obviously. The aim of the wiki is to outline what is known about My Immortal and its author and sort through the labyrinth of claims, not to "out" Tara or anything like that.
One fact I've not generally seen mentioned is that several accounts of Tara's were on websites, like LiveJournal and Myspace, which had major well-publicized data leaks. You can verify this through the site Have I Been Pwned, which lets you input an email and see whether that email is present in data breaches of certain websites. If we input "[email protected]", the email we know is associated with Tara through her 2005 petition, you can see that the email is present in the Myspace and LiveJournal leaks, as well as Collection #1, which is just a massive credential-stuffing list that inherited the data from the already-existing Myspace leak. This means that if you know where to look, you can often find the email and password associated with each account (though just for the record none of the passwords still work and I'd discourage anyone from trying).

Accounts that are definitely Tara

  1. Goffikgurl on the IMDB forums (dead link:, no web archives sadly). We know Tara had an IMDB account because several people at multiple different times and websites mention it in connection to Tara (1, 2, 3) and a poster on IMDB-related forums MovieChat and Filmboards mentions "Goffikgurl" as a troll with a particular love for Good Charlotte (1, 2). The LiveJournal account I'll mention later also demonstrates Tara definitely used variants on "goffikgurl" as a username. Heartdreamer, as user Ebony Dark'ness, suggests that the account was created in May 2005, which would make it the first account we know Tara used.
  2. XXXbloodyrists666XXX on is Tara by definition, of course, and we can reasonably assume bloodytearz666 is too due to the uncanny similarity of I'm Not Okay to My Immortal in plot structure, style, naming and upload date.
  3. A Quizilla account also named xxxbloodyrists666xxx is linked in the bio of the account, which we know from a screenshot linked in a sporking of My Immortal by the LiveJournal user fatal-rob0t, who ran a Geocities website called SueDestroyers. We have independent confirmation it was linked in the bio from several forum posts (1, 2, 3).
  4. A LiveJournal account named goffikgurl666 was apparently also linked in the bio at one point, according to this LiveJournal post. "goffikgurl666" is present in the LiveJournal leak I've mentioned earlier, and the email is listed as "[email protected]", so this is indeed Tara.

Possible Tara accounts

  1. We know from the Myspace leak that Tara definitely had a Myspace account using the email [email protected]. Heartdreamer links a Myspace account on this LiveJournal post. The link is dead and has no archives, but by looking at the friendID parameter and modifying the URL to another format, we can get an archived page on the Wayback Machine. Unfortunately, the leak does not point us to a username, just the internal ID number of Tara's account circa 2008 and a password hash linked to the email, so we can't directly confirm this was the same account that used the gofikchick email. One factor which might reasonably lead you to believe it's fake is the use of "on holiday", a characteristically UK/Canadian expression. But if the account which used the gofikchick email was distinct, why are there no mentions of it anywhere on the Internet? The only other Myspace accounts vaguely associated with Tara are clear fakes created 2008 or later, usually using pictures of the Acidbath sisters. Interestingly, the internal ID number seems to be an ascending number incremented for each additional account, with the first being single-digit numbers for the Myspace founders. It doesn't seem to match the external profile ID number that you see in archived URLs as the friendID parameter; it clearly differs for several accounts (e.g. in the MySpace leak, the unique id number for Tom is 7 but the friend ID in the URL you hover over at "Add To Friends" here is 6223.
  2. (Thanks to blueberryfin for reminding me of this!) Tara's 2005 petition links a quiz by a different Quizilla user called GothicVampireLust. The account's bio references the Good Charlotte singer Billy Martin, and the only quiz on the account is the one Tara links on PetitionOnline. It seems sort of unusual that Tara would pick up this quiz from some random account, but I'm not too familiar with how Quizilla worked and the account was created quite a bit earlier than the petition. The account's email, [email protected], is present in the Neopets leak under several different usernames. Here's the data with the more sensitive stuff redacted:
    username "monkys_will_rule_us", display name "JanetPerson", birthday 1990-08-07, country US, gender F
    username "patrick_star_is_mine", display name "GoodCharlotteismylife", birthday 1989-08-07, country US, gender F
    username "sponge_superpants", birthday 1990-03-24, country US, gender M
  3. Finally, an account I discovered that is probably not Tara but was created around the time the IMDB account was created (May 2005) and shares some interesting circumstantial similarities: mcr666 (remember the license plate?) on DeviantArt. Note the implausible misspellings ("rimico tokohashi" for Rumiko Takahashi), the Gerard Way stuff, and the mild anime fandom.
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2020.10.11 06:16 Tight_Fishing_6326 Here is a Great Website Idea To Take Advantage of.

I'll get straight to it...

Search To See If The Opportunity is There For You

If you live in a less known city in the US (or elsewhere) you may want to consider creating a website that represents your city. I did this with my own city and found huge opportunities available. You do not have to own the exact match domain name to do this. I would suggest simply Googling your city and see if there is a "Travel" website on your city. Mines did not have a specific tourist website for people interested in the city, the search result resulted in a .gov site which is pretty boring for people just moving to the city and a statewide tourism site but not for my specific city. So I created it.

Register Domain & Social Media & Building The site

I registered a hack domain similar to instead of the .com and own most of the exact match social media handles to my city. When you build the site its important to know the user intent. Most visitors are interested in learning about the city or they are planning on moving there. So the content that has to be created are things like "Best hotels, Best restaurants, Things to Do, Attractions & Events". Those five topics are almost on every single travel website about a specific city (just randomly Google "houston texas" and you should see those 5 content there, maybe worded differently but still the same

Its an EverGreen Type of Website

One of the benefits of running a website like this is, it usually have decent search volumes and its pretty evergreen meaning you won't have to create too many new articles. You can search a keyword research tool to get some numbers but would definitely recommend using Google trends and set the date way back to 2004. This will allow you to see if there is a dip in people searching that city for any reason other than pandemics, riots or natural disasters etc. If its a straight line then thats a good sign. The only thing you'll have to stay ontop of are the local events, local news and upcoming holidays.

It Can Be More Than Just A Website

This is a very interesting part at least in my experience. So the Project manager of my city's BID (Business Improvement District) they basically control downtown, emailed me because they were interested in what I was doing.
Verified People/Businesses/Organization Follow Us on Instagram (blue check mark) such as:
Verified accounts follow us on Instagram along with many business owners and just cool people of the city. I've become good friends with a business lawyer of the city and an organization that create events for the city also follows our Instagram and the project manager of a luxury real estate loft, as well as local banks, gas stations and even my city's main hospital all follow my account. So its definitely given me some connections and a sense of community that regular websites don't.
On Twitter a lot of verified politicians and political groups and anyone with a political opinion tag my Twitter account. I stay away from politics so i just post images of the city but it steadily gain followers even though I haven't posted for months. So this can possibly happen to you as well, you'll just have to see.
And the last thing is you get to show support by promoting musicians, artists, writers and other talents or support a cause. It can really become beyond the internet. Its not a guarantee but if you were to be the first or only website that represent your city you can have certain influence in the city.


Forget creating 3-4 websites to get your 7 income streams (the average income stream millionaires have). A website like this can have multiple income streams. Below are just a few I've identified.


Ranking on Google first page should be fairly easy to do because there is little to no other competition. From my experience even pages that are not optimized can rank on Google's 3rd page as soon as the website started indexing instead of being on the 60-80 pages on Google I've seen it usually start around 35th page.

Recession Proof website

Last but not least if something like Covid-19 happens and tourism have seen a decrease you can always turn the website into a news website for the city, or a city forum , or a city merchandise focused site or a city social media platform or a city real Estate website selling homes, there's just so much you can do as long as you have the city's ear. You're never completely out of luck.

I hope I provided some sort of value with this post, but more important I hope someone living in a less known city takes advantage of this opportunity.
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2020.10.10 13:04 AutoModerator Weekly Questions Thread (Oct 10)

Welcome to the question megathread! If you have any questions around FFXI at all, this is the place to ask. Scroll down to the comments and ask away. Various FFXI resources are provided in the body of this topic directly before the comments.

ffxi FAQ

Are you a new or returning player? We have quite the list of Frequently Asked Questions that's pretty comprehensive of the questions most commonly asked around the sub. If your question isn't answered there, feel free to shoot in the comments below.

BG Wiki

BG Wiki is a modern FFXI wiki with up-to-date pages on endgame specifics as well as various guides.
It is currently the only XI wiki with an active staff which are always working with members of the community to address concerns and suggestions. BG seeks to be the main wiki of the community. Consolidating the efforts of everyone into one single wiki is the most productive and effective. We welcome and invite all to join us!
  • A thread can be found on in which you can report issues with the wiki and read a getting started FAQ if you wish to contribute! That thread is located here.
  • Anyone wishing to join Team Blue Gartr may join the Discord.


FFXIclopedia is a comprehensive general-purpose wiki for FFXI that typically covers pages for each item/area/BCNM/etc. Note: The site has heavy ads when logged out, due to Wikia (especially on mobile).


FFXIAH is a website showing the Auction House history & current items for sale in-game, as well as a forum community among other things. FFXIDB is a database website showing drop rates of items as well as monster spawns based of player data collected by Guildwork.

Making Friends

There are various ways to make new friends and meet people in FFXI. The first recommendation is to find a Linkshell via Linkshell Concierge NPCs. If you check these NPCs directly after a maintenance, this is typically a good way to find active Linkshells. Another suggestion is to find a community website for your server; many servers have a Facebook group (some are listed on the subreddit sidebar). The subreddit also has a Discord server for chatting/voice.
This thread is default sorted by new. If you have any suggestions regarding the information above, feel free to send the moderators a modmail. Your FFXI questions can be asked below
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2020.10.09 19:46 StuartGT All the answers from the Spectrum AMA with Chris, Todd & Tony
Will update throughout the AMA
AMA started at 5pm UTC. It's now 6:15pm UTC and looks to have finished. I'll keep an eye on the thread and post more answers if any appear.
Q: What is preventing random FPS AI from appearing on planet/moon surfaces outside of missions or set locations? Is this planned to make the planetary surfaces feel less empty?
Todd: We need some Planetary Nav Mesh work done, we have a fair amount of it completed. Then once that is done we can start to implement it into missions or random encounters. When that is done AI will be able to transition from Ship to Surface smoothly. This will also open us for building creatures (space cow or larger animals) or boids (very small creatures..frogs, birds) to add extra life.
Q: So what's the deal with Theatres of War?
Todd: Currently being worked on and tested, ideally Sean and Rich will give an update to everyone once it is ready for everyone to play.
Q: Death of a Spaceman( was written way back in February 2013. Obviously, there have been some changes since then(e.g. landing zones were planned to have an in-engine cutscene v. now players pilot in manually which is way cooler in everyone's opinion). While this is probably currently undergoing a design rework, could you tell us what you know to be different now, and what some possible plans are? What's changed?
Chris: Later this month there is going to be a Calling All Devs episode on "Death of a Spaceman" with myself and Richard Tyer, Core Gameplay Director (which includes the Actor teams), where we'll go into the current plans, which you' start to see the results of mid next year as we begin to bring in Medical gameplay. So watch for that as we'll go into the current design which is ready for implementation.
Q: How do you envision NPC crew gameplay? From the small solo explorer in a MISC DUR with a couple of NPCs, to the Carrack or 890 Jump owner wanting to solo explore the universe with 5-6 NPCs, to the Javelin owner that may only have 20 reliable friends and need maybe 50 NPCs. We know it's still a few years away but it has shaped the thinking of us all as we build large fleets and think about how we'll structure our future org and solo gameplay. Todd Papy and Dan Trufin and Tony Zurovec have briefly touched on the subject over the past 3 years like it's pretty well thought out but we only get tiny snippets into something that is going to deeply shape the complexity and growth of the living universe. Like on a medium large ship like a Polaris, or Nautilus or 890J with a mid sized crew where we may only have one or two regular friends we play with daily (mostly reliably) but out on weeks long missions into the black without other friends being able to drop in and out. Would the owneemployer be the only one able to give them direction? Will we be able to assign players as team leaders to small groups of NPCs like engineering, bridge, turrets? Will other friends still be able to drop in and "take remote control" of some of the NPC crew to play with us? (sorry that could be interpreted as a separate question but ties into how we will play with friends and NPC crews)?
Todd: First steps are building out the player functionality to those roles (Captain, Engineer, etc) similar to pilots and turret gunners. We currently have some of those AI functions, like flying the ship, but we would still need to build the "glue" for AI, like what they do off duty. The capt/owner of the ship will need a way to set what roles he wants the NPCs to do. The Capt will also need a way to interface with the AI to tell them what they want them to do, like fly to a set location or attack a certain target. We are still planning to allow players to take remote control of the NPCs.
Q: What is the plan for computers and the blades? Currently we only know about using blades for turret automating and slaving, do you have any other ideas currently for what blades could be used for?
Todd: Here is some things that have been discussed that are being thought of for hardware (new blade) or software (loaded on computer or blade), these would be types of ideas that we would bring online over time:
  • Missile Defense System (Combat) - Automatically fires correct countermeasures to avoid being hit by missiles
  • Encryption/Decryption Blade (Data Runner) - Able to keep data encrypted to prevent theft and also provides the means to attempt to decrypt data.
  • Emissions Controller (Combat) - Allows the pilot to set strict limits on emission production, providing additional warnings and shutting down unnecessary systems automatically.
  • Offensive E-War Blade (Combat) - Enhances existing offensive e-war capability, could speed up or strengthen offensive programs/viruses or offer new ones to run.
  • Defensive E-War Blade (Combat) - Enhances existing defensive e-war capability, grants further protection and reduces potency of offensive programs.
  • Mining Blade (Mining) - Speeds up mining scans and provides additional information (pinpointing pockets of ore, mineral density etc.)
  • Salvage Database (Salvaging) - Speeds up scanning wrecks and provides additional information (pinpoints valuable ship items, shows materials contained within wrecks etc.)
  • Criminal Database (Bounty Hunter) - Provides a list of known criminals or unlawful activity and the ability to accept bounties to track them down and bring them to justice.
  • "Hit List" (Pirate) - Similar to the criminal database but to be used by criminals. Bad people can view and accept contracts to take care of people.
  • Enhanced Route Navigation (Trade / Exploration) - Essentially enhanced starmap/navigation options. Lets the pilot know how dangerous the route is that they are taking, enables them to pick routes based on speed, safety or avoiding certain areas.
  • Trade Database (Trade) - Allows traders to view buy/sell prices in different places in the universe while on the move, rather than having to be at a trade station.
  • Shield Management Blade (Combat) - Provides advanced shield control options to allow finer control.
  • Stellar Charting System (Exploration / General) - Makes it easier to discover jump points if/when they move elsewhere, possibly also makes jump travel easier.
  • Item Lock Blade (Combat) - Further enhances the targeting system to allow the pilot to lock onto specific parts of the ship, so they are able to take out individual systems.
  • Cargo Manifest Masker (Smuggling) - Disguises the items in your cargo manifest to allow you to hide contraband from initial ship scans.
  • Internal Security System (Larger ships) - Provides internal ship info, positions of lifeforms aboard the ship and the ability to lock/unlock individual doors.
  • Drone Management Blade (Larger ships) - Allows ships to control on-board drones
Q: what milestones is left to create dynamic missions?
Tony: One of the larger remaining issues relates to the fact that the current mission UI and associated logic aren’t able to deal with real-time parameters and need to be converted from Flash to Building Blocks. This is also related to why more Service Beacons haven’t been introduced, as UI development with the old system is far slower than with the new tech. Quantum is starting to inject some of its simulation data into the back-end services, which the Dynamic Mission Service requires to make these customized missions available, but the first stages involve only a few distinct types of scenarios. Dynamic Events, on the other hand, are routed through the same system and are a bit more mature, and the first demonstration of that tech was last Spring’s Fleet Week, which was activated for only a brief period of time and which existed across all servers. We’re already in the process of constructing more of these dynamic scenarios, some of which are far more sophisticated.
Q: Can we have an update on Quantum and Quantas?
Tony: We’ve spent a lot of time and effort optimizing the simulation and are now doing tests with as many as two million quanta, but it looks like we won’t need more than 100K per system to get the desired effects. We’ve started to connect some select bits of the simulated data to the backend services that feed the game servers, with things like fuel and repair prices, encounter types and frequencies, and Service Beacons first in line. This will have some dramatic effects on the gameplay experience as it’ll mean that previously disparate things like pirate activity, calls for help, and the price of repairs in an area will finally start to feel like they’re all connected.
Q: There are currently 95 systems, 324 planets, 74 moons, 50 space stations, and 76 asteroid formations in lore. In game and interact with one, we know another is pretty far along, and there should be 2-3 systems that have at least some progress based on progress we can see from Squadron trailers.
We have heard that tools can be developed to speed up the process, and you can look at the lore and see some systems are sigificantly easier to develop than others: Gurzil is just an asteroid field, Tanga is 3 hot planets and no landing zone, etc.
That all said it's still hundreds of planets, moons, asteroid belts, and hero zones that you have to go. Even working at pumping out 10 systems a year it'd take you 9 years from tomorrow to get that all out. So without commenting on tools, what realistically is your plan here?
Are you going to develop a large number of systems in tandem by blocking out the simple ones in mass? Are we going to have more dedicated teams working on systems to try and make them faster? Is there a Rate of systems/year at which you are aiming to add these systems or are you planning 1 large drop with many systems at some point? And, how do you make hero LZs faster, because that seems to be the Biggest spoiler here on the progress.
Todd: We are not ready to go full bore on all of the systems. We are building up the tools, knowledge, and people power to be able to deliver the systems quicker.
Can't talk about tools? That is what allows us to build faster and faster as they get refined! That is how we have adjusted building a moon in year to building one in 2 weeks. We have the same goals for Space stations.
A lot of time and work goes into building up the asset packs. Once we have the assets built we can put locations and planets together fairly quick. Putting gameplay hooks into the locations will take time to place and make locations feel special. Obviously the quality and detail level of the solar systems that were initially planned in the very beginning of crowd funding has drastically changed over production of SC. Once we realized the detail level that we could go into with the planets and the landing zones, we wanted to push the limit of fidelity. Comparing SC to the PrivateeFreelancer systems, you are getting exponential amount of gameplay and detail on each planet and moon.
We are trying to build up the team to deliver solar systems in one drop vs the iterative approach that we are currently doing in Stanton.
Q: Out of many gameplay loops such as mining, exploration, cargo hauling and bounty hunting. Which one of these is your favorite, and which one of these do you see to be most fleshed out in the upcoming future? As I've talked to some people, bounty hunting seems to be a joke around the Verse. As currently there isn't a way to utilize the cryopods for example. And catching individual bounties dead/alive is not a thing yet. Are these some of the things that are going to get ironed out once the core gameplay mechanics are finished, and then polish each individual "profession" as it's needed? And congratulations on Star Citizen birthday! This game could not be made possible without you!
Tony: I’m particularly interested in Bounty Hunting. Right now the missions in this area are predominantly geared towards going somewhere and fighting someone, whereas the major enhancements we’ve got planned will make the hunting aspect a much larger part of the challenge. This will be the first usage of the Virtual NPC tech that allows characters to go about their lives regardless of whether any players are in the vicinity, and a new UI will allow bounty hunters to register to receive select bits of information to help with pursuing their prey, like feedback from Comm Arrays, ATC controllers, and NPC informants.
Q: ...pyro?
Todd: Yes!
Q: SQ42 is currently 6 years behind its original delivery target. Over recent years there has been little communication on updated delivery targets for SQ42. The last information available was the estimated SQ42 beta in Q3 2020 on the now abandoned roadmap. That date has now passed and there has been no communication on whether SQ42 has entered beta. As it stands the community has completely divided opinions on the expected release date of SQ42 with opinions varying from that SQ42 is in beta currently to it being 5+ years away.*
You stated in the pledge ( "We, the Developer, intend to treat you with the same respect we would give a publisher. You will receive regular updates about the progress of the game."
Given the massive uncertainty on the progress of SQ42 within the community, do you feel as though you have been meeting this objective?
Chris: Tomorrow we’ll be launching the inaugural episode of the “The Briefing Room” a show focused just on Squadron 42, which we are planning to do every quarter (3 months) until Squadron 42 releases, where we will address some of this.
We haven’t been happy with how effectively we’ve been showing progress on Squadron 42, as we felt the previous format didn’t do a good job of all in communicating just how much work is going on. The new roadmap format which we’ve been working towards and on since we announced we would be changing it up will do a much better job in show what people are working on at any given time as opposed to just focusing on deliverable features. I briefly discussed our thinking in
Squadron 42 is a tricky project to communicate on as we really don’t want to give the experience and story away which can make updating on certain content or features challenging.
We DO give regular updates on Squadron 42, even though we haven’t updated the Squadron 42 Roadmap since the beginning of this year with the monthly reports. The most recent one was earlier this week We also occasionally have content or feature updates on things that will be in Squadron, as we did with the new Vanduul ships in the Inside Star Citizen Episode: Enemy Mine
We also communicate way more than any other developer or publisher than I am aware of in terms of work and progress on Star Citizen, which is the game “The Pledge” was referring to; We have multiple video shows per week, lore updates, developers regularly engage in the forums, have a weekly newsletter and well as regular monthly reports.
I don’t think the issue is whether we treat our community with respect, as that is core tenet of the entire company, or lack of communication; it’s different people want communication in different forms; some want in depth long talky videos, some want just the sizzle videos with pretty graphics. Some people want huge technical treatises on server meshing and others just want the ELI5 version and finally a lot of people just want to know when a feature or the game will be done.
And I think that’s the crux of the issue; it’s impossible to please all the people all the time, and with a project as complicated as Star Citizen or even Squadron 42 it’s impossible to have iron clad dates due to the huge amount of ongoing R&D.
So yes, I do feel like we have been meeting “The Pledge”.
Does that mean we can’t improve?
No, we can always improve, and if you follow CIG and Star Citizen close enough you will notice that we are always trying new things and tweaking existing processes both in our development approach and structure in how we communicate and share information with all of you. The new Roadmap will be part of this, as will the Briefing Room.
Q: Has there been any progress on the plans for data running and hacking? With the Mercury coming out and the Herald being all but forgotten it seems like at least a baseline commodity transport version of data running would be relatively easy and would add some new options.
Todd: It hasn't been forgotten, personally it is one of the professions I'm looking forward to the most, we just have some higher priority work that needs to be completed first. We are focused on delivering big physical cargo first.
Q: Last year at Citizen Con we saw NPC moving between physics grids and walking out of the Valkyrie. What is the current status of this? NPCs moving in and out of trains (which I guess is the same as the Valkyrie) would make cities feel much more alive in my opinion.
Todd: We currently have a few bugs that we need to work out, that will allow AI to path between ships, planetary surfaces, and man made locations.
Q: Are rivers planned? Thanks!
Todd: Yes
Q: What are the plans to make those systemic missions less repetitive and more engaging?
Todd: Doing what we call mission modifiers and leveraging our unique locations. Take a basic mission of delivering a cargo crate from an outpost to a space station. Add in one or multiple of these basic modifiers:
  • FPS AI that want that crate
  • Ship AI that want that crate
  • A cargo crate that is volatile
  • Pick up is in a hostile location
  • Drop off is in a hostile location
  • List can go on and on.
Q: Hello Chris, Todd, and Tony, I hope everyone is doing well and Happy Birthday Star Citizen! Are there plans to introduce regularandomized "world/universe" events? I understand we have festival related events in game such as Invictus and the IAE, however my question leans more on the action/adventure side of things. Some Examples of what I have in mind:
  1. A Vanduul incursion in Stanton that will spawn a UEE Navy fleet to engage them, and/or that players can join in to form local militia to counter.
  2. For less combat oriented example: Some unknown energy source is disrupting the Pyro Jump Point which is making travel dangerous or impossible, requiring explorers/scientists to find and contain the source.
  3. How about natural disasters? Volcanos, massive hurricanes, sever drought, disease, ect. which require shuttling refugees from the planet to safety using the Starliners or other transports or even medical gameplay.
These are just a few ideas that popped into my head to try to cater to multiple types of gameplay. I am curious if random events like this are planned and if so, if you don't mind sharing an example? Thanks for your time, and stay safe! P.S. I really appreciate the effort put in to make the "developepledger" relationship more transparent. Also for the next citizen con, any chance that it could be hosted in the US?
Tony: Yes, this is a major area of focus. We call these Dynamic Events and there are multiple ones already in progress, and the plan is to ramp up these efforts even more next year. Fleet Week was triggered via this system – a temporary event that was activated across all of the servers. Going forward, though, you’ll see a lot more sophistication in the events. Some of these will be triggered systemically and others will be activated by us manually. Most will allow for customization so the amount of variety with even a modest library of such scenarios will be pretty significant. The ultimate plan is to periodically break up the routine with distinct events that serve to draw a lot of players to a common cause, although they might not always be on the same side.
Q: Chris mentioned the Room System in another post. How in-depth are you looking to go with the management of pipes are resources throughout ships? And will that also apply to Stations and Outposts?
Todd: Pretty in-depth, where you would have to reroute power and/or physically replace an item to keep the ship up and running.
Yes, we are planning on doing the same for Stations and Outposts. Depending on the setup certain functionality might be accessible to the players and some might not be. For example, on a NPC ran major space station, the player probably wouldn't have access to turn off gravity or life support in the common play area.
Q: Would you implement Pyro without server meshing?
Tony: Our current plan is to release both Pyro and the server mesh tech at the same time.
Q: Can you elaborate on the current thinking on how base building is supposed to work? I have a couple of specific concerns and would appreciate it if you could address them:
  1. The Pioneer requires a 6-acre (presumably flat and free of major obstructions) landing area to set down to do her job. With the planets we've seen, while they're vast, the spots that meet this requirement are few and far between.
  2. She also needs to sit on the location where she is to build a base, and with her size, this severely limits the density and arrangements of habs that you can put in a single area. This will make it difficult for an org to build together on a land claim, or an individual to have multiple habs on the same land claim.
If you don't mind a suggestion, a Parasite Craft that hangers in the assembly area of the Pioneer designed to transport modules from the Pioneer to the Building Site and install them would solve these. The Pioneer could land in proximity to the building site without needing to be On the building site. And... Every Pioneer needs a Mule! I bought the Pioneer within 10 minutes of its release. I'm a builder, that's what I enjoy in games, so I was hooked immediately. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.
Chris: We have some pretty exciting plans on the base building / player settlement front. One of the fall outs of iCache, which we’ve been working on for full persistence of state and location of all dynamic objects in the universe of Star Citizen, is that recording and restoring a building you’ve just constructed is really no different to remembering where you dropped your coffee cup on some distant planet, or which shelf you placed it on in your hab.
Basically, iCache will enable us to allow all of you to settle the stars!
When we first came up with the concept of player built outposts and land claims iCache hadn’t been technically designed, but now we have a system that will have a much higher degree of fidelity in remembering where each building or component is and what state it is in. So rather than just dropping down a singular Outpost, you’ll be able to place down various structures and connect them to things like power generators, turrets, resource collectors, hydroponic domes and so on.
In parallel with this we’ve been working on tools to build settlements or homestead both for our artists / designers (more of a RTS god like view) and players (a first person view).
With this we’ve been rethinking how the Pioneer will work to make her more flexible rather than just spitting out a pre-fabricated outpost we want her to me more of a mobile fabrication facility that would be near your building site. With a Pioneer you’ll be able build these structures without having to ship in the component parts as long as you have a supply of raw materials. You don’t need a Pioneer to build a homestead but if you want to build a decent settlement, or you want to build something relatively quickly as opposed to having to fly in prefabricated components from major landing zones you will want to have a Pioneer, or have a friend or someone that is willing to lend their services to you.
We’re very excited about the gameplay that all of this will provide and can’t wait to see what kind of player settlements sprout up over the huge amount of land area the game has. We will need iCache in and working well before we will see this in the game, so expect to see some updates on this later next year.
Q: I am apart of a very active and authentic piracy org, and we've been making piracy work in the game for a very long time, going back years. We have a very large library of videos that support this statement. That being said, we do not subscribe to the notion that 'piracy does not exist' in the current build(s) of Star Citizen. This has been the general consensus for many years, while we've been in the shadows proving them wrong.
Our main targets are cargo haulers, and now (with 3.11 and onward) ROC miners. We already have the tools and the means to seize someone's ship by force. I will provide a link below to one of our most recent videos doing that exact thing. We were able to take control of the ship, and hold it for ransom. We demanded a sum of money from the owner of the caterpillar, and once he paid, we delivered his ship to the nearest convenient port with his cargo intact. He was able to collect his ship, sell his cargo, and be on his way.
This method of piracy has proven to work time and time again, however unfortunately it requires the cooperation of the other party, which should not be the case in the long run. With the introduction of 3.11, we have turned our attention to ROC miners, as we have tested and concluded that we can remove gems from the cargo bay of the ROC, put it into a box, and sell it at an illegal trade port. In essence, we can sell stolen items from the ROC.
Now onto my question.... In 3.12, your plan is to introduce the push/pull mechanic for large objects, you have also mentioned introducing the tractor beam in the future. That being said, can these future mechanics be used to remove units of cargo off a ships? If so, that will significantly change the world of piracy in SC for the better. The ONE thing that we're missing is the ability to sell stolen cargo. Thank you for your attention.
Tony: Allowing cargo to be manually extracted from ships is high on our list of priorities and will be possible via the tractor beam, but will also require some revisions to the cargo grid system to make it compatible with local storage and iCache.
Q: I think it was phrased in this way because "when" questions aren't allowed but the root concern is very clear as it is also laid out in the sentences leading up to the question at the very end of the comment. This question has been echoed throughout the community for months. He should have - in my opinion - finally addressed the question that stands behind those concerns. That would have been an easy way to finally get rid of those rumours. They stopped updating the chapter roadmap in Q3 2019. The feature roadmap at the end of Q1 2020. Over a year later the roadmap is nowhere to be seen. The regular updates they promised are nowhere to be seen. And the first episode of a quarterly show has taken over 5 months to produce. So no, nothing that he wrote did anything to address any of the concerns. It just feels like they keep on stalling and that does not inspire any confidence in the current management team at CIG.
Chris: "...finally a lot of people just want to know when a feature or the game will be done. And I think that’s the crux of the issue; it’s impossible to please all the people all the time, and with a project as complicated as Star Citizen or even Squadron 42 it’s impossible to have iron clad dates due to the huge amount of ongoing R&D." Emphasis mine.
I answered the question asked, just not the question YOU wanted answered You're not really asking about what is being worked on Squadron 42, you really just want to know when it will be done. The best answer for your question is Squadron 42 will be done when it is done, and will not be released just to make a date but instead once all the tech and content is finished, polished and it plays great. I am not willing to compromise making a game I believe in with all my heart and soul, and even though everyone (including me) wants Squadron 42 sooner than later, it would be doing a huge disservice to everyone working really hard on the project and all of you that are looking forward to it to deliver something that isn't great.
The new roadmap will show how we are doing towards that goal and as we get closer to the end it will be more accurate but it will never be a perfect crystal ball of the future as there is always a certain amount of unpredictability in game development, especially when the game is hugely ambitious and has a very high quality bar; Red Dead Redemption 2, Last of US 2 and now Cyberpunk have all taken a lot longer than originally communicated and those projects didn't even announce a release date until very deep into their production, when most of their tech had been resolved.
We still have a ways to go before we are in Beta, but everyone on Squadron 42 is working very hard to deliver something great.
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2020.10.09 15:28 PracticalShine I'm 32 years old, working as a Product Manager / Instructor in Toronto and making ~$78,000 (CAD)

This is an update of my MD from last year, which you can find here. All figures are in CAD. (Approx. CAD/USD conversion is 1 CAD = 0.75 USD. So my income is ~$58,240 USD. I've tried to note the change since last time where I could!
Section One: Assets and Debt
Section Two: Income
Section Three: Expenses

Day 1 - Thursday ($42)

9am - Slept in! I have today and tomorrow off (using up some PTO) and am glad for the extra rest, but the construction work around my apartment building kicks off at 9:01 on the dot, waking me up. I browse the internet before showering and getting the day started.
11am - I have a massage appointment so I mask up and walk over. It’s a sunny fall morning, so an enjoyable walk. I’ve been in a lot of pain the last while after an unexpected hospital stay and medical procedures so I’m really looking forward to some relief now that I’m cleared to have this massage! ($30 tip for my RMT, insurance covers the actual bill.) I was nervous about COVID safety but this is a small clinic and they’re taking it really seriously (face shields and masks for all!), and it’s nice to have a massage - it’s the first “non-invasive, non-medical” human touch I’ll have since March, since I live by myself and have been strict about distancing. I have to say, it feels incredibly weird to be naked except a mask. Like being naked with a watch on.
12:45pm - I feel so much better! I walk a long route home to enjoy the sunshine and stop at a bakery and pick up some pumpkin, apple, and caramel scones ($12 for three, incl tip), since they have a little doorway table for service. Most cafes in the neighbourhood have restored indoor seating and I feel weird about going inside past unmasked diners. Once I get back home I have a scone, spend a couple of hours answering students’ questions for my teaching job, and wash some dishes in the kitchen. The afternoon sort of disappears into that, plus some random internet browsing/YouTube sewing tutorials.
6pm - Therapy call (prepaid - I use BetterHelp and pay quarterly - I’m due to pay in 2 weeks). I am so grateful to be back in therapy. Isolation has been hard on me, and my medical situation really left me raw. It’s scary to have a totally normal day and end it in an ambulance unexpectedly, and I’m still unpacking my feelings about it.
7pm - I sodastream some water, add lavender syrup, and hop on Zoom for game night with some friends. We play Jackbox games together and snort-laugh the whole way through. This is a new group I was just starting to befriend IRL in the weeks before the pandemic. These weekly game nights have been so great to keep the momentum.
9pm - I dress my last tortilla as a pizza, bake it, and then dump the remainder of a box of arugula on top after it’s out of the oven and eat it over the sink like a crispy pizza taco. After eating I text a bit with a guy I met on reddit (henceforth RG - Reddit Guy - same guy from my last MD.) He sends me a video of his dog doing tricks, and we count down and hit play on the same TV episode. We’ve been doing this little nightly ritual since the start of the pandemic, and it’s a nice way to keep this long-distance whatever-this-is going. Things have stepped up from merely flirty to decidedly romantic in the last year, but with the US/Canadian border closed for the foreseeable future who knows where this is going or if we’ll ever get to meet.
11:30pm - I have a quick warm bath before bedtime and after making a nest from all my pillows, fall asleep to a “sleep story” from the Calm app. Some smooth-voiced man talking about an island in Norway takes me away.

Day 2 - Friday ($69)

8am - I wake up before my alarm, laze around in bed reading newsletters and reddit. I open my work email, file away all the automated messages I get from our software, and close it again. I usually check it once a day on vacation just to clear that shit as a gift to my future self.
9:30am - I shower while listening to a podcast and check my messages while brushing my teeth. A neighbourhood pal asks if I want to have a coffee in the park with her before it gets too cold for these outside meetups. I reply and we arrange a plan to meet up.
10:15am - My friend texts and says she’s going to stop at Starbucks on her way to the park - do I want her to grab me anything? I mobile order a caramel apple spice ($5 - I’m off caffeine - doctor’s orders) and tell her it should be there waiting when she gets there. I bring the two remaining scones from yesterday’s bakery trip for us. We hang out at the park for a few hours on our distanced blankets, chatting until our fingertips are thoroughly chilled. Like a lot of my friends, the pandemic has had her and her partner seeking cheaper, more spacious dwellings out of the city. They’re moving in a few months. This is the fourth such announcement I’ve had this fall, so I’m better at being excited for them and asking questions all about their new digs rather than being openly bummed. But inside I’m a little gutted. It’s hard to watch my people move away!
12:30pm: I took the long route home from the park, then settle in with some mint tea and check on my students. I’m teaching online this semester and the course is “asynchronous” - meaning they move through interactive modules of written+video content at their own pace, so I post and reply frequently on the discussion boards, answer emails, and help them along. I have a chatty group this term - there’s a very active kdrama discussion thread in the “non-course related” board. I love when my online students still work at connecting with their classmates - I can’t imagine what it would be like trying to do fully online school and missing out on that in-person experience.
2pm - I whip up a quick chicken soup with some chicken and veggies from the freezer, some egg noodles and a bouillon cube and eat that before spending the afternoon cleaning up - vacuuming, laundry, and online browsing for some sewing supplies. I spend $64 on some additional fabric and bias tape I keep forgetting to buy to finish some projects. I can’t wait to go to fabric stores in person again someday. While waiting for my stuff to finish in the dryer, I do a short Yoga with Adriene video.
7:30pm - After dinner, a friend calls to complain about her boyfriend and we chat for awhile while I organize my craft supplies into bins I picked up at the dollar store last weekend. He’s been a grade-A dingus since the beginning of the pandemic, and just told her one of his roommates tested positive for COVID - on Monday. He stayed with her Tuesday and Wednesday and “forgot to mention it”. DUDE. C’mon! I tell her if she needs anything dropped off at her place - groceries, drugstore stuff, emergency ice cream or baked goods - just call.
10pm - I make some popcorn and queue up Kim’s Convenience with RG, we chitchat about the day and plans for the weekend. After a few episodes I crawl into bed while he tells me all about a COVID-safe date we could go on if we weren’t separated by a few hundred kilometres. It’s a nice daydream.

Day 3 - Saturday ($0)

~1am - My downstairs neighbours are suddenly blasting music so loud my bedframe is vibrating. At 1am. Shoot me. By 1:45 I’m over it and go downstairs to knock on their door. I bang on their door a few times, no answer. One of the other tenants down the hall comes out, we commiserate over the noise. He bangs on the door too, but the music blasts on. We shrug at eachother and go back to our apartments.
~2am - I’m losing my mind at the noise, which seems to be coming from directly under my bedroom. Assuming they maybe have the bedroom door closed and couldn’t hear the knocking, I go to the living room and grab my set of weights and start dropping them on the bedroom floor over and over again like a maniac hoping to catch their attention. It works though - after a few minutes the music is off. Sweet silence!
8:45am - I wake up, roll over, and doze a bit more before getting up to take my medication and instead of staying up, I crawl back in. I chat with RG a bit and send a check-in text to my friend with the crummy boyfriend.
10:45am - I finally get out of bed (I love laying around. If I’m going to be single with no responsibilities I am going to bask in every moment of it) and I eat leftover roasted cauliflower from last night’s dinner for breakfast. Afterwards I clean the bathroom, put away my laundry from yesterday, and log on to my online class to check in on my students and reply to their posts, and review the material that’s going up next week.
4pm - After the day spent with chores I finish putting together a meal plan for the week and grocery order for delivery tomorrow. I actually love grocery shopping in person, but with the uptick in cases recently I’m less interested in going. Afterwards I check my online class forums again (there’s an assignment due tonight so I want to watch for questions) and then go for a short walk around my neighbourhood. It’s nice to get out a bit and see the leaves changing.
6pm - I make a chickpea and lentil curry in my Instant Pot, adding an assortment of random veggies from my freezer, while RG shoots me a text about starting our “together time” a bit early tonight so we can watch Hamilton together. I agree, and after dinner work on some sewing.
9:30pm - Almost completely finished sewing a shirt - I’ll finish the hem another day and the neckline when the bias tape I ordered shows up. I put everything away and I eat some arrowroot crackers with nutella while watching Hamilton with RG. I’ve already seen it a few times but I love it. Midway through I exchange a few emails with a student who is rapidly approaching the midnight assignment deadline and just can’t get her code working. I can tell right away she’s made a teeny tiny typo that’s had a domino effect on her whole assignment. I point her in the right direction, she fixes it, and ends the night happy.
12am - Curling up in bed. I put on another Calm app story and fall asleep.

Day 4 - Sunday ($127)

7:30am - Trying to reacquaint myself with my alarm after a few days off. I roll over and doze a little until 8, then get up, take my meds, and hop in the shower.
9:45am - One of my American friends calls to chat. She was invited to a wedding and doesn’t want to go because the groom’s family are anti-mask QAnon types and she won’t feel safe there. We brainstorm about what kind of gift is appropriate as an in-absentia “Sorry you married into a family of nutjobs” gift.
10:30am - I wash the dishes from last night, then make a sandwich with hummus and sliced veggies and sit down to eat it while I download my students’ assignments for the week and reply to a few more discussion posts. I’ll get to grading later this afternoon.
1pm - Time vanished into a bunch of little tasks and a wormhole of researching possible holiday gifts for family members.I text with my brother’s girlfriend to get a sense of their whereabouts this week - I’m trying to get a birthday treat delivered to his apartment. She confirms a date and I place the order for some safe-to-eat-raw cookie dough in fun flavours ($37). I’m secretly jealous that this place isn’t local to me because it sounds delicious.
2pm - I sodastream some water, add lime juice, and heat up some leftover curry from last night and settle in to start grading assignments with some music.
4pm - My mom calls to talk about Thanksgiving (next weekend here in Canada). They really want me to come, but with cases rising in the province I don’t know how safe it is and I have a lot of guilt about bringing my city cooties to them in a rural area. They haven’t been that cautious - she talks at length about going to a party the night before. By the end of the call I’m frustrated and undecided. It’s pretty clear if I opt not to go I’ll be the “bad guy”, the daughter who abandoned everyone to move to the city and thinks she’s smarter than everyone else. But I have a lot of anxiety around it.
5:30pm - My grocery delivery arrives ($90, including a tip for the delivery person). I put everything away and eat a few pieces of dried pineapple and mango before getting back to marking.
7:30pm - I cook some salmon and roasted veggies and, while eating, text with a friend about my Thanksgiving dilemma. She’s in a similar boat with her parents, we weigh the pros and cons together but neither of us end up deciding anything.
10pm - I watch an episode of Kim’s Convenience with RG before he goes to bed (he has an early morning tomorrow) and afterwards do a Yoga with Adriene video, poke around on Reddit, and go to bed myself around 11.

Day 5 - Monday ($9)

7:15am - Alarm goes off. I wake up, but mostly scroll Reddit until 8. I desperately miss working from an office with other people and better chairs, but if WFH ever ends I will miss getting to stay in bed as long as humanly possible.
8am - Shower, moisturize and put on some lipstain - that’s the extent of my morning routine these days. I get dressed (I’ve been wearing the same threadbare jeans almost all quarantine. They’re so comfortable, but hideous). I make some tea and oatmeal and move over to my desk.
8:45am - I check my credit card statement online while eating. A return I’ve been waiting on is finally processed (+$41.28) - returns by mail are so slow - I put the parcel in over a month ago. I check my class boards too - no new posts to reply to.
9am - Log into work and post my “hello” message in our staff chat. We have a “Hellos and Goodbyes” room to keep track of people’s comings and goings throughout the day. Our CEO pings me and asks how my time off was. He’s been very attentive since my hospitalization and has been checking in about my workload, how I’m feeling. It’s nice to fee seen.
10am - One on one with my junior PM. We chat on Zoom re: what’s on the docket for our projects this month, and I take her temperature a bit re: work/life balance, how she’s managing our extended work from home and the pandemic. She has a lot of vacation days left and I encourage her to use them even if she’s not planning to go away - mental health and rest is important!
11am - One on one with my manager. She calls via phone since her teenage daughter is doing school on Zoom and their internet is overtaxed. She runs through what I missed last week and updates me on a new project I’ll be taking over from her later this month. I’m currently responsible for ⅗ of our major software projects and this will bring me up to ⅘. (Don’t think I won’t make a big deal about that when it comes time for our next reviews.)
11:45am - Answer a customer support email from someone struggling to use the site. After a bit of back and forth I discover it’s because they’re using a decade-old version of Internet Explorer. I hop on the phone, walk them through upgrading to Edge, and they’re a happy camper. We don’t have customer support at our org - the PMs and Junior PMs manage support for their projects. Some days I hate it, but most of the time it’s satisfying to tackle a small and solvable problem amidst the bigger-picture work.
1pm: Team meeting with my software team. We usually do these in the morning but one of the devs had to take his kid for a COVID test since he’s a bit sniffly - schools here are pretty strict. It’s a short meeting, just getting a sense of how everyone’s moving through the current open projects, and then a show-and-tell of pets, since the aforementioned sniffly kid joined at the end. I do not have any pets and am as delighted by them as the kid.
1:20pm: Lunchtime! I heat up some leftover curry and chat a bit with RG, who’s checking in about my stress level. Since my hospital stay he’s been worried about me pushing too hard and not giving myself time to heal. We talk about our mornings and he tells me he added some new songs he thinks I’ll like to a shared Spotify playlist, so I know what I’ll be listening to this afternoon.
2pm: I spend the afternoon working on spec writing for upcoming development projects while my developers investigate a bug a customer reported over lunch.
5:10pm - I set an alarm on my phone to go off when it’s time to log off for the day. I change into some pants with more structural integrity, mask and jacket up, and go for a walk.
5:45pm: While I’m at the pharmacy picking up my prescription, the pharmacist mentions they have flu shots in, so I get one while I’m there. ($8 for my prescriptions, $1 for the impulse coffee crisp bar, $0 for the peace of mind of being flu-free even if I barely leave my house). While I’m walking home, RG calls from his commute to ask what I’m going to do about Thanksgiving. He thinks I should go - it’s generally safe in my parents’ area (less than 30 active cases in the county), and he gently suggests that the fall is probably going to be pretty hard on me emotionally and it might be a good idea to take the opportunity to go away while it’s relatively safe. I keep thinking it over.
6pm - Cook some chicken and roasted veggies for dinner, and after eating, set up my sewing stuff to finish up that shirt hem and start cutting pattern pieces for another project, a robe, while listening to podcasts.
10pm - I set up my iPad on a stool next to my bathtub and watch Kim’s Convenience with RG on chat while soaking in the warm, bubbly water and drinking some chamomile tea, and eventually dry off and head to bed around 11:30.

Day 6 - Tuesday ($0)

8am - Did I snooze my alarm for an hour? You bet. I just couldn’t stay asleep last night. When I finally wake up, RG has left a little video message for me, which I watch, and then watch again, and then start getting ready for the day. I braided my hair before bed so I have those great post-braid waves today.
8:55am - At my desk, logged in and ready to go with some oatmeal. I drop a note in the staff Hellos and Goodbyes and peek at my class discussion board before picking up where I left off yesterday.
10am - Client call. This client is hoping to do something a little “off label” with our tools. We chat a bit about what they’re hoping to accomplish and what their goals are, and I answer a few data questions for them.
10:30am - Team meeting! We spend some time puzzling through my client’s “off label” ideas, do some digging on another client’s data issue, and then spend a little time watching a funny news blooper one of the devs screenshares and joking around. I don't mind a little fun in our meetings!
11am - Biweekly all-staff meeting. Our CEO gives a little roundup of how things are going big-picture, and then one by one each of my colleagues gives a brief update of what they’re working on. Many pets and children make appearances - as a group the general vibe with interruptions on zooms is “delight”, which I appreciate. Nobody’s trying to “keep up appearances”. It’s all a mess we’re in together.
12:20pm - Lunchtime. Check COVID case counts again for my parents’ area (still undecided) while chatting with a friend about her thanksgiving plans. She and her husband have been isolating at a family cabin since early summer, when their city apartment building started renovating. They’re planning a “so bad it’s good” movie marathon, so while I eat leftover curry we chat about our favourite bad-good movies.
1:25pm- Reacquainting myself with some material for my 2pm meeting. I’m on an HR Committee at work and we’re meeting to check in on our work/life and wellness strategies as we head into another WFH quarter. The transition to remote has gone (mostly) well for our company, but there’s always room to improve!
3pm - After the HR meeting I put together a custom report request for our database team to run for me, and then pull up our team’s roadmap for the fiscal year and make some tweaks. I share developers with other teams and I know a big project has dropped in for them elsewhere, so I adjust. We’re already close to hitting our metrics for the year so I’m happy to let the other teams keep my devs busy for awhile while I prep and spec some larger feature builds for them.
4pm - My friend with the dingus boyfriend texts. Luckily, both she and her boyfriend tested negative, but since he lives with someone who’s sick, they’ll both need to test again in a few days. She talks about wanting to break up with him. I encourage her to take her time thinking about it. I think they should break up - he’s a dope. But she’s the one in the relationship - not my call!
5:15pm - I log off for a bit. I’m feeling a bit drained today. I didn’t sleep well last night and I know my indecision about Thanksgiving is weighing on me. I do a yoga video and lay on the floor crying afterward. It happens, part of that good ol’ depression life. Sometimes you just need a lil cry. I’ve been really emotionally overwhelmed since my hospitalization, and some close friends have really broken my trust recently. I’m working on it with my therapist, but sometimes you’re just fresh outta emotional juice, and while I love my family, we’re not close - time with them would be nice, but it’s not restorative.
7:10pm - Alright alright. Time to rally. I log on to my online portal and reply to my students’ board posts and questions. They seem like they’re doing a good job grasping the material, which makes me happy. I never wanted to be a teacher but it makes me feel so satisfied when I can see their progress. It cheers me up a little.
8:45pm - Time got away from me doing that work. I throw some fish and veggies into the oven and call my parents. I tell them I'm still undecided about Thanksgiving, Mom complains that I'm taking things too seriously, I text her the graph of cases again. She tells me I can make a day-before decision if I want to, that they'll isolate the rest of the week, for real, but she just needs to know by Friday around noon if I want to be picked up. I appreciate the extra time to consider things. Then Mom asks me to place a grocery click-and-collect order for her (she's not good at internet). I say I will, and she proceeds to slowly text me a grocery list one item at a time for the next hour. LOL. Moms.
10:15pm - I drink some sparkling water while watching Kim’s Convenience with RG on chat. After one episode I’m wiped, so I go to wash up. By the time I’m getting into bed, RG has left me a video message - the first half is his dog adorably snoring. The second half is just him telling me everything’s going to be OK and apologizing that he can’t be here to do our own Thanksgiving. Cry again - happier tears this time.

Day 7 - Wednesday ($0)

8:20am - Cutting it close today, wakeup-wise. It took me forever to fall asleep last night so I snooze a lot today, but when I finally get up, RG’s left me another voice memo encouraging me to get up and kick this day’s ass. I’ll try! I have a quick shower, mist my hair to refresh the curl a little, and get dressed.
9am - Log on and say hi to the team, then help the marketing team with some content for our monthly newsletter. Once that’s done, I make a smoothie with frozen mango and dragonfruit, then head back to my desk to load some data into our internal dashboards for our CEO’s reports later this week. Once it’s loaded, he DMs me and we chat a bit about the comparison year over year, possible insights, nerd out about graphs a bit.
10:30am - Team meeting. Alongside the usual updates I’ve added extra time to discuss some upcoming features and the specs I have in progress. I don’t love speccing something without involving them - they feel a lot more ownership when they’ve had a chance to be involved in the process. They get really excited about the new build and ask if I can reassign them to this instead of the other project they’re pinch hitting on now. Nice try!
12:15pm - Lunchtime! Some colleagues and I hop into Netflix Party to watch an episode of Queer Eye together. When we were in the office we used to have occasional TV lunch parties so we’ve been trying to mimic that in our new WFH life. I eat the last of my leftover curry while our Netflix Party chat goes OFF in full home-porn-drool at the reveal of Bobby’s house makeover.
1pm - Back to work, more data audits for our research team.
2pm - Internal meeting with another colleague about a section of her project I’m pitch-hitting on - super productive. She runs a tight meeting and I really admire her. After the meeting I write specs for the rest of the day based on the meeting this morning. I put on some old episodes of Reply All and get stuck in.
5:15pm - Head out for a short walk around the neighbourhood to get some air and outside time, talk a bit with RG while he’s on his commute. Once I’m back home, I do some tidying up.
6pm - Therapy call, I talk a bit about my Thanksgiving dilemma but we move on to other topics too. Feeling a bit better than yesterday, but a little rough around the edges. These are the kinds of days where I tend to feel tempted to order in, and while I scroll UberEats, nothing really looks that good, so I close the app and decide to just cook what I’d planned.
7pm - Make dinner, chicken and roasted veggies again. What can I say, I’ll party down on garlicky roasted broccoli any day of the week. I wash dishes when I’m done eating.
8pm - Pop online to check out my students’ posts for the day and reply to some emails. I briefly scroll through stuff on the IKEA website. I’ve been hoping to get some inserts for my Kallax unit, but the ones I want aren’t in stock, still.
9pm - Shower and wash my hair. I get out a shower scrub from Lush and really go to town, I do the Aztec Secret clay mask too. Why not!
9:45pm - Post up on the couch with some sparkling water, ready for TV time with RG. We watch the last two episodes of Kim’s Convenience and chat a bit before bed about what to watch next - we have a lot of good options, but decide to just see what we’re in the mood for tomorrow.
Weekly Total: $247
Reflections: I keep an MD 365 days a year so I can tell by comparison this is on the lower end of an average range for this year so far - I usually get delivery at least once a week (sometimes twice), but I wasn’t feeling it this week! My average spend has really been ticking down the last couple of months. While the pandemic sucks and the isolation is rough (shoutout to my fellow live-aloners), I’m enjoying not spending as much, and that my spending is really heavily weighted toward things that contribute to my sense of well-being.
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2020.10.08 14:10 Kiriima The Great Ordeal: Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Alpha Experience (review)

The Great Ordeal: Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Alpha Experience (review)
  • _I_ _am_ _not_ _the_ _author_, but the translator and I don't own the alpha myself. The author has signed up on reddit today so you can direct your questions to u/akar_dorn. I am sure some alpha testers on this subreddit would also gladly join the conversation.
  • (Mostly for mods) The author did receive permission to write this review from the Owlcat Games community managers and I to upload it on Reddit so we are safe here.
  • The source is written in Russian for the Russian-speaking community. I edited it to the best of my abilities regarding Pathfinder names and terms (oh those names), but don't dare to call it impeccable.
  • The author made a number of screenshots in Russian localization, I translated the essentials of them [in this manner]. I repeat, everything outside of [] is from the original article. Reddit supports only a certain number of images uploads (20mb or so), plus quite a few people over the world have slow/limited internet connection therefore I leave actual game images in links to full-sized versions.
  • This review contains very mild spoilers, don't miss a separate warning if you don't want to read them.
Now let me present to you the first and the only review of this alpha according to my knowledge.

The Great Ordeal: Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Alpha Experience

Prepared with permission and support from Owlcat Games
This material is based on the 0.4.0 - 0.4.2a version of the game, available to those who supported the Owlcat Games project during the crowdfunding campaign in March-February of this year.
At the request of the studio representatives - and the common sense of the author himself - spoilers in the review were kept to a minimum. However, the reader should keep in mind that in order to demonstrate the changes in atmosphere and narrative, I will touch on the lore of the setting, the stories of some of the characters, the backstory, and the prologue of an unreleased game. This review also presents screenshots of dialogues that are not important for the main plot.
Just in case, I remind you that the project is at the early stage of production, which is why many of the elements described in the article are only a framework for future mechanics and not their final embodiment.
Taking this opportunity, I express my gratitude to the Owlcat Games studio, as well as the administration of their official VK-group for their help in preparing this work.
Now let's get started.

Introduction. Battle for the Abyss.

A big fall always starts with one small step.
Three pillars of evil from the Outer Planes: neutral daimon, law-abiding devil and chaotic demon.
The ancient lands of Sarcoris were drowned in fire and blood when Areelu Vorlesh, a scientist convicted of practicing forbidden sorcery, opened a portal to the most terrifying corner of the universe. Countless hordes of demons, led by the monstrous Baphomet and Deskari, poured into Golarion, tearing apart those who dared to resist them and poisoning the very essence of the material plane with the evil and chaos of the Abyss that gave birth to them. Where the half-wild Sarcoris once lay, now the body of Golarion is disfigured by the enormous Worldwound.
However, in the days of great disasters, it becomes ordinary to unite before the face of a common threat. The neighboring countries of Sarcoris chose not to wait for a repeat of his fate. Led by the church of the goddess Iomedae, hundreds of thousands of soldiers from all over the world have come together to fight the greatest threat to the world since the day of the Earthfall and drive the demons back into their realm of destruction and vice.
So the First Crusade began!
And the Second followed it...
And the Third...
And the Fourth...
A hundred years have passed since the discovery of the Worlwound, and every day the chances that this nightmare will end in victory are sinking deeper into darkness. Only the World Stones - divine obelisks that prevent the Worldwound from growing - give mortals an elusive hope that the threat will at least be contained.
But the Stone is a stone. It is washed out with water and crumbles from strong blows. And what crumbles can be broken.
The story of Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous begins on the day when a band of demons and cultists personally led by Lord Deskari make a surprise attack on Kenabres and severely damage one of the World Stones.
Deskari, Lord of the Locust, and Herald of the Apocalypse.
Many defenders perish, demon-worshipping spies plunge Kenabres into chaos and anarchy, and the blow of the scythe of Deskari, which killed the heroic dragon Terendelev, splits the city to deep caves, where the descendants of the first crusaders, distorted by the Abyss, hide from light and human eyes.
And it is there the future commander of the Fifth Crusade finds incredible strength.

Chapter one. Crusade of children.
When it comes to Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous, it's impossible not to compare it to Owlcat' first game. Pathfinder: Kingmaker at one time extremely disappointed the audience with a poor state at the time of release, but over time it still managed to earn well-deserved love and recognition.
This was largely due to the developers' sincere love for the original and their offspring, as well as the incredible hard work with which they were fixing bugs for a long time and adding more and more content to the game due to paid and free updates. When their work was completed, Kingmaker was regarded by some as one of the best CRPGs ever made.
When the sequel's Kickstarter campaign was announced, money poured into Owlcat Games, making Wrath of the Righteous the most successful project on the site in the Russian market segment.
I, like a number of others who supported the project, got access to the alpha testing of the game and now I hurry to share with you what Owlcat plans to please players with in 2021.
First, let's talk about the changes in the basic gameplay, and then move on to the most important innovations.
\Scene of battle, beware old interface])
The first thing that catches your eye is the correction of the mistakes of the first part.
Kingmaker, aside from bugs, was heavily criticized for three kind of things: poor graphics, harsh ruthlessness towards newcomers, and too high defenses of enemies, which led to the notorious "miss-miss-miss-miss".
These moments were more or less corrected and ironed out in the sequel.
The graphics have been significantly improved in comparison to the first game. Characters, weapons, and armor have noticeably increased in detail, and although their level (partly due to the peculiarities of the art design and budget) is inferior to the second Pillars of Eternity and Divinity: Original Sin 2, the new models of heroes in the inventory window look relatively passable and quite capable to please the eye.
\New inventory interface])
Another thing is a smart tutorial, which describes in great detail the basic game mechanics and is able to accompany the player throughout the entire game if they so wish. Owlcat is still working on this feature, promising even a character builds planning help, but this is a question for future versions, as for now let's move on.
The problem of constant misses, at first glance, was also solved. I passed alpha in equal proportions on "easy" and "normal", switching to higher gears a couple of times. Apart from those latter times, only once I came across a mini-boss with extremely high armor class, but otherwise, there were no situations with numerous misses in the game.
However, correcting errors alone will not go far, and the authors, in order to follow the letter and spirit of the original PnP, chose the path of "expanding in breadth."
One of the things that many have come to love with Kingmaker is the enormous amount of variation when it comes to creating the protagonist. Race, subrace (for tieflings and aasimars), class, subclass archetype, heritage, gods, domains, animal companions, familiars...
At one time, there was a joke that those who did not refund Kingmaker due to bugs simply could not cope with character creation.
Well, in Wrath of the Righteous Owlcat Games decided to go even further, adding 3 new races with subraces, almost a dozen new classes, new archetypes to the old ones, and the ability to choose the homeland or the social class for the protagonist. And this is all only if you throw overboard the prestige classes, the ability to ride an animal companion, new traits and spells. In this regard, WotR has come closer than ever to a simulator of creating an RPG adventure.
\Ok, so here we see yet old character creation screen and certain new archetypes.)
Arcanist: Base, Brown-Fur Transmuter, Eldritch Font (I think, Unlettered Arcanist, White Mage)
Kineticist: Blood Kineticist, Overwhelming Soul
Rogue: Sylvan Trickster, Underground Chemist
Wizard: Exploiter Wizard\)
As part of my preferences and gaming experience, I chose an Eldritch Scion aasimar girl (Magus archetype, half-warrior-half-sorcerer with the Heritage system) as the protagonist and set off to liberate the demon-occupied Kenabres.
The gameplay itself hasn't undergone any noticeable changes. This is the same familiar RTwP mechanic from the original, inspired by the Obsidian and old Bioware games. The player still controls a party of six heroes, hands out buffs and debuffs, delivers good and inflicts justice along the way, rests in the camp, passes skill checks, and collects loot scattered around the corners of the map.
\Another scene of battle])
There will be a turn-based mode, but in the alpha, it is yet missing.
However, if the core of the gameplay has not changed, the things around it have changed very, very much.
First, there is a rotating camera in the spirit of Expeditions: Viking and D:OS2, which is a useful innovation, allowing you to look at locations from different angles and look for twists hidden by developers.
However, its overall functional performance is slightly overshadowed by Owlcat's change in approach to map- and level-design of the sequel's locations. If Kingmaker was distinguished by relatively flat territories, then the lands of the World Plague are full of hills, mountains, lowlands, and other irregularities in the landscape, which, if the camera is incorrectly rotated, can lead to a large physical object blocking the party view.
\One]) \Two])
The same location in different angles.
In general, in the wilderness, this problem is minimal, but in large cities with their rows of walls and towers, the camera strives to stumble over a donjon. This is more of an annoyance than a real inconvenience, but it is still desirable to correct it for release.
However, it cannot be said that the level design in the sequel has become worse. Just the opposite. Now locations are actively crammed with secret passages, riddles, sub-locations and places for checking party skills. The epic assault on the city at the end of the second act can even be turned into Assassins Creed with jumping over the rooftops onto the city walls. To summarize, I would say that the new location design allows the player much more variability compared to Kingmaker.
Nothing is forced, everything is allowed...
It is also worth noting the emergence of directed cut-scenes. In terms of their visuals, they look good and are distinguished by quite a decent staging and camera work. In general, I would call them functional, but it may be worth working on the graphics engine further.
Deskari attack on Kenabres is done well.
Only graphic shortcomings and missing textures harm the epic, but those are expected from 0.4.0 alpha.
I did not notice any other important changes in the gameplay at its core. In general, it functions as before. However, none of this was the game's leading selling point.

Chapter two. Where an angel hesitates to take a step
The main innovation that Owlcat Games is presenting to the player is the Mythical Path system that migrated from the original PnP, designed to seriously diversify the leveling progression and storyline of Wrath of the Righteous.
What is it?
In simple terms, Mythic Paths are a parallel system of unique classes that endows the character with abilities that far exceed ordinary mortals’ reach.
The mythical hero is a character who wields the power to defeat powerful demon-balors with one single blow and single-handedly engage in a battle with the hordes of the Abyss without a chance for the latter to survive.
\)Mystic Power: you get 100% Fortified (immunity to crits/sneaks I presume, DR 10/-, 20 resistance to fire, water, and the rest. Your spell ignores ALL resistances and your enemies fail ALL saves. Attack spells add 100% divine damage and staggered/shaken (not sure about exact terms here) conditions.)
You also get 2 additional attacks per round and a +5 mythic bonus to attack. All your attacks ignore DR, automatically confirm crits and deal 100% additional divine damage. Your first attack of a round deal 4d6 additional damage in a line or cone depending on its type\)
Where these forces come from and what they are worth is one of the plot main mysteries.
In the Owlcat Games interpretation, the Mythic system represents a gradual transformation of the protagonist into one of the extraplanar creatures or powerful creatures of the material plane of the Pathfinder world, each of which is endowed with unique gameplay features.
In the alpha, a reduced number of mythics is available compared to what was promised for the release, but the list is already quite diverse:
Azata (akin to angels, chaotic-good extraplanar creatures, patrons of art and freedom)
Aeon (the ruthless embodiment of law, order, and balance in the universe)
and Trickster (an entity that rearranges reality “just for lulz”)
However, it will take some time before you get the opportunity to choose one of the above paths - after all, this part of leveling is timed to plot events. And, importantly, some of the paths can inadvertently be skipped.
\Mythic list with Angel picked)\)
In the course of my playthrough, I skipped the Trickster storyline, so at the moment of choosing the "mythic" it was not on the list at all.
Since the paths are tied to the hero's alignment, I had a choice between an angel and an azata. I decided to test both of them, and therefore first went for the azata, and then rebooted at the end of the second act and took the angelic path. Well, I can say that they differ significantly in gameplay.
The Angel receives an updated priest spellbook altogether with a set of its own super-powerful spells. The Azata gets at its disposal a set of truly powerful "superpowers" ... and the cutest dragon-companion, which is unusually useful in battle and constantly talks about sweets.
Owlcat Games asked testers to not upload any videos. Angel Magic GIF is from the game's Kickstarter page.
\This) dialog is filled with cuteness and freshly invented words so therefore I give up on translating it. But you still can look at the dragon baby\)
The wisdom of dragons is indisputable!
And here we smoothly move on to another feature of the Mythic Paths. Not only do they give incredible powers - the Azata feat, which allows you to carry any weapon and armor and at the same time give a solid increase to all skills, I'm looking at you! - they also seriously change the plot of Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous.
First, the order and prerequisites for obtaining some quests are changing. For example, I received an important story quest for obtaining the fourth level of the mythic for the azata at the very beginning of the third act, and for the angel, it was almost the last one.
Secondly, unique and rather lengthy questlines and plot twists and turns appear. An angel visits an ancient order of astrologers. The azata collects an army of extravagant "free crusaders". With the angel, I mostly communicated with the herald of the goddess Iomedae. With the azata learned the history of the old enmity between sculptors-cavaliers and confectioners-pikemen...
\) Here Gnome: We are sculptor-cavaliers! The future is ours!
Gnome: We are sculptor-cavaliers! The future is ours!
Gnome: We are sculptor-cavaliers! The future is ours!\)
…no, it’s not a joke.
Mythic Paths also affect regular NPCs and companions. The first ones comment on what you are becoming. The latter receive mythical levels themselves (without choosing a path) and sometimes can indirectly participate in your mythical quests.
Another thing that mythics bring is the disappearance of the alignment dialogue options that filled Kingmaker. Those who played the first Owlcat game remember that in the first act, a character with a neutral alignment could avoid participation in the war of mites and kobolds, and a good one could avoid killing the bandit Kressle. In WotR, a different set of options is responsible for this, tied to mythics rather than alignment.
\)The dialog itself here lacks context, but those options look like:
3. (to lawful [Angel Path] [Show Heaven’s Wrath]) text
4. (to chaotic) text\)
Finishing, it must be said that I asked Owlcat Games about the possibility of changing Mythic Paths in the later stages of the game, and their representative confirmed this possibility.
That's all I can say about the Mythic Paths today. They give the player tremendous replay value, gameplay variety, and unique storylines. However, this is not all that the sequel strives to surprise with.

Chapter three. Heroes of Cross and Crusade.

Perhaps the most intriguing goal of the Wrath of the Righteous Kickstarter campaign was adding army-to-army tactical battles in the spirit of the legendary Heroes of Might and Magic series to the sequel.
Nival is an interesting campaign in many ways. Few in the industry can boast of working on games of different genres. And even fewer are those who have shown themselves well in literally every one.
Owlcat Games - in particular, the core of their team - are the natives of Nival Interactive responsible for the fifth part of the cult series, and they used their experience to make its fans feel at home in WotR.
In the sequel, the player takes personal control of not only his party, but also the numerous armies of the crusade, and uses them to destroy the demonic hordes that stand in the way.
\Barnd new tactical battle])
It is currently the youngest of WotR mechanics, but HoMM fans may already recognize many of the elements dear to their hearts. Hiring units with unique abilities, recruiting generals with spell books, different types of resources, rebuilding cities, turn-by-turn battles, and weekly growth. The only thing missing is the astrologers announcing the week of berserk hamsters, but the rest is a careful transfer of a turn-based strategy inside an RPG.
The army uses developer-made roads when traveling the global map, but unlike our party, it has a limited number of turns per day.
Enemy armies blocking the path. Right now they can only defend but the developers want to add aggressive elements and even the possibility of losing your capital. P.S. Remember that many interface elements use old Kingmaker assets and are not the final draft.
And importantly, two different genres in the game are intertwined quite organically. By defeating the enemy army, the player can get not only resources for the strategic part of the game, but also the most valuable equipment for his party, and the occupation of enemy garrisons opens up new locations for exploration.
The influence of the party on the army is currently minimal, but after studying the info from the official forum and talking with the community manager, I can say that the situation should be different on release.
The choice of a Mythic Path will determine which units will be available in the player's army and what abilities they will possess. The developers are also thinking about the possibility of adding resources that are unique for mythics, but this element is still a subject of discussion. In any case, those who cherish nostalgia for the Necropolis faction can safely become a lich and send hordes of skeletons into battle.
\)'Artifact forging': Takes 5 days, the officer has +6 magic (no idea what that means. This belt gives the owner +2 enhancement bonus to Strength. If the owner is mounted and he or his mount make a critical strike the enemy is inflicted with an ‘exploding head’ syndrome for 1d3 rounds. Under this effect it starts to hear loud noises, taking -2 to attack and damage rolls…])
Each conquered artifact can be turned into one of the six possible equipment options. Some are ... pretty extreme.
To summarize, today the system is already felt working, functional and promising, but this is still only the backbone of what it will become.
At this point, I propose to end with the analysis of the gameplay of WotR and move on to the main part: radical changes in tone and narrative.
ATTENTION! The next part of the review contains spoilers that are not critical for the plot!

Chapter four. Black Crusade.

Anyone who played Kingmaker should remember that in terms of storytelling, it was in between the mundane Pillars of Eternity and the daring Divinity: Original Sin. On the one hand, at its core was a serious, moderately epic story that raised questions of the leader's responsibility to the society entrusted to him, and on the other, everything that surrounded the plot twists and turns was imbued with humor and the spirit of exploration, which, together with a team of scriptwriters who knew Russian from in the first place, created in many ways a unique and natively close of the CIS leitmotif.
In short, I would apply the epithets "cheerful", "cheerful" and "dear" to the Kingmaker story. And if you're expecting something similar from the sequel... prepared your expectations to be kicked 180 degrees.
\)One. Contains spoilers for Lann so I hesitate with translating it, but it's heavy\)
\)Two. A reminder that this is my translation and not official English localization! Here we go:
Sickening stench roams the room. Like in a slaughterhouse rows of human bodies are hanging on the iron hooks under the ceiling. Some are still, some are twitching and groaning. Female voice spreads pray, faintly. "Saint Iomedae... Forsake... Kha-kha... Forsake us not... In the rotten darkness... But spare us from evil... With your hand...\)
\)Three. Recruit: With trembling hand, the knight brings the knife to his face. "Those eyes that dared to look at you with lust... Take them, oh goddess!" With a hushed moan, the knight cut out his eyes and presents two bloody lumps to the succubus.
Succubus: "I accept your gift!" Having taken the eyes with tender fingers, the succubus draws them along her иуддн and breasts, then places in her mouth and delightedly chews. Bloody mucus flows down her lips and chin. "Now, my knights, I want you to lick... Wait, who is there? What heretics have come to violate our sacrament?" The succubus point at you and the knights who still have their eyes submissively turn in your direction.\)
\)Four. Your throne stands firmly on the backs of naive fools and greedy for glory adventurers. I realized that when the demons brought commander Verstol to the square and pushed him into the healing font of Sarenrae. And then they lighted a fire under it. Commander was being cooked in it for three days and her once merciful yet now cruel blessing was preventing him from dying. His skin swelled in bubbles and peeled off his flesh. We were standing in the square and watching. Our naked bodies were tortured by the cold wind. All our blood flowed out of our wounds as if striving to run far away from that terrible place. Our throats were bleeding without water and our stomaches dried up without food. The whole three days, the commander couldn't die. His meat turned grey and smelled o sweet I hated myself and my desire to taste it. Commander Verstol had stopped screaming before the first midnight, was only wheezing since. On the third morning, this stern man who knew no pity to himself and the enemies started to whimper like a child. His tears were endless, he was boiling in his own tears! Then the font finally broke apart, notwithstanding this terror, and he died. The new owner of Drezed, the demoness Minago, had dinner with his flesh. But she was not greedy - each of us, captives tormented by hunger, was bestowed with a piece of the commander.\)
\)Five. The MC: What the sexual life of the demons looks like?
Arueshalae: "Everything the demons do look like a single thing: cannibalism. Everyone simply devours mortals and other demons in their own way. Some enjoy themselves by gnawing out pieces of flesh. Others prefer to subdue others, turn into slaves, and living tools. The thirds take joy in the humiliation of others. Various forms but the same essence - other creatures are items you use for the sake of your enjoyment.
Arueshalae: "Sex for demons does not differ from other forms of violence. In my last life... (spoiler, I stopped reading myself])
After going through the alpha two times, I still can't say with certainty what kind of "anger pills" the management of Owlcat Games mixes in their writers' dinners, but the degree of naturalism in their texts far exceeds anything I've seen in an RPG before.
Madness; torture; cannibalism; ghouls gnawing at the throats of the crusaders; scenes bordering on real body horror; savoring murder and even superficial descriptions of sexual violence - some of the moments you expect to see more in the pages of "Land Fit for Heroes" by Richard Morgan or "The Great Ordeal" by Scott Backer, but not in a classic isometric RPG.
\)Here. "Devour, 'underground crusaders'! Devour crusaders from the surface! Acquire your power!\)
But do you know what's amazing? All this looks extremely in place within the framework of the unfolding plot. Excessive violence in a work of art is often an element of "childishness" rather than "adulthood" of a story, but in WotR our enemy is the embodiment of evil in its worst forms, and the scriptwriters managed to write it down without reducing everything to shock for shock’s sake. This is a truly robust epic dark fantasy, where all elements of the story feel thoughtful, accurate, and morally ambiguous.
You see, the main conflict in Wrath of the Righteous doesn't even come close to the black and white fight of Good versus Evil that one would expect from Crusade Against Demons. On the contrary, even with the most ‘good’ playthrough, it comes out in black and gray colours at best.
\)More. Crusader: "Our weapons barely scratch the demons' hides! We will sacrifice this girl to Iomedae so the innocent blood could bless our weapons with power to destroy the Abyss spawns!\)
Under the banners of the crusade, not only gallant paladins and servants of good gods gather: ordinary people, green recruits, criminals, maniacs, and sometimes apologists of the most severe tyranny, compared to whom demons can seem like angels, fight next to them.
As a result, while playing, you will more than once encounter acts of betrayal and desertion, showdowns, cases of PTSD, "witch hunts", cowardice and intrigues of those who want to take over your crusade.
\)One. Partly, Sosiel: "On one knight in shining armor, there is a hundred with souls tormented by fear, cruelty, pain. Many seem to have forgotten why they are here and know of nothing but war. When the battle ends they get drunk half-dead and sleep in the dirt. the Rot alive and even not looking for help, have long forsaken themselves."\)
\)Two. Regill: "However, I think respect based on an adequate analysis of your adversary's value is acceptable. I deeply respected my teacher who had been training me for joining the ranks of hellknights. (spoilers])
\)Three. A moment later another scream reaches from above. Rolling over the edge of the canyon, another one of your soldiers falls down and crashes on rocks to death. The decoy squad above desperately fights for lives, theirs, - and yours.\)
The developers initially stated that they did not want to make the history of WotR one-sided, and instead filled it with ambiguity and intrigue on both sides of the conflict.
However, despite all of the above, it would be wrong to say that the sequel's narrative only contains especially dark and violent moments. Still, emotions are strong in contrast, and therefore the game still has room for humor, friendly gatherings, and moments of silence.
\)One, Two, Three, Four, Five - I am not lazy at all, no, I just think the player should discover them on their own!\)
For this, as usual in a party RPG, the main character's companions are primarily responsible. And, as in Kingmaker, each one carries something unique. A priest looking for a lost brother in war; personal cannibal slave; count-hedonist; either a crazy or holy elf girl and many others.
Some will make you laugh tirelessly (Lann, Woljif, and Daeran), others are impossible not to fall in love with at first sight (Arueshalae), and from the thirds you will run away to the demons because the Deskari hordes compared to their background are extremely adequate guys (there is one character out there, whom I was personally asked not to spoil about...).
Lann. A joker, handsome athlete, mutant-descendant of ancient crusaders, and simply OP archer. Mast have in any party.
Sosel. One of the few strictly 'good' characters in the party.
The person responsible for Arueshalae clearly understood what they were doing by adding a dialog option with a hint at love at first sight. Without jokes, a great character both in nature and writing. Hugs
Companions ended up with extremely memorable stories and personalities, constantly leading to friendly - or not so - squabbles.
As a conclusion, I can say that Owlcat approached the development of the narrative and story from a very unexpected and risky side. Epic and truly brutal dark fantasy is a rarity in the gaming industry, and despite the "hardcore" atmosphere, the plot and characters manage to captivate, and the clues scattered here and there hint at the possibility of a very interesting and unexpected payoff. As with Kingmaker, I'm more than happy with the story, and I want to unravel the net built by the developers as quickly as possible.


The Kickstarter page lists the release date as June 2021. Given everything that is happening in the world right now, I have some doubts about this date, but even if the game is postponed, I will look forward to its release with great impatience. I am sincerely pleased with what the alpha has offered and what the developers have outlined for future versions of the game.
There will be a beta test before the release, and maybe I'll even cover that too.
I hope you enjoyed this review and learned a lot from it.
In the meantime, I'm leaving. The path of the lich will not thread itself.
The end.
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2020.10.05 22:44 SaladDressingDude What is wrong with my Flask code/Jinja code?

I have the following in a site I'm building:
From this route, I'd like to pass two items to the template:
  1. The "general chat list" -- no problems here!;
  2. A "master string" list which will be a series of HREF URL links in the template

@app.route('/general_chat') def general_chat(): general_chat_posts = db.session.query(FORUM).filter(FORUM.subject=="general") general_chat_list=[] master_string_list=[] for row in general_chat_posts: general_chat_list.append(row.title + " (" + row.username + ")" + "--updated: " + str(row.last_comment_date)) s = f'{{ url_for("view_post", forum_post_number={row.forum_post_number}) }}' master_string_list.append(s) return render_template('general_chat.html', username=session['username_session'], general_chat_posts=general_chat_list, master_string=master_string_list) 
Now, in my template, I have this:
{% for items in general_chat_posts reverse %} {% set item_1 = general_chat_posts[loop.index-1] %} {% set item_2 = master_string[loop.index-1] %}  {{item_1}}
{% endfor %}
The script above successfully creates a series of hyperlinks.
I would like these to point to the following route (where every hyperlink has a unique "int:forum_post_number")
@app.route('/view_post/') def view_post(forum_post_number): test=forum_post_number 
That is, I'd like the template to contain a series of hyperlinks looking like this:
Instead, every single hyperlink points to the same location which is this:
Does anyone know what the heck a %7B is and why all my hyperlinks are pointing there?
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2020.10.04 08:02 Assertiveconception What got you into the men's rights movement?

I'm not a misogynist and I'm not against women, I don't think rape is a joke or that hitting them is ok, or treating them as second class citizens is acceptable, etc. But this seems to be a lot of people's blatant assumptions about the men's movement.
What got me into the movement, ironically, had absolutely nothing to do from within the movement itself, but negative generalizations about men and boys from outside the movement, who are obviously against it, which drew me to it. As a random example, a forum used to frequent (but quit specifically because of this) had a thread where a 29-year-old woman who was a teacher had a sexual relationship with a 13-year-old boy who was her student and they are all saying that she had done nothing wrong and doesn't' deserve to go to jail. They were openly advocating for the law to be changed, and for there to be a double standard: grown women can have sex with boys well under the age of consent without being prosecuted, but men who would do it to underage girls should be treated as pedophiles. I agree that men who have sex with underage girls should be treated as pedophiles, but I disagree with the double standard. The thread itself is very old (about 15 years actually) but it's a great example.
The opinions expressed absolutely disgusted me. To reiterate, reviewing this particular thread at a particular internet forum did not single-handedly cause me to sympathize with the men's movement or be a part of it. It was a gradual thing that built over time, after being exposed to an abundance of this anti-male bias.
I did not lose my virginity until I was 24, and I lost it to a woman who was 20. She racially fetishized me and took advantage of my innocence by riding me without a condom on, hoping I wouldn't notice (and I didn't at first) despite our agreement we would only have sex with the condom on. I am not completely innocent here because she had a fiance and was cheating on him with me. But I was 24 and desperate. However, she made things even worse than they had to be by calling him on the phone while riding me and telling him she loved him. By the end of it, she said her time with me was her away of getting revenge on the middle eastern customers who were rude to her where she worked (this is my ethnicity, though I am born and raised in America and not Muslim) I was genuinely hurt and humiliated. 100% true story
Now here is where I am going with this: If a 20-year-old woman is capable of that kind of damage to a 24-year-old man, it beyond ridiculous to assume a 29-year-old female teacher is incapable of any harm whatsoever to a 13-year boy who is her student. She is far older than him in terms of life experience (the human brain stops developing at 25 and he is only 13) AND as direct formal authority over him, a double whammy of power imbalance. But no, he must have been lucky, there's no possible way he was hurt, the law should be changed.
It is attitudes like this one random example that has only made me think the men's movement at least has some legitimate points.
That we are all mindless horndogs will always want to have sex with a woman no matter what and it's impossible for them to rape us. That we are all guilty of an abundant amount of original sin. That they make no positive generalizations about masculinity whatsoever (literally not even one) while making no negative generalizations about femininity, and then have the audacity to ask why some people call it man-hating.
To be clear: I accept that men rape women more often than the other way around for obvious, biological reasons. However, so many have taken such an extreme, anti-male position that makes me think the men's movement has legitimate concerns at least some of the time.
edit: The story I was talking about earlier, now in much more elaborate detail, provided with context:
I am going to copy/paste you the situation I was talking about from someone I was discussing privately from it, off of reddit. I described in much more thorough detail, and eloquently there. Context: From the same site the link was from about the 29-year-old teacher having a sexual relationship with her 13-year-old student, I have recently been banned from, for unrelated reasons. They told me they were considering permanently banning me, but hadn't made a final discussion, though I am currently banned and have been for some time. I was having a discussion with a sympathetic moderator who has considering unbanning me but informed this moderator privately that I am no longer going to request to be unbanned because of opinions expressed like the one in the link. Without further ado, here it is:
This isn't related to my apology to get unbanned, so I started a new thread due to lack of adequate reason for leif_erikson to review it. Before I proceed any further: At first, I will confess I was quite upset about this potential permaban when I was informed of it. However, I have contemplated this quite thoroughly and have formulated the determination that I will no longer attempt for it to be revoked. I will not go as far as to say I REQUEST that I am to be continued to be permabanned, but I will no longer try to convince any moderator or administrator to reverse the decision.
But as a result of your professional background, I want to share a personal story with you that, as one example, has made me no longer regret being permabanned, supposing that is what they have decided.
But before I disclose the unfortunate sequents of events, I want to make something abundantly clear, for context:
I am against rape. I acknowledge that specifically, men rape women far more often than the other way around. I am against men who abuse their partner or any woman in their lives, be it physically, sexually, emotionally. If another man implies or indicates to me that he sees women primarily as his subordinates, that they are beneath him and a piece of meat whose sole purpose in life is to please him, I will hold him accountable. I will reprimand him for it, and convey to him that his manner of conduct is grotesque and unacceptable. I also fight for abortion rights for women. I am 100% pro-choice and acknowledge it was far too hard for women to successfully have one in my country (United States). I acknowledge that our current president is highly misogynistic (and more likely than not a rapist himself), something I find to be appalling and unacceptable. I acknowledge there is sexism in the workplace that sometimes hinders women from advancing their careers, something I wish to be changed.
I am 29 now. The first and only time I engaged in coitus and physical intimacy with another individual, I was 24. I met her on OkCupid, and she lived approximately 100 miles from my personal living quarters. She was 20 at this duration of time, 4 years younger than me. Being 24 and a virgin, I was quite miserable. Male virgins (especially when they reach a certain age) are stigmatized to a remarkable extent in society, and in conjunction with that, there is an abundance of pop culture tropes that only exacerbate the problem. As such, I was quite desperate to have sex which she provided me the opportunity with. She was white, and I would say quite average in terms of being conventionally attractive. But that was more than acceptable to me. When I drove to see her, I was not prepared, however, for the calamity that would unfold. She made all kinds of mischaracterization about me based on my ethnicity (my dad is from Iran, though I was born and raised in the United States and not Muslim or anything similar and 100% culturally American). My testicles are not bombs waiting to go off. My dick is not a magic carpet for you to ride on. So and so forth. She had a fiance she was cheating on me with. Normally, I would never participate in such a grotesque act with another individual. However, there are two variables to account for:
First, to reiterate, I was 24 and a virgin, and absolutely desperate. But secondly, and more importantly, she informed me that she cheated on him with alarmingly regularly, ergo, her malevolent act of unfaithfulness with me was barely a drop in the bucket next to everything else, relatively speaking.
However, she made the situation far worse than it even had to be. She called him on the phone while riding me, telling him verbatim how much she loved him. When she hung up I informed her how furious I was and demanded she not do it again. To be fair, she complied. But she was wildly inappropriate to do it, to begin with. Another example is she got on top of me, having sex with me in reverse missionary position, without the condom on, and without informing me that she was going to do this. We already conceived a prearranged agreement that the condom would be on for the entire duration of our sexual intimacy with one another. However, she took advantage of my lack of experience, my innocence and did this to me. The implication is she might have done this with every guy, thus possibly infected me with a sexually transmitted disease. She also informed me she was off birth control, which disturbed me even more. To be clear, she did not become pregnant with my child, and I was tested later on and am still clean. However, I was genuinely flabbergasted and disturbed at the time.
As her profession, she was a manager at a Sams Club. At the end, she informed me that the middle eastern male customers were rude to her, and being with me is her way of getting back at them, because "in your culture, they teach you not to do this, so you betrayed them" in her words, not mine. Again, I was 24 at the time and this, to this date, was my only sexual experience. I would be dishonest with you to tell you the experience did not affect me.
I found opinions being expressed on CFC that are quite unpalatable to me, drawing me to perceive the realizations that not attempting to successfully implement a reversal of my ban could very well be in my best interest and emotional well being. As one random example, I went into google to find an old thread of mine about a personal experience I had with a university professor I had a crush on, a conundrum of mine when I was 21. I was unable to find the thread, but found this instead:
The opinions expressed were quite appalling to me. If a 20-year-old woman is capable of inflicting this kind of damage to a 24-year-old man, why are they absolutely determined to espouse the belief that there no theoretical possibility at all that a 29-year-old woman could do something similar (if not worse) to a 13-year-old boy? In conjunction with the decisive variable of the vast age discrepancy between a fully adult woman and a boy well below the legal age of consent, it is also worth taking into consideration that she was his teacher. She had direct, formal authority over him. Something that wasn't even at hand to account for between me and the racist sociopath who hoodwinked me for her own personal gain at my expense.
But the misandric generalizations that they indicated: that males are always mindless horn-dogs devoid of any emotional attachment, or vulnerabilities. That it is apparently impossible for a woman to rape or sexually assault a man (or in this case, literally a boy) in any scenario whatsoever. The blatant, over the top double standard they clearly advocated for.
Now to be fair, this was only one thread, and the thread was from 15 years ago. But my problem is that these sorts of opinions have been expressed at CFC with alarming regularity, even to this day. Timsup2nothin, to name one individual has said almost verbatim, to the best of my recollection "men commit suicide far more often because they are weak." Maybe. But I sincerely believe these kinds of unapologetic double standards society have reflected on my gender could explain at least part of it too. And when I try to express my own point of view, they often engage in ad-hominem attacks against me. And has been conducted to me countless times for all kinds of issues, not just this.
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2020.10.04 00:28 HalberryBlues Here We Go Again: Your Guide to the Grammys, How They Work, and What BTS is Doing This Year

Last year, I put together a guide to the Grammys that was seen as helpful and fun to the community, so I figured I would bring it back again, because... it's time. Somehow, 2020 has ambled along to the point where we get to care about the Grammys again. I thought the asteroid would hit before then.
As I said last year, I have been following awards and awards prognostication for over ten years, and have provided Grammy predictions to websites in the past, so I wanted to share my knowledge of the most confusing (and most fun, imo) of all awards shows. I will only be providing FACTUAL information on the structure, rules, and voting procedures of the Grammys in this post - I won't be providing my predictions or my thoughts on BTS' chances, in the interest of keeping this as useful as possible. If you wanna ask me other questions about how badly Post Malone ate it this year my thoughts on nominations this year in the comments, though, I'm happy to provide!
The Basics
The Grammys are the most famous and most prominent awards for music in the US - 2020's awards will be the 63rd given out. As far as prestige goes, they are seen by the general public as important markers of musical and cultural success, although, like all awards shows, they have faced valid criticisms. (I think many people in the community are aware of these criticisms on at least a superficial level; if you are not, the Wikipedia page on Racism in the Grammys is a good place to start.) Part of the reason that they are still seen as so prestigious despite this is because they are one of the few music awards shows in the US not decided in any way by fan voting or sales (at least on paper). Their website even says that they are "the only peer-recognized music award".
The Grammys have a really helpful infographic that outlines who votes for what categories on their FAQ page here, which also has a lot of fascinating information about how companies submit their albums/artists, what kind of voters can vote for what categories, and what to do if you're a Grammy voter and get locked out of your account. (I see you, Namjoon, I know what you're really lurking on bangtan for /s)
There are eighty-four total Grammy categories (!!), but the categories that draw the most attention and competition are what we'll call the Main Four:
Additionally, there are multiple categories covering genres such as Pop, Rap, Rock/Metal (I know they aren't the same, the Grammys combined them for some weird reason a few years ago), Country, Alternative - we have 84 awards to get through so you can imagine how many genres are covered! Every voter is allowed to vote for the Main Four, as well as up to 15 additional categories that cover their areas of expertise. (To use BTS as an example, they would likely vote for Rap and Pop categories, but probably not Contemporary Christian/Gospel.)
Not every category is presented at the actual Grammys broadcast ceremony. The main four are always presented every year, and because of Pop and Rap's prominence on the charts, you can always expect to see a few of those awards presented during the broadcast ceremony. The categories presented change every year outside of these.
The timeline for Grammy submission this year can be found here in the FAQ, but we'll go through each level and explain what happens at each portion. If you want a deep look at how this timeline works and more details on what's spoken to below, this special webinar is a must-watch.
Sept. 1, 2019—Aug. 31, 2020: Product Eligibility Period
June 22—July 6, 2020: First-Round Online Entry Process Access Period/July 15—Aug. 3, 2020: Final-Round Online Entry Process Access Period
Sept. 30—Oct. 12, 2020: First-Round Voting
TBD: Nominations Announcement
Dec. 7, 2020—Jan. 4, 2021: Final-Round Voting
Jan. 31, 2021: 63rd Annual GRAMMY Awards Telecast
FAQ Time!
What kind of albums are eligible for AOTY and Genre album awards?
Albums that are created entirely of new material during the eligibility period (minus single releases that came before the album's debut and outside the eligibility period) are eligible for album awards. You cannot win a Grammy with a Greatest Hits or a repackage album (sorry, Love Yourself: Answer). Beyond that:
What did BTS submit this year?
How was BTS nominated for Best Recording Package in 2018?
Can you be nominated for an award if you don't submit your album to the Grammys?
No. This is a BIG thing that a lot of fans of all bands tend to miss when discussing Grammy chances for K-pop artists. BTS and BLACKPINK are the only artists who have ever submitted material to the Grammys. Basically any question about awards eligibility or snubs, past or future, has to be prefaced with, "did they/will they submit?" (This question is not super relevant to BTS or BLACKPINK anymore - we know they submitted. This will be relevant for artists like Twice, (G)-Idle, and NCT, who have made some inroads into the US but have never been submitted to the Grammys by their respective agencies.)
Can a voter decide to nominate an album/song in a category it wasn't submitted in?
Also no. If BigHit decides "On" is a rock song and submits it in Best Rock Song, voter Jane Doe can't put "On" on her ballot in Melodic Rap.
Now wait, you might say, songs often cross many genres! Yes, and that's where playing the strategic game comes in with submissions. Some artists have totally TANKED their chances of being nominated with bad submissions to wrong categories - Ariana Grande was seen as snubbed in 2018 in the Main Four by the general public, but her split submissions to SOTY and ROTY didn't play to the strengths of her released signles, explaining at least one reason for her "snub". On the flipside, Fall Out Boy got their first genre nomination ever last year with MANIA, a genre-blending LP, by submitting it to the relatively non-competitive Rock Album category.
A Grammy committee does check each submission, to ensure no song is submitted to a category that egregiously doesn't define it at all (i.e., they probably would recategorize "WAP" if Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion submitted it as a Country song), but there's generally a decent amount of leeway given.
Last year was a weird year for recategorization - the 1975 and twenty one pilots were shuffled from Rock to Pop categories, effectively shutting them out of awards - so we can probably expect a turn away from such harshness this year, based on the negative reception to those controversial decisions.
How do we know what songs were submitted?
We wait for a guy on GoldDerby, an awards forum, to leak the information. Barring that, we wait for reputable reporting sites like HitsDailyDouble or Billboard to do the same.
I'm not joking, that's literally how we find these out every year. I know you probably expected something more formal. The Grammys don't publish their submissions officially, so that's the best we've got. Sorry.
What the hell is up with Best New Artist NOW?
Best New Artist has always been a weird category, but prior to 2017's Ceremony/the Grammy Awards for 2016, anyone who rose to prominence in a given year who had not been previously Grammy-nominated for an album track (singles are fine) could be nominated for BNA, which gave way to bands like fun. winning the award nearly 15 years into their existence. There were many criticisms of this, including from fun. themselves, who mocked it in their acceptance speech.
Starting in 2017, new requirements were put in place for Best New Artist. The main ones were:
This lead to much confusion and a lot of shutting out of rap acts, who by the nature of their industry tend to release multiple mixtapes before ever hitting public consciousness (some notable snubees from this time include Cardi B, Migos, and, ironically, BTS). So this year, in 2020, those rules have been reversed, and the new rules for BNA-eligible artists are:
The regulations for this award are always confusing and each year tends to give us one major BNA controversy. Lady Gaga was famously disqualified from BNA in 2010 because she had been nominated for one single in 2008; Post Malone, who was brought up as a potential BNA nominee multiple years running in 2017 and 2018, has been disqualified numerous times based on the Academy arguing that his 2016 album Stoney was his actual rise to prominence, not 2017's "Rockstar", the song that will not die. Last year's controversy involved Lizzo being pushed into the category despite having technically more than thirty songs to her name.
Will BTS be resubmitted now? All indications say they weren't, and I'd agree with that decision. If the Recording Academy can argue that Post Malone had a breakthrough before "Rockstar" and shut him out on those grounds, there is no way to argue, in good faith, that "On" or "Dynamite" is BTS' real breakthrough, when they've had 3-plus years of increasing success in the US market prior to 2020.
Can BTS submit more than one song to the Grammys?
As a reminder, here is what BTS did submit this year:
You may notice there isn't a lot of variety here. That's a strategic choice, and makes explaining this easy. However, BTS could have submitted something like this and been fine:
EDIT: Turns out you can submit more than one song to each category! However, most submittees do not do this. We'll see if it benefits HER or Brittany Howard this year.
You can submit the same song to Record of the Year and Song of the Year simultaneously. Additionally, if you are a featured artist on another artist's work, you can end up double-submitted to a category that way (i.e., Ariana Grande has been double-submitted to Best Pop Duo/Group Performance, as she is featured on Lady Gaga's "Rain on Me" AND Justin Bieber's "Stuck with You".)
Can BTS submit something from a previous album this year?
An artist can submit material made outside of the eligibility period if:
Based on these criteria, BTS really doesn't have any additional material that is eligible for this period for them to submit.
I have another random technical question about the Grammys!
Let's hear them! I'd love to help out however I can.
I'm glad to be giving this guide once again in 2020, and hope that the experience I've gained from years I've spent following this inexplicable, maddening, sometimes sublimely delightful award help you better understand this weird, unique show. Bangtan fighting!!!
submitted by HalberryBlues to bangtan [link] [comments]